This Colorful Intercontinental Da Nang Sun Vow Renewal Paid Homage to Vietnamese Culture

February 21, 2024 | justine

Minh and Billy decided it was time to reaffirm their love for each other and cherish their marriage once more, so they chose to renew their vows in a place that held deep meaning for them. With their loved ones surrounding them, they celebrated this special moment in an  Intercontinental Da Nang Sun vow renewal, honoring Minh’s Vietnamese heritage and the journey of their relationship. It was a heartfelt occasion where they focused solely on each other, expressing the profound significance of their bond.

The stunning setting provided the ideal canvas for their declaration of love. Describing it as beautiful hardly does it justice. With its breathtaking view of the property, their terrace ceremony served as a picturesque backdrop. The asymmetrical pillars adorned with vibrant tropical flowers and lush greenery beautifully framed their heartfelt vows and gave the ceremony a pop of color. Following the ceremony, the couple captured this significant milestone with portraits to immortalize the moment.

If you and your partner envision an intimate celebration in a tropical paradise, this is the perfect inspiration for you! With every incredible detail beautifully captured by Junebug member Kailash, we’re confident you’ll want to save these images to your wedding mood board.

The Couple:

Minh and Billy

The Wedding:

Intercontinental Da Nang Sun, Vietnam

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Why They Chose to Have an Intercontinental Da Nang Sun Vow Renewal

We’ve always loved vacationing at Intercontinental Da Nang Sun. We really enjoy traveling, and out of all the places we’ve visited together, this place brings us the most peace. When it came to making decisions about our destination, there was one thing we were sure about: we wanted my best friend to be the officiant. Our ceremony was special because it was written and directed by one of our closest friends. We had an open invitation for anyone who could make it. We sent them a video for those who couldn’t be there in person. Our vows were deeply personal. After four years and nine rounds of IVF, we felt it was important to focus on each other and express how much our marriage meant to us. It was a meaningful moment just for us.

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How They Managed Costs and Stayed Within Their $20k Budget

We had a specific budget that we didn’t want to exceed. Once we made our vision boards, we concentrated on where we could cut costs. Our total budget was $20,000. We decided to splurge on video and photography because capturing those memories was really important to us. We managed to spend less on decorations, staying under budget in that area.

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The Wedding Team:

Photography – Kailash
Event Planning – The Planners
Venue – Intercontinental Da Nang Sun


Congratulations to Minh and Billy on their vibrant Intercontinental Da Nang Sun vow renewal. They did such a beautiful job honoring Vietnamese culture in such a colorful way! A heartfelt thank you goes out to Junebug member Kailash for skillfully capturing each and every cherished moment. For more of their incredible work, be sure to visit their profile in our highly-vetted directory of wedding photographers from around the world.

After browsing through these captivating photos, you might find yourself longing to jet off to a stunning destination like this one! If you’re convinced that an intimate destination celebration is right for you, begin your planning journey by exploring our destination wedding guide. Packed with helpful advice and inspiring ideas, it’s sure to provide you with all the guidance you need.

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