How to Plan Your Dream Honeymoon

July 15, 2015 | carrie

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Today’s From Blogger to Bride is all about how to plan a honeymoon that fits you! Phil and I decided on the beaches of the Riviera Maya at an all-inclusive resort. However, we went back and forth on almost every destination and type of honeymoon under the sun. We considered a hiking trip to Machu Picchu, wineries in Sonoma, a cruise through the Mediterranean, but at the end of the day we knew we wanted something relaxing and worry-free… and next to a beach! Of course everyone honeymoons differently, so this post is dedicated to helping you find the honeymoon that’s perfect for your relationship!

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Questions to ask yourself before choosing your honeymoon destination:

1. What’s your budget?

The dreaded question, but a really good place to start! Your honeymoon destination is definitely dependent on your budget. If you’re wanting to fly to the other side of the world, for example New Zealand or Fiji, you’ll need to factor hefty airline prices into your budget.

2. How many days can you spend on your honeymoon?

Once you have a budget in mind, the next big question is how many days will you have to honeymoon? If you’re looking at a 6-8 day honeymoon, you may not want to have a 2 day flight to Tahiti, leaving you with 2-4 full days of an actual honeymoon.

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3. What time of year are you getting married?

As our wedding is in October, I knew that hurricane season might affect our honeymoon plans. I also knew that Costa Rica would be particularly rainy. This helped us to finally decide on Mexico along with some pretty good travel insurance in case of hurricanes or tropical storms.

4. Are you looking to relax or are you looking for adventure?

Phil and I went back and forth on this one for months! Like I said we thought of everything from hiking in Peru to winery tours, and finally decided on an all-inclusive resort with fun activities like snorkeling, kayaking, yoga, and more. It’s totally up to how you and your partner want to celebrate your marriage!

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5. How much traveling do you want to do?

When Phil and I considered spending our honeymoon in Peru, we figured out pretty quickly that we would be traveling for most of it. From two planes, a train, and hiking, we decided that our 7 day honeymoon would quickly turn into a 4 day honeymoon with 3 days spent waiting. We definitely did not want that! If you have a particular location in mind, make sure and do your research to find out how easy it is to get around prior to booking your flight and accommodations.

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Still can’t decided on a destination? I’ve made a list of my top 5 honeymoon destinations for you to choose from:

The Caribbean

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The Caribbean was built for honeymoons! You can have your pick of top rated all-inclusive resorts, and enjoy a worry-free, no-drama honeymoon packed with sun, water activities, and yummy Caribbean inspired food!

South Pacific

While the airfare is no joke, the South Pacific is relatively cheap (once you get there) and is chock full of fun activities and relaxing escapes. Plus, those over-the-water bungalows are so cool!


Vineyard wedding in Napa Valley of Sonoma, California with photos by Viera Photographics | via junebugweddings.com

California is a dream destination for lovers of wine all around the world. Honeymooners everywhere flock to Sonoma for its relaxed vibes and world-class wines.

South America

If you’re looking for a completely new and wild adventure, there are many to be had in South America. From the wineries of Chile to the stunningly gorgeous scenery of Patagonia, South America has so many amazing experiences to offer! While traveling and accommodations come with a hefty price tag, a honeymoon in South America is a unique and authentic experience to say the least!


Everyone loves the beauty of Hawaii, and much like the Caribbean, Hawaii has been a popular honeymoon destination for quite some time, so honeymooners can plan their trips to any one of Hawaii’s islands with ease and assurance.

Looking for more destination ideas? Check out Junebug’s Top 10 U.S. Honeymoon Destinations and Junebug’s Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations of 2014!

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Helpful Tips!

– If you’re considering a popular location, make sure to book your honeymoon 4-6 months in advance just in case accommodations are in high demand.

– Hiring a travel agent is a great idea if this is your first big trip! An agent can help you with getting insurance, booking your travel, and ensuring that you have an amazing experience while on your honeymoon!

– If you’re looking to save a little money on your honeymoon, consider setting up a honeymoon fund via your wedding registry. Your guests can contribute small amounts and you can focus on planning the honeymoon of your dreams instead of stressing over your honeymoon budget!

– Get traveler’s insurance! I did my research on this and cannot stress the importance of purchasing insurance for your honeymoon. It’s a big trip and a huge amount of money to throw out the door should something interrupt your travel plans.

– If you’re not going the all-inclusive route, make sure to budget for activities, and travel expenses!

Next time on From Blogger to Bride, I’ll be sharing some tips and advice on how to look AND feel great on your wedding day! Happy wedding planning, Junebugs!

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  2. Before go for Honeymoon Guideline is very important because this is the most important tour of your life so it should be luxury and memorable so, for making every bit of it memorable some trusted side guide is very important :)

  3. Before go for Honeymoon Guideline is very important because this is the most important tour of your life so it should be luxury and memorable so, for making every bit of it memorable some trusted side guide is very important :)
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