This Villa Le Fontanelle Wedding Was Classically Beautiful

June 29, 2024 | justine

Kani and Arie didn’t initially plan on having a wedding, but when they thought about it, they knew it had to be a two-day destination wedding in their favorite country, Italy. They had taken their first holiday together in Florence, where they went on a wine-tasting tour and fell in love with the area. They dreamed of an authentic, traditional Tuscan wedding and couldn’t think of anything better than a Villa Le Fontanelle wedding.

In their garden ceremony, a beautiful path lined with white blooms guided them to a lush floral arch, creating a picturesque stage for their heartfelt vows. The timeless magic continued throughout the festivities. Their reception was magical—they dined at long family-style tables adorned with lush, low arrangements and candles, all set beneath a canopy of soft draping and fairy lights.

Their dedicated team of vendors meticulously designed every intimate detail, seamlessly blending them with the stunning backdrop, resulting in a truly beautiful wedding. Luckily, Junebug vendor Whites Film was there to capture all the remarkable moments and exquisite elements. We guarantee you’ll be adding these images to your wedding mood board.

The Couple:

Kani and Arie

The Wedding:

Villa Le Fontanelle, Italy 

The Inspiration Behind Their Villa Le Fontanelle Wedding

We never initially wanted to do a wedding. Still, we knew if we were to toy with the idea, it would have to be a destination wedding over two days, so, of course, the only destination we wanted was our favorite country—Italy. We went on our first holiday together in Florence a few years ago. We went on a wine-tasting tour of Tuscany and completely fell in love with the place, knowing instantly that we wanted to do a wedding there. We wanted an authentic traditional Tuscan wedding and couldn’t think of anywhere better than Florence.

Recreating Their First Date Moment During Their Ceremony

One of the most significant and memorable moments was before the wedding started (although very unconventional). On our very first date, I was so nervous that before I even said, “Hello,” I shouted, “Tequila?” and he stumbled, laughed, and said, “Err..sure.” We had tequila, and then I said, “Hi! Nice to see you!” We wanted to recreate that moment before the ceremony but didn’t want to see each other, so we did it blindfolded. Yes, having tequila blindfolded in your wedding suit was not easy. It was our favorite moment of the day and felt so special to us. Even writing about it gives us butterflies.

Cherishing Moments from Their Intimate Villa Le Fontanelle Wedding

We had a small, intimate wedding, only 45 people. Compared to our engagement party of 170 people. We loved the fact that it was so intimate. We have to spend much time with the people we care about most in the world rather than spend a little time with many people. Every little moment makes us smile, even just thinking about it. Seeing the tablescape under the fairy lights overlooking the city of Florence for the first time was magical. Or the traditional Tuscan wedding cake moment. Visually, it was spectacular, like something out of a magazine. But taste-wise? Just wow! The incredible florals, structure, and lights surrounding the caterer while they were making it was unbelievable. It felt like a fairytale.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: A Story of Collaboration and Celebration

We were fortunate to have an incredible team helping us create our perfect day. Our wedding planner, as mentioned earlier, was simply exceptional. While we spoke to several potential planners, it took just 30 seconds for us to decide on Alessia. Her passion and understanding were evident from the start, and we knew she was the one for us. We cannot express enough gratitude for her guidance and support. Alongside White Emotion, we had a world-class photographer, Alessia Angelotti, and a videographer, Claudio Sichel, from Whites Film. We dedicated countless hours to finding these talented individuals; their attention to detail made everything perfect. Despite their professional roles, they made us feel like they were friends celebrating with us at our wedding rather than simply working.

From Rustic to Chic: How Their Wedding Planner Transformed Their Vision

We want to take credit for the wedding design, but all credit goes to our fantastic wedding planner. Initially, we desired a rustic farm-style wedding, but as soon as she got to know us, she swiftly created this incredible, chic wedding with traditional elements! Without exaggeration, she understood our vision even better than we did. She is unbelievable in every way, and we cherish her deeply. This special touch distinguishes the remarkable Alessia and the White Emotion team. Alessia will forever be family to us, and her vision made our perfect day possible.

Adding a Personal Touch to Their Welcome Poolside Celebration

We DIYed for the first day at the welcome white pool party. We got disposable cameras (yes, you read that correctly, they still exist!) with customized name straps for each person so they could also take memorable photos, develop them, and keep them as memories of our special day. Additionally, we made customized beach towels for the guests, which went beautifully with the terracotta-colored Villa.

The Story Behind Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

Due to time constraints, I knew finding my dress had to be first on the checklist. Serendipitously, I had booked several bridal appointments and had my eye on a Berta gown. The day before my appointment with The Wedding Club, I saw Muse by Berta post a photo of a new dress corset. Excitedly, I shared it with my mum, envisioning how stunning it would look. Upon entering the bridal shop, I spotted the dress displayed at the front. Despite being told it wasn’t available, I pleaded with the sales advisor to let me try it, and it fit perfectly. Adding to the magic, I noticed a rain-like veil that completed the dreamy look. The creative director saw me in the dress by chance and kindly allowed me to have it. It was the only dress I tried, and it was perfect. We later tailored it, adding a layer of shimmer tulle underneath, enhancing its enchantment, true to the classic Muse by Berta style.

Unexpected Beauty: Embracing a New Vision for Their Wedding Flowers

Our florists are the epitome of modern chic. Their floral mood board alone took our breath away. It was the easiest decision we made in the whole wedding process. The funny thing was that Alessia was worried about showing us this mood board as it was the complete opposite of the original wedding theme, but as soon as the groom saw it, it was a hard and firm yes! 

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Alessia Angelotti
Event Planning – White Emotion
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Villa Le Fontanelle
Catering – Galateo Ricevimenti
Videography – Whites Film
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – The Porfirio, Drilona Qevani
Groom’s Apparel – Dolce & Gabbana
Rings – Cartier


Congratulations to Kane and Arie on their classically beautiful Villa Le Fontanelle wedding. A big thank you to Junebug vendor Whites Film for flawlessly capturing every detail. To explore more of their work, visit their profile in our directory of the world’s best wedding videographers.

When couples innately trust their thoughtfully chosen and carefully selected wedding vendors, magic will surely happen! Just like what this couple did, their wedding day turned into an enchanting fairy tale, filled with unforgettable moments and timeless beauty that will be cherished forever.

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