This Stone Villas Uluwatu Wedding Was Full of Florals and Stunning Sea Views

December 12, 2023 | justine

Ivan and Kartika had a special mission: they wanted to create a cozy and enjoyable experience for their guests. They teamed up with talented vendors and focused on everything that would turn their dream Stone Villas Uluwatu wedding into a stunning reality. Picture a one-of-a-kind hill-top spot with a view of the ocean, surrounded by lush florals and everyone dressed to the nines. The couple went all out to make it perfect, and without a doubt, they nailed it!

Against the backdrop of the infinity pool, the couple shared heartfelt vows in a scene straight out of a dream. A path lined with delicate white blooms led them to a canopy adorned with floral clouds, framing a mesmerizing view of the deep blue sea and the limitless sky. Following their enchanting exchange of vows, they strolled to a garden where a picturesque outdoor reception unfolded. Above an elegant tablescape adorned with pink and white arrangements, candles, and touches of gold-hung white lanterns, creating an atmosphere of pure magic.

Every detail of their special day was infused with their own distinct style and personal flair, resulting in a celebration of breathtaking beauty. These stunning details are too good to miss. If you’re searching for wedding inspiration, scroll through these incredible photos captured by Tania Salim.

The Couple:

Ivan and Kartika

The Wedding:

Stone Villas Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Creating Intentional Intimate Moments During Their Stone Villas Uluwatu Wedding

We wanted to celebrate the people close to us, those who have been with us as we grew. Our goal was to create a fun and intimate atmosphere where everyone could enjoy socializing from the comfort of their own homes. The guest list, venue, decor, and activities were all planned with this intention. Seeing our friends having fun, letting loose, and quickly making new friends made the celebration even more special.

Advice: Plan Ahead For Your Destination Wedding

We suggest you plan a year ahead for popular destination weddings in high demand. This timeframe provides ample opportunities to choose from a variety of excellent vendors. Planning also allows enough time to feel comfortable with vendor decisions and provides flexibility for any necessary revisions. This way, you can ensure that every detail is thoughtfully considered and that your destination wedding becomes the dream celebration you envision.

Navigating Their Stone Villas Uluwatu Wedding Planning Through the Wisdom of Married Bridesmaids

Our friends, especially the bridesmaids–many of whom are already married–shared valuable do’s and don’ts with us. Their insights were incredibly helpful in navigating the wedding preparations. Regarding spending, we decided to splurge on elements that would elevate the party’s enjoyment, like great food and drinks. We also invested in pre and after-party arrangements to extend the celebration throughout the weekend. This way, we aimed to create a wedding experience that was not only special but also filled with joy and lasting memories.

Choosing a Venue that Held a Special Place in Their Hearts

The Uluwatu cliff seashores hold a special place in our hearts, creating fond memories. During our time at the Stone Villas, we found delight in a spacious central joglo, providing a wonderful setting for everyone to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. Combining the breathtaking Uluwatu cliffs and the warm atmosphere of the central joglo made our experience truly unforgettable.

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The Wedding Team:

Photography + Videography – Tania Salim
Venue – Stone Villas Uluwatu
DJ + Live Music – Real Entertainment Bali
Makeup Artist – Loona Makeup
Hair Styling – Amorra Makeup
Wedding Dress – Bethania Agusta
Groom’s Apparel – Agus Lim Tailor


Congratulations to Ivan and Kartika on their Stone Villas Uluwatu wedding, full of florals and stunning sea views. A big thank you goes out to Tania Salim for flawlessly capturing all the remarkable and distinctive elements and inspiring couples for their celebrations.

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