Creative Photo Booth Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

August 4, 2008 | editorial team

Having a photo booth at your wedding is always great fun, and a fantastic way to capture your guests having a ball. Everyone loves the old-school variety with little booths you get to squeeze into, the retro film strips that come out and the laughter that invariably ensues, but I’m also loving these new and ever more creative ways to set up your very own. If you’ve got an idea for a unique photo booth at your wedding reception, talk with your photographer about the best ways to create it. You’ll need a dedicated area that’s easy for guests to get to but that won’t be disturbed by the flow of traffic, and a camera on a tripod with a remote sync or a photographer standing by to catch all the action. You never know what will happen!

wedding photo booth image by Studio ATG
Images from Studio ATG via Daisy Princess on Flickr 


 wedding photo booth image by La Vie Photography
Images from La Vie Photography 


 wedding photo booth image by Kenny Pang Photography
Images from Kenny Pang Photography 


For a more colorful approach, build yourself a backdrop or stand in front of a brightly painted or papered wall. I adore the rich pink damask wallpaper in this photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie
wedding photo booth image by Olivia Leigh Photographie


and the hilarious set-up in this photo by Anna Kilbridge Photography (via Snippet and Ink.) How fun is that?
wedding photo booth image by Kilbridge Photography


Set up a special photo area at your outdoor wedding reception with a casual fabric backdrop…
wedding photo booth image by Positive Light Photography
Image from Positive Light Photography


or just some chairs and crazy costumes and accessories!
wedding photo booth image by La Vie Photography
Image by La Vie Photography 

Without a doubt, your guests will have a blast hamming it up for the camera, and you’ll have amazing photos to remind you of the joy and laughter of your wedding day, long after it’s done.

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  1. What a fun and great idea! I love the pictures, they are hilarious!!!

  2. After Monday's post on creative wedding photo booths, I just kept finding more and more amazing images from real weddings out there. I honestly can't get enough of all the silliness and fun that radiates from the photos! Check out these adorable

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  5. Very cute! I love these ideas, I may steal one ;)

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  7. The idea with the frames on the wall is BRILLIANT!!! Kudos to Anna Kilbridge for the fantastic “framing” idea.

  8. Check out a great example Photo Booth setup at http://vigorotaku.blogspot.com/

  9. wow…awesome ideea…i love it…so beautifull…good job!

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  11. That’s really nice idea. I appreciate your skills. Thanks for sharing.

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