This Lussh Wedding Is Jam Packed With Personal Details

When Emma and Damien began planning their big day, they were determined to infuse it with their shared passions and personalities. They drew inspiration from their love for rocketry, fly fishing, rock climbing, and even their favorite kids’ show, Bluey, to create a wedding that was truly out of this world. The result? An ultra-personal Lussh wedding that was a heartfelt celebration of their love and everything that held special meaning to them.

With its convenient location and stunning rock wall that aligned with their love for rock climbing, The Lussh was the perfect wedding venue for them. They further enhanced the romantic setting with lush floral pillars for their ceremony. But their creativity and personalization didn’t stop there. Their reception featured timeless decor, twinkling lights, and a rocket-themed photo booth. But the highlight of the night was their astronaut-topped wedding cake and a choreographed first dance that kept the energy high!

If you’ve ever wondered how to incorporate your unique personality and interests into every aspect of your celebration to create a cohesive and elegant theme, then this wedding is a must-see. The breathtaking photos captured by Van Middleton truly embody the essence of their love story and the special day they crafted. 

The Couple:

Emma and Damien

The Wedding:

The Lussh, Hubert St, Woolloongabba, Australia

The Inspiration Behind Their Ultra-Personal Lussh Wedding

Our inspiration came from all the things we love! We didn’t stick to any one theme. We had everything in there that represented each of us. From my side, it was rocketry and aerospace-related themes with a bit of classic wedding thrown in. From Damien’s side, it was fly fishing and his creative figurine painting. For both of us, it was our love of the Mandalorian, rock climbing, and that great kids’ show, Bluey (introduced to us by my brother and his kids!). The color palette we chose was white, silver, and blue.

Choosing The Lussh Because of Its Location And Epic Rock Wall

We knew we wanted to have the wedding in the city so that it would be a nice central place for everyone to come to. Although we did have people from all over—Hong Kong, New York, Hervey Bay, Goondiwindi, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. We fell in love with The Lussh because of the amazing rock wall in the ceremony area–it completely aligned with our passion for rock climbing. Not to mention it was a stunning backdrop. We wore our climbing shoes for our photos climbing the wall! The whole venue is gorgeous, and it had plenty of room for all the kids to play, for people to go outside and chat, and of course, plenty of areas to eat, drink, and dance the night away.

Using Paper Planes With Notes From Loved Ones Instead Of Confetti After Their Lussh Wedding Ceremony

Instead of confetti or dried rose petals to throw as we walked down the aisle at the end, we had everyone write some short, cute notes on colored paper and fold them into paper airplanes and throw them instead. While we were signing our marriage certificate, we had “I Believe I Can Fly” playing, and that is when everyone got their planes ready.

Personalizing Their Lussh Wedding Ceremony With Music And Including Their Loved Ones

We had all the kids from both sides of the family walk down the aisle first, blowing bubbles and dancing to the Bluey theme song. Followed by Damien and his party to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling.” Then finally, it was my turn, and I walked down the aisle to a metal version of “Here Comes the Bride” by the Blue Claw Philharmonic. It was epic! A real build-up that still chokes me up every time I listen to it. My brother, Peter, was my man of honor and walked with me. Halfway down the aisle, we broke into some air guitar and a secret handshake that was all good fun. Damien’s sister was his best woman.

Handmade Astronaut Wedding Toppers And A Rocket-Themed Photo Booth

Damien painted our wedding toppers—two little astronauts. He had them 3D printed and then created some beautiful effects. Our cat Ella, him, and I were standing on a rocket viewing platform. Damien also made and painted the platform. Damien’s mum created our rocket photo booth from scratch. We also had a smoke machine to simulate rocket exhaust and lots of fun props and things for people to use.

Blasting Into Marriage With An Interactive Rocket Themed Wedding Cake

We had a rocket wedding cake and had the rocket equation printed on it. We used dry ice and fairy lights to create the illusion of hot rocket exhaust as the rocket took off. The Apollo 11 launch footage audio played with the whole countdown and blast-off! As the sounds of the blast were happening, that is when we cut the cake and “blasted into our marriage.”

Giving Their Guests Handmade Fly Fishing-Themed Wedding Favors

For our wedding favors, Damien tied a fly fishing fly for every guest, using synthetic materials for our vegan and vegetarian guests. We created cards to which we attached the fly, along with the details of our wedding and our thanks to our guests. On the back of each card was a small magnet and a description of the particular fly, including its history, how Damien likes to use it, and what he tries to catch with it. They took a long time to make, but it was a nice touch, and our guests really appreciated them.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Van Middleton
Venue – The Lussh
Floral Design – Alice in Silk
Catering – MooMoo2U
Cake – The Sweet Society
Officiant – Brisbane City Celebrants
DJ – DJ Craven
Invitation Design – Zazzle
Makeup Artist – Flayr
Hair Styling – Helmet Hair
Wedding Dress – Babushka BallerinaJenny Packham + Light in the Box
Groom’s Apparel – Myer
Rings – Clayfield Jewellry
Event Babysitters  – Coastal Babysitters
Calligraphy – Pixiedust Calligraphy
Dress Alterations – The Fitting Room


Congratulations to Emma and Damien on their Lussh wedding. Many thanks to Van Middleton for capturing all the details that showcase their love story. Of course, we also have to thank Junebug member Brisbane City Celebrants for helping the two tie the knot, too. If you’re in Brisbane and need an officiant, check out their profile in our directory of the world’s best wedding officiants!

When planning your big day, don’t be afraid to let your personalities and vision shine through. Whether choosing an unexpected location or putting a spin on traditional wedding elements, go for a wedding as unique as your love story. Check out our guide for creative ideas to make your special day truly one-of-a-kind.

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  1. Love this! The bride’s dresses were fabulous, (her ceremony outfit is my favorite). Especially loving how they meshed together all the different things that represented them. It looks like everyone had a great time.

    • Thank you so much! xxx

  2. Thank you so much for featuring our wedding! We only saw this now but it has brought back amazing memories!
    Also my name is Emma (our cat is Ella) I’m very positive that Damien didn’t marry the cat haha :) much love! xxx

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