This ESMDM Wedding is the Definition of Romantic

May 30, 2024 | justine

Selecting the ideal venue for your special day is essential as it establishes the tone for the entire celebration. It influences everything from the color palette and decor to the overall ambiance, as seen in Maria and Jesus’ ESMDM wedding. They imagined their day to exude a blend of bohemian and romantic vibes, with only their nearest and dearest in attendance. With a historical and enchanting venue adorned with abundant florals and flickering candles, they undeniably achieved their vision perfectly!

At their church ceremony, the altar was adorned with delicate blooms, creating a dreamy backdrop for their heartfelt vows. But the floral magic didn’t end there. In the courtyard reception afterward, the space was decked out with lush arrangements and surrounded by the soft glow of overflowing candles, transforming the entire celebration into a magical storybook scene.

The combination of special touches and the breathtaking setting truly made this event unforgettable. Explore all the beautiful moments and unique details from this romantic celebration through the captivating photos captured by Junebug vendor Adriana Foto.

The Couple:

Maria and Jesus

The Wedding:

ESMDM, Mexico

How They Turned a Former School into a Magical Setting

The vibe we aimed for our wedding blended bohemian and romantic. Our venue was an old school built 50 years ago, now repurposed as an art and music school. It exudes an old yet magical atmosphere. It’s not a closed space; it boasts an open roof, perfect for hanging decorations above the guests. In Monterrey, we have many wedding venues to choose from, but our choice for the venue was a no-brainer. While it’s not the most economical option, it holds a magical appeal. Originally constructed and utilized as a school for many years, it exudes both history and beauty. Presently, the building serves as an art school but is available for weekend weddings. It carries an old yet romantic ambiance, particularly enchanting when illuminated at night.

Their ESMDM Wedding Budget Strategy: Booking Essentials First, Bargaining Second”

We didn’t really create a budget; instead, we began by booking all the major and essential items like the venue, dinner, DJ, photographer, and decorations. Whenever we received an invoice for something we found expensive, we searched for other vendors offering more budget-friendly options. We spent much time researching and didn’t leave everything to the wedding planner. Our budget was approximately $80,000. We didn’t compromise on certain aspects but invested time in finding less expensive alternatives. Many vendors provide excellent service without charging exorbitant prices. We prioritized the essential elements and sought the most cost-effective options for the less crucial aspects.

Handcrafted Wedding Menus: A Labor of Love and Attention to Detail

We meticulously crafted the entire food menu ourselves. We designed it and conducted numerous trials using various cloth materials. Once we settled on the design and material we favored, we printed over 300 menus, individually hand-cutting each one. We carefully removed the fabric from each side to achieve an antique look, transforming them into charming old cloth menus.

Adding a Personal Touch to Their Wedding Tables

We created stickers featuring things we liked and printed many of them, placing them on each table. Additionally, we distributed personalized bottles to each guest, adorned with their respective names. Guests then adorned their bottles with the stickers, resulting in a uniquely customized touch. The bottles served as drink containers throughout the night, equipped with lids and straws to prevent spills while dancing and moving around. As for wedding favors, we opted for a special gesture: Maria’s best friend, Analuz Gutierrez, a remarkably talented singer, serenaded us during dinner. Witnessing Analuz perform at our wedding was a truly unforgettable moment for us.

Planning a ESMDM Wedding That Reflects Who You Are

The only advice we have is just to be yourself! Include all the things you love in your wedding. Don’t worry about what the guests will think or what they will like—it’s your special day, and everyone will enjoy it. Dress how you want, serve food you enjoy, and play the music you love. Enjoy every moment, and make decisions together with your partner. We believe we created a unique wedding; we put a lot of time and effort into all the little details. The most important part of planning our wedding was ensuring it was unique and included everything we loved. From the food we enjoyed to the places where guests could take pictures, the great music, and drinks, we focused on what we loved rather than necessarily what the guests would like. We concentrated on the details so everyone would remember that night.


The Wedding Team:

Photography – Adriana Foto
Event Planning – Elemento Tres
Ceremony + Reception Venue – ESMDM
Catering – Buenas Vibras Catering
DJ – DJ Efrain
Videography – One Camera Man
Rings – La Esmeralda


Congratulations to Maria and Jesus on their ESMDM wedding, a true epitome of romance! A heartfelt thank you to Junebug vendor Adriana Foto for beautifully capturing all the magical moments, serving as inspiration for couples everywhere. For more stunning celebrations like this, visit her profile in our directory of the world’s best wedding photographers.

This wedding perfectly demonstrates the significance of the venue in crafting a memorable celebration. As you prepare for your big day, keep in mind that the location you choose truly matters. Be sure to explore our comprehensive guide, filled with helpful tips and advice on selecting the ideal spot for your wedding. And once you’ve chosen your venue, dive into our flower checklist to transform your space into a breathtaking floral wonderland.

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