Should You Have A Bridal Party?

May 29, 2021 | Junebug Weddings

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If you’ve been pondering the idea of having no bridal party, know that you are not alone. Many nearlyweds are choosing the non-traditional route and are opting for no wedding party at all. Here at Junebug, we are big fans of couples personalizing their wedding to be exactly what they want. This decision is no exception. And while this choice can be beneficial, there are some pros and cons to not having a bridal party. 

Planning your wedding is stressful, so making decisions like this early on can be a big help. If you’re going back and forth on having a bridal party or not, let us help you decide. Scroll down to find out the role of a wedding party and then the pros and cons of having no bridal party. 

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What Is A Wedding Party? 

A wedding party is a group of people that are chosen to stand by the couple during the ceremony on their wedding day. The wedding party also has the responsibility to assist the couple on the days leading up to the wedding. These include things like bridal showers, pre-wedding parties, and even helping to manage family dynamics. The wedding party also serves as moral support for the couple during the entire planning process

Pros of Having No Bridal Party

More Room In Wedding Budget

If you’re trying to manage your wedding budget, then choosing to have no bridal party might make sense. Although the bridal party is responsible for paying for their own wedding day attire, there are other costs to consider. Gifts, bouquets, and hair and makeup are usually paid for by the couple. 

No One’s Feelings Get Hurt

Some people find it very difficult to pick their closest friends or family members to stand by their side. So, if you and your partner are struggling to find the same number of people, or are going back and forth on who to pick, no wedding party is a good solution. The great thing about not having a wedding party is you can still involve your friends in the planning process without making others feel less special or left out. Choosing to have no bridal party saves your friends and family members from getting their feelings hurt. 

Less Conflict Or Drama

People will have a lot of opinions when it comes to the planning of your wedding. Bridal parties are no exception. You might also get along with your friends separately but when they are put together, they may not all see eye to eye. Choosing to have no bridal party might save you from potential drama. Plus, you won’t have to navigate differences of opinion happening as often while you plan your wedding. 

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Cons of Having No Bridal Party

Less Moral Support

It can be a great reassurance to have some of your closest friends and family with you from start to finish when planning your wedding. Having your best friend help plan a bachelorette party, or having someone to lean on when you talk to your parents about decisions can be helpful. Often a bridal party has clearly defined roles that can help keep things organized. So, if you are opting to have no bridal party, you might be missing out on having that extra emotional and hands-on support. 

No One To Hold Bouquet Or Rings

There is a tradition for the wedding party to hold the rings and any bouquets during the ceremony. If you break with bridal party tradition, you won’t have someone there to hold your bouquet or your rings. You can always ask that the officiant hold the rings, and you can hand your bouquet to a guest in the front row. These are things to keep in mind if you decide not to have a wedding party. 

No Getting Ready Squad

Most brides enjoy getting ready with their bridal party. Some of our favorite shots from weddings are often the bridal party dancing the morning of the wedding in their robes—champagne in hand. There’s something electric about spending your final hours unmarried with your best friends that really adds to the joy and excitement of the day. If you do choose to not have a bridal party, you’ll lose out on that experience. 

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As you’re planning the wedding of your dreams, we hope this guide is helpful in deciding whether or not to have a bridal party. We are huge fans of personalizing your wedding to be exactly what you want. To help you plan the most perfect, uniquely-you wedding, check out our unique wedding planning guide. If you do decide to have a bridal party, but are worried about budget, we’ve got 7 tips for saving your bridesmaids money

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