This Villa Magia Elopement Was Full Of Chic Style and Bright Colors

March 9, 2024 | justine

Paul and Chrissy thought a destination wedding would cost a fortune. But when they did the math, they discovered they could have their dream wedding in their dream location for way less than they imagined. So, they went for it! Positano was the place to make it happen. With an enchanting venue, bright florals, and chic fashion, their Villa Magia elopement was truly unforgettable and one for the storybooks.

Against the breathtaking backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, they shared heartfelt vows on a gorgeous terrace. Lush blooms adorned the pathway, framing a perfect view of the picturesque waterfront and the quaint town beyond. Following the ceremony, they enjoyed an intimate reception, with a table adorned with vibrant arrangements, creating a scene as beautiful as their love.

If your dream elopement involves your nearest and dearest, stunning coastal views and a touch of unique charm, then let this be your inspiration. Keep scrolling to uncover all the swoon-worthy details expertly captured by Junebug member Maria Bryzhko.

The Couple:

Chrissy and Paul

The Wedding:

Villa Magia, Positano, Italy

Mixing Textures, Colors, and Accessories in the Bridal Attire

I had no inspiration whatsoever. I was very confused about what I wanted to wear. I first fell in love with my shoes and then found a short dress I loved! Mum and I stumbled across this brightly colored necklace while casually shopping one day, but we both thought it was so different and funky that we believed it could work brilliantly. Then, while shopping with my mum for her dress, I found a long dress I loved. I tried it on while I was waiting, and whoops, I fell in love with that, too! I ended up buying that one, too, and decided to keep my short one for the reception. My style is just a compilation of interesting shapes, textures, and colors that speak to me: pink velvet and feather shoes, one sequin dress, and one plain satin. A necklace of vibrant colors and shapes perfectly complemented my rose gold and sunstone ring. I wanted a glamorous yet classic hairstyle, and I wanted tones very similar to what I would usually wear for makeup.

How They Landed on a Villa Magia Elopement

We had been looking at typical Australian wedding venues, photos, and styles, but it just didn’t feel like us. We wanted something with more character, but it seemed out of budget. I came across a photo of Positano and showed my husband-to-be Paul, and he said, “I wish!” We thought about it some more and realized, why not? Having a destination wedding seemed like the “wealthy family” option, but after crunching some numbers, we realized we could actually elope in the location of our dreams for a lot less than we expected to pay at home. 

Wedding Advice: Craft Your Wedding Day With Purpose

I believe it’s really important to ignore trends and not worry about what other people think. Plan your wedding solely based on what you and your partner are dreaming of. Choose each and every element that you fall in love with, and don’t look back. Try not to overwhelm yourself with inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, or magazines. Select things that truly represent you and that make you happy. Once everything is planned, refrain from looking at more weddings or dresses, as it might lead you to second-guess your choices. If you felt drawn to a particular style or accessory, it was meant to be, so don’t hesitate. Maintaining a positive and excited mindset is crucial because it will be the most incredible day, no matter what little things may go wrong.

How Color Transformed Their Villa Magia Elopement

Color played a significant role in our wedding. Opting for a traditional black and white attire meant that we wanted to incorporate as much color and texture around us as possible. We had a wide array of vibrant, delicate florals surrounded by historical and ornate buildings. Our wedding rings featured non-traditional colored gemstones, complemented by colored shoes and a bright necklace. I truly believe that having those colors around us is what made everything pop.

Choosing a Minimalist Approach for Maximum Impact

We planned our wedding while building our first home, acknowledging our low budget and staying grounded. Prioritizing our financial responsibilities, we opted for a minimalist approach, inviting only our parents to join us. Our splurges were the venue and photographers, both proving invaluable. Villa Magia exceeded expectations, while Maria and Stefano captured our day with unmatched talent and personality. Despite budget constraints, we managed to find affordable attire and DIY elements. Though flights to Italy were a significant expense, our European honeymoon justified the cost.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Maria Bryzhko
Ceremony + Reception Venue + Catering + Cake – Villa Magia
Floral Design – Posaflora
Officiant – Giovanna D’Amato
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Valeria Yeminak
Wedding Dress – Brides Of Sydney + Rebecca Vallance
Groom’s Apparel – Ferrari Formal
Rings – Capucinne + White November


Congratulations to Paul and Chrissy on their Villa Magia elopement full of chic style and bright colors. And a big thank you to Maria Bryzhko for beautifully capturing all the unforgettable moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. For more intimate celebrations like this one, be sure to explore her profile in our carefully curated directory of wedding photographers from around the world.

By putting what really mattered to them first instead of following traditional norms, they crafted a wedding day that was relaxed, genuine, and shared with their closest loved ones. If you’re eager to begin planning your own special celebration, make sure to check out our elopement planning checklist for guidance.

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