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Maria Bryzhko Wedding Photography

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I always try to create an emotional reportage of the wedding day, not to force poses and try to capture touching and unique moments, which will recreate the story of the wedding day and will help the couple to cherish those moments through the years.
A caress, a hug, a smile: each couple has their own and unique gestures . More than heartbeat, more than fingerprints, gestures create an emotional binding between people and allow themselves to be captured only by those who know how to observe with attention and sensitivity.
For these reasons my approach is very personal, and the couples I photograph become dear to me. And exactly as you do with the people you care about, I try to  to give my best, allowing the couple to live their special day intensely, confident that they will be able to see live it again and again in my photos.
My photography is influenced by nouvelle vague cinema and painters such as Hayez and Monet.




Maria Bryzhko Wedding Photography

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