This Autostrada Wedding is Proof Restaurant Weddings Can Be Breathtaking

February 29, 2024 | justine

Jenny and Trevor envisioned a small, intimate celebration centered around delicious food and drinks. Their goal was to create a relaxed atmosphere, allowing ample time for guests to mingle and enjoy themselves. Rather than opting for a traditional wedding, they aimed for the ambiance of a sophisticated dinner party. By focusing on what truly mattered to them and cutting out unnecessary stress, they curated their Autostrada wedding to perfection. 

Wanting a chic and cozy wedding space, the downtown restaurant played a crucial part in bringing their vision to life. The design inspiration stemmed from pieces that the bride and groom knew they wanted to wear. The bride showcased a sleek look—a chic white gown with a stunning cape for a classic touch, while the groom rocked a white tuxedo jacket inspired by James Bond’s iconic look. To add an extra pop of personality, unique arrangements in bold red adorned every part of the space. 

If you love the idea of modern elegance with a touch of charm, you’re in for a treat with the stunning photos taken by Junebug member Meghan Hemstra. Keep scrolling to see how couples are getting creative to celebrate their love in unique ways.

The Couple:

Jenny and Trevor

The Wedding:

Autostrada, Vancouver, Canada

Creating a Stylish Statement by Drawing Inspiration from Unique Fashion Pieces

The inspiration came from items we were set on wearing: a pair of Mondo Mondo earrings, the Cardinal earrings in gold with red stones (which perfectly matched the after-party outfit), and James Bond’s iconic white tuxedo jacket with a red carnation from Goldfinger 1967. Our attire blended classic, clean lines with conservative elements for the dress and hair while adding bold touches such as vintage jeweled mules by Manolo Blahnik, long red nails, and a vibrant lip color. I was most excited about the after-party dress, aiming for comfort, darkness, and sultriness.

Lessons Learned From Their Autostrada Wedding

It was all a blur; as much as we tried to be present, it all went by quickly. The best part was sitting back, looking at all the photos, and reflecting on the celebrations after it was all done. All of it was good. Our advice for other couples: stick to your initial vision and do not sway from it as you start planning and get bombarded with ideas from family, friends, and other influencers.

Defying Norms and Prioritizing Quality Over Quantity

We kept it small, focusing on quality over quantity. Our celebration revolved around delicious food and drinks. We spared no expense and left our guests amazed. However, we also indulged in luxurious flowers, daring to challenge the norm. They elevated the day and stole the show. I’m okay with the flowers almost outshining the bride. We’re proud of it.

Autostrada Wedding

Budgeting Wisely and Making Every Dollar Count for Their Autostrada Wedding

We didn’t start with a specific budget. Instead, we individually chose a few items to splurge on and structured our budget around the rest. While we initially aimed for a $30,000 budget, our total expenses ended up closer to $45,000. We managed to save in several areas: opting for the restaurant entrance for our ceremony instead of a separate venue, forgoing a second photographer (Meghan handled everything brilliantly on her own), skipping a DJ or singer due to the small venue size, choosing a smaller wedding cake over one to feed all 40 guests, and deciding against hiring an event planner. These choices allowed us to allocate more funds towards the aspects of our wedding that were most important to us.

Autostrada Wedding

Autostrada Wedding

Taking a Leap of Faith With DIY Projects

There were only a few DIY projects for our wedding: the invitations (which we sent digitally via email), the wedding program, and the tags for party favors. Designing the wedding programs was a team effort despite neither of us having a background in graphic design. Trevor selected the Canva template, while I chose the colors. The program included details, menus, and an icebreaker game of bingo. The biggest and scariest DIY decision was doing my own makeup and hair. As a Software Account Executive, this isn’t my usual forte, but I was determined to feel like myself on the big day and took on the challenge. YouTube tutorials became my go-to resource, and I practiced once a week for two months leading up to the wedding. While I did hire my friend Marleau to style my mother and mother-in-law’s hair, she also assisted me with my ponytail, but for the most part, it was all my effort. Ultimately, I was incredibly pleased with the result and felt truly myself.

Autostrada Wedding

Autostrada Wedding

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Meghan Hemstra
Ceremony + Reception Venue + Catering – Autostrada
Floral Design – Marta Sanderson
Cake – Buttermere Patisserie
Reception Vases – Stooludio
Wedding Dress – Rituals of Love
Groom’s Apparel – LGFG Fashion House
Rings – Erica Leal


Congratulations to Jenny and Trevor on their stunning Autostrada wedding. Their special day was filled with love and style, showing that restaurant weddings can be truly beautiful. A big shoutout to Junebug member Meghan Hemstra for capturing all the magic of this unconventional celebration. It’s the perfect inspiration for couples who want to think outside the box for their own weddings. To see more of her incredible work, check out her profile in our directory of the world’s best wedding photographers.

Don’t just go through the motions as you start planning your wedding. Be intentional and choose things that show who you and your partner are. That way, your celebration will be truly yours and will stand out in everyone’s memory for a long time. Take this celebration, for instance. The unique venue option will make your wedding special and start your marriage in a fun way! With a skilled team of wedding experts, you can bring your ideas to life and make your day unforgettable.

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