Extravagant Villa Di Geggiano Wedding Full of Florals and Metallic Touches

February 8, 2024 | justine

This Villa Di Geggiano wedding was straight out of a fairytale. Jorge and Elvis dreamt of a magical escape, surrounded by loved ones, even if just for one night. And they truly went all out, ensuring every detail was unforgettable—from the gorgeous fashion to the enchanting decor. Plus, with one of them being a talented wedding gown designer, making their dream come true was a cinch. 

Their venue was a stunning Tuscan vineyard complete with a majestic mansion and manicured gardens. The ceremony took place in the lush garden, with a beautiful white aisle adorned with flowers on pillars. The elegance continued throughout the reception space with tall floral arrangements in every direction. Even with a rainy forecast, their celebration still remained magical, with a clear tent adorned with chandeliers and cascading blooms. You’d never guess they had to redesign their wedding for rain with only 48 hours to spare.

Now let’s talk fashion! The grooms wore three classy tuxedos while their wedding party dazzled in custom metallic gowns. If you’re into luxury and glamor, this wedding is your ideal inspiration. Lucky for us, Phosart captured every incredible moment, so keep scrolling to see how they brought this enchanting event to life.

The Couple:

Jorge and Elvis

The Wedding:

Villa Di Geggiano, Siena, Italy

Journey From Designer to Groom

Jorge is a US wedding gown designer who has put out 15 collections at various Bridal Fashion Week since 2017 when he started his company. So this presented a very stressful situation for him, as most wondered what he would design for his wedding. The style inspiration was “modern fantasy” in metallics. Each dress from the bridal party painstakingly took 4-6 months to create with hundreds and hundreds of hand-embroidered and hand-beaded stones and crystals and also embroidered in metallic thread! Those gowns served as a platform for the design of the rest of the wedding decor, feel, and theme.

How Every Detail Reflected Them as a Couple

You would see our monogram or wedding emblem no matter where you looked. Everything felt like it belonged in a cohesive, magical way, from our wedding suite to the embroidered napkins. You could walk around any event and quickly realize it spoke to our guests. They immediately understood that the decor, ambiance, and food represented who we were as a couple.

From Tradition to Innovation: Embracing Metallics for Their Villa Di Geggiano Wedding Day

We could not decide on a specific color theme as Jorge had seen countless wedding color palettes from all the weddings he attended, from working in the industry with his brides to friends’ and family weddings. So we went neutral and metallics! Usually, people choose one metallic color and combine it with another color. Instead, we combined all the metallics to create the fantasy feel we wanted for our bridal party attire. Gold, silver, copper, rose gold, and platinum were used throughout the gowns and details of the wedding to achieve this out-of-world fantasy we wanted to achieve. We were unsure what the end product would look like, but we took the risk, which ultimately paid off. Each bridesmaid wore different styles in metallic colors depending on their personalities to achieve a different but cohesive group.

Including Their Guests Through a Rose Ceremony

We created a rose ceremony for our wedding ceremony because we wanted to make sure all of our guests got to join and share a little bit of themselves with us at the ceremony. Each guest was given a single white rose as they walked into the ceremony space. When it was time for the rose ceremony, we had two of our best friends read on the significance of the “rose,” and what it meant to humanity throughout the ages. The rose has been found in so many verses, plays, and even in acts of love where they are given as a sign of affection on special occasions. Then each guest was instructed to peel off each rose petal putting their well wishes and thoughts as they did. Our groomsmen then passed by with baskets collecting the rose petals from all of our guests during the ceremony. Then once the ceremony ended the guests used the petals they had all contributed with their well wishes and showered us with them as we stepped out of the ceremony space. Each petal that fell on us felt as if we were being showered with the greatest amount of love we had ever experienced.

Turning Rainy Days Into Fairytale Nights For This Villa Di Geggiano Wedding

For the ceremony, our original plan was to get married at the gorgeous ruins of a monastery that is no longer a church. It has no windows or roof, and nature has grown into the location. It looked so gorgeous and surreal when we first saw this location, and it was what we envisioned when trying to achieve this fantasy for ourselves and our guests. Unfortunately, we could not use this location because of all the days in the entire week, this was the only day of the week that it rained incessantly. Thankfully, however, we were able to use another venue, and we created a fairytale book fantasy in a glass tent that represented the same idea as Cinderella’s slipper. We only had a short time to redesign the entire wedding, which was initially supposed to be outdoors, into an indoor wedding scheme because rain decided to pay us a visit on the wedding day.

Advice for Newlyweds: Embracing Imperfection on Your Big Day

Our advice for couples just starting their planning is don’t get caught up in the details. Live the moment and let it be. We cannot control the weather, who ends up going to your wedding, or if any mishaps that you are unable to control happen on the day of the wedding. Try and disconnect from having the “perfect wedding you always dreamed of,” on your wedding day and instead just live the moment. It goes by so quickly! Live and enjoy every single second of it—the good and the bad. And don’t ever question the rain. If you are having an outdoor wedding, make sure you have a plan b.

Turning Weather Challenges Into Triumphs Within a 48-Hour Timeframe

So we did not get the wedding we fantasized we would have, but we did have a different wedding that turned out to be nothing we could have ever imagined, but equally beautiful. We joked around with our wedding florist and called our wedding the most “beautiful disaster.” We had a full week of activities with our bridal party and guests, and unfortunately, the only day we dealt with the rain was on the last day—our wedding day! However, we are grateful that we could hold all the other events as planned. In a nutshell, we pulled the biggest heist by designing an entire wedding in 48 hours in two locations we had not planned on using for our wedding. 

The Reality of Wedding Budgets: Splurges, Surprises, and Sacrifices

We decided where we wanted to splurge and where it was ok not to. Although we created Excel spreadsheets and were pretty on top of our wedding budget, we were forced at the last minute to add many costs to accommodate changes that came with the rain. Unfortunately, unforeseen issues did lead us to go over budget. It is tough to stay on any budget, to be honest. So we decided where we wanted to spend the most and where we were ok not splurging too much. Initially, we thought we would be somewhere in the 100K, but push came to shove, and between one surprise and another, we doubled our budget in the end. However, it is a moment in our lives that money will never be able to replace or give us back. So, depending on what you place your importance on, do what makes you and your partner the happiest.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Phosart
Event Planning + Invitation Designer – Jorge Manuel
Ceremony Venue – Villa Di Geggiano
Reception Venue – Villa Valentini Bonaparte
Floral Design – Flowers Living
Catering – Preludio Catering
Cake – Flours and Flowers Cakes
DJ – Gaetano Sicari DJ
Makeup Artist – Cesar Ferrete
Hair Styling – Rogelio Gonzalez
Groom’s Apparel – Jorge Manuel Weddings
Rentals – Preludio Noleggio
Favors – A Touch of Ary


Congratulations to Jorge and Elvis on their extravagant Villa Di Geggiano wedding full of florals, elegant decor, and metallic touches that added that extra pop of personality. And a big thank you to Phosart for capturing every inspiration-filled detail.

If you’re dreaming of a big, extravagant celebration like Jorge and Elvis’s, here’s their top advice: trust your vendors and have a solid rain plan! To ensure everything goes smoothly, team up with experienced vendors from our curated list. And don’t forget to check out our guide on planning for rain on your wedding day. It’s all about being prepared for any weather!

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