This Minimalistic Masía Aldamar Wedding Was a Fairytale Come to Life

March 26, 2024 | justine

A historic winery and oil mill turned wedding venue adorned with lush florals and pared-back decor—Elena and Roberto’s Masía Aldamar wedding combined rustic charm with a minimalist luxurious style. The pair aimed to highlight their venue’s Mediterranean vibe complemented with thoughtful and understated elegance, and they succeeded perfectly. Their big day was just what they dreamed of: beautiful, relaxed, and full of love.

Nestled among tall trees, their ceremony spot was naturally stunning. To enhance it, they lined the aisle with vibrant flowers, leading to a beautiful altar adorned with floral pillars and a cozy loveseat. Later, they created a sophisticated atmosphere at the reception, with all-white tables decorated with delicate centerpieces, elegant table settings, and soft candlelight, setting the stage for a truly romantic evening.

If understated, sophisticated, and elevated sounds like your dream aesthetic, draw inspiration from these stunning photos captured by Junebug vendor and photographers People Truelove Tellers.

The Couple:

Elena and Roberto

The Wedding:

Masía Aldamar, Chiva, Valencia, Spain

Choosing Minimalist-Romantic Vibes for Their Masía Aldamar Wedding

We opted for a minimalist-romantic design that fit with the Mediterranean and relaxed vibe of the venue. We wanted every detail to convey elegance, sensitivity, and movement to give the day a magical aura and wanted each element to have meaning to us within the wedding narrative. I photographed a wedding there as a photographer and saw the possibilities of the space. I fell in love with its clean, Mediterranean details and the flexibility of Plan A, B, or Z.  When Roberto saw it on the visit, he also fell in love, so we didn’t have to look anymore. It was our first and only choice.

How the Bride Honored Family Legacy Through Her Reception Dress

I was clear about what I wanted for my wedding dress: a boat neck neckline, simple and elegant, without any embroidery or lace. I wanted a fabric that felt nice and didn’t wrinkle much, with a subtle detail for movement. When I found the dress in the store, it wasn’t flashy or impressive, but it felt like me. I knew I’d enjoy wearing it like it was made just for me. As for the second dress, which we redesigned for the party, it had a special meaning. It was the wedding dress my mother wore 35 years ago in 1989, which my grandmother had designed and hand-embroidered. I discussed with my family the idea of altering it to fit my figure so I could wear it for the wedding dance as a surprise for everyone. They all loved the idea, and it was beautiful to share this secret with them during the wedding preparations. Seeing the excited faces of my parents, aunts, and loved ones at that moment was priceless.

The Unforeseen Value of Hiring a Wedding Planner

If you can, have a wedding planner help you with it. You don’t understand the value of their work until you are a few months away from the wedding, and the tasks and tension increase by the moment. For us, having the help of Ensálzate was essential for the day to turn out as incredible as it did. It certainly made a difference that we could never have achieved alone.

Striking Wedding Budget Balance Through Smart Spending

We set aside money for most of our wedding expenses, except for the banquet, which we planned to cover with gifts from our guests. Our overall budget turned out as expected. We may have spent a bit more ensuring everything was perfect, but we’re delighted with how it turned out. Our wedding day was extraordinary, and we believe it’s worth saving extra for because the memories will last a lifetime. We ended up spending around €35,000 – €40,000. We saved money by skipping live music groups but treated ourselves by splurging on a tower of champagne glasses.

Crafting the Perfect Floral Scheme for Their Masía Aldamar Wedding by Collaborating with the Experts

The color scheme for the flowers and details was clear to me. I met with the wedding planner and the florist to discuss the available flower options for the wedding date, ensuring it would be within our budget. Together, we designed how to decorate the space. We also visited the venue to see how to bring these ideas to life and chose between two options. Their advice and vision were crucial in making the final result successful on the big day.

The Symbolism Behind Their  Masía Aldamar Wedding Favors

Inspired by my father’s suggestion, we decided to give the men a bottle of wine. It was our way of symbolizing the continuation of celebrating good times together. For the women, we chose pendants with the symbol of the Tree of Life, a suggestion from my mother-in-law. This symbolized the roots and fruits of life, signifying the special moments we share on a day as significant as our wedding.

Adding Personal Flair: From Paper Masks to Personalized Urns

We embraced DIY projects for our wedding, adding personal touches to make the day even more special. One of our creations was an urn placed at the reception, inviting guests to share their wishes for us as a couple. Each table featured envelopes containing an “Anti-Hangover Kit,” a fun and thoughtful gesture for our guests. Our loved ones also contributed surprise gifts, adding to the warmth and joy of the celebration. Additionally, we crafted paper masks that became a hit at the party, adding an element of fun and playfulness to the festivities. These DIY endeavors added a unique and personal flair to our wedding, making it truly unforgettable for everyone involved.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – People Truelove Tellers
Event Planning – Ensálzate
Venue + Catering – Masía Aldamar
Floral Design – A Flor de Piel
Officiant – Meraki Plan
DJ – Audioprobe
Videography – Yellow Dackel
Invitation Design – Cotton Bird
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Gala Philippe
Wedding Dress – Victoria Colección + Edgar Molina Atelier
Rings – Le Cadó
Rentals – Events & Style
Favors – Ivy Paper


Congratulations to Elena and Roberto on their minimalistic Masía Aldamar wedding that was a fairytale come to life.  And a big thank you to Junebug vendor People Truelove Tellers for capturing every detail that made their big day unique and unforgettable. To see more stunning celebrations, check out their profile in our directory of the world’s best wedding photographers.

A minimalist wedding like this shows that simplicity can be truly stunning. With its sleek and clean appearance, there are fewer distractions, letting the spotlight shine on what really matters—your wonderful union. For more helpful advice on planning a wedding that reflects your style and values, take a look at our planning and budget guides!

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