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Intimate Big Sur Wedding

December 21, 2014 | nicole


Holly and Matthew’s Big Sur wedding is equal parts woodsy and whimsical. Their intimate celebration in the woods was accented by a sweet red, orange, and yellow color palette. We love this couple’s quirky style: the groom in his floral bow tie and the bride in her bright cardigan. Shane & Lauren Photography did an impeccable job capturing the fun couple’s personality, as well as the balance of the vastness of McWay Falls Trail and the intimacy of the day.

The Couple: Holly and Matthew

The Wedding: McWay Falls Trail at Julia Pfiefer Burns State Park, Big Sur, California

The Inspiration: “Outdoorsy and down to earth. We really shrugged a lot of traditional aspects of the wedding, and kept what was most important to us. We had our ceremony on the bank of a river, the aisle we walked down was a trail. Instead of a first dance, we had a “first hike” and completed the ceremony trail to a waterfall. All of the table decorations were potted and sewn by our mothers. The pie stands were cut by Matthew‘s father from trees in their backyard in Kentucky. My dress was traditional but finished with tulle leaves, and Matthew wore a simple set of slacks and vest and super awesome boots he found. Instead of fancy cake we brought up our favorite pies from Julian, a town near San Diego, one of the first places we had gone after Matthew moved out.































The Moments: “My favorite moment was definitely the first hike. We ended up taking the hike before the wedding, rather than following the ceremony as planned, because the bus we hired to drive our family the two hours up Highway 1 from the house we rented in Paso Robles to the park in Big Sur for the ceremony ended up getting stuck in the drive way. They had two tow trucks who were unable to remove the bus and get our guests on their way. I was already at the site with my father and Big Sur has nearly no phone signal so the photographers decided to drive up with Matthew to get some photos. Luckily we didn’t have any time constraints, such as venue rentals or permits, the officiant was our friend, and the house where our family was was well stocked so we didn’t have to worry about the ceremony being late. We took our time and hiked with the photographers, getting some of the most spectacular photos. It was incredibly special to be able to spend that time together on the trail, basking in the giddiness of getting married and doing something so very reflective of who we are.

The Couple Recommends: “Our photographers were absolutely fantastic. Shane and Lauren are an amazing team and they captured the natural photos we wanted and let us be silly while beautifully capturing candid moments and giving direction for equally beautiful posed shots. They drove hours, hiked, and were spontaneous for us. They also captured the natural scenery and candid moments with our guests, all things that were extremely important to us.

Also, the Wine Wrangler, a wine tour company who came to our guests’ rescue when the original bus company we hired got their but stuck for hours in the house driveway and couldn’t even get it out with two tow trucks. This company sent two busses and picked everyone up with no notice and drove everyone up Highway 1. The drivers were incredibly friendly and even told stories and narrated the scenery — truly life savers!

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Shane & Lauren Photography
Ceremony Venue – McWay Falls Trail at Julia Pfiefer Burns State Park
Reception Venue – Big Sur Bakery
Floral Design – Flowers by Denise
Catering – Big Sur Bakery
Cake – Julien Pie Company
Invitations – Paper Street Press
Wedding Dress – San Patrick via The White Flower
Groom’s Apparel – J.Crew
Transportation – The Wine Wrangler
Rings – The Diamond Collection

Thanks to Shane & Lauren Photography for sharing Holly and Matthew’s Big Sur wedding with Junebug! For more weddings with epic landscape, be sure to check out Jamie and Kyle’s sunset wedding at Smith Rock State Park.


Green and Ivory New Orleans Wedding

December 20, 2014 | nicole


New Orleans is a city filled with history, culture, and extraordinarily unique beauty. Maryam and Michael were married at the renowned Race & Religious, which set the stage for their charming and classic New Orleans Wedding. A venue with this much personality doesn’t require a lot of additional styling, and we love how Southern Charm Weddings kept the decor subtle with a green and ivory color palette. Exceptional New Orleans photographers Dark Roux Photography captured the romance and intimacy of the celebration, resulting in seriously stunning images.

The Couple: Maryam and Michael

The Wedding: Race & Religious, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Inspiration: “After my father’s health issues earlier in the year, Michael and I were just as content getting married in someone’s backyard. Race & Religious, our wedding venue, felt like that. It does not require a lot of decorating as its natural beauty is what really shines. We strived for a relaxed occasion that carried itself with classic elegance. Keeping this in mind, we didn’t want the decor or our wardrobes to deter from our beautiful surroundings and the coziness the creole cottage exudes. For that reason, we kept with simple all white hydrangeas and floating candles for centerpieces on the tables, and we placed candles throughout so at night the property was covered in a warm glow showcasing the splendor of Race & Religious’ history.”









































The Moments:

Maryam: “I will always hold dear the moment I walked down the aisle. I love the string arrangement of One Republic’s “Preacher,” and Trenton Thomas played a beautiful rendition for my entrance. It has played in my head since the wedding and I hope I never lose it. It was this music that played while my father gave me away and I saw my husband for the first time. That is the most precious gift I could receive and I will cherish it always.

Michael: “We decided to bypass the “first look” and save the reveal for the walk down the aisle. The way the venue was setup, she had to walk 20 yards past guests and turn left before she was in my line of sight. As I stood at the alter waiting for Maryam to enter and make the turn, I was surveying the crowd. It was memorable and surreal to see so many family and friends in one place. When her entrance music started, I witnessed those same friends and family rise, and I watched their faces melt when she entered. I still couldn’t see her, but knew she looked amazing simply based off their expressions. When she made the left turn into my line of sight, she certainly didn’t disappoint. She was stunningly beautiful.

The Couple Recommends:It is so difficult to say which of our amazing vendors stood out from the crowd as they all were exceptional and helped make the wedding a huge success. Friends and family are still saying how wonderful it was from the unique music selections played throughout the evening to the awesome food and mission behind Liberty’s Kitchen.

Words can not express our gratitude for the hard work, energy, enthusiasm, and drive Brooke Casey from Southern Charm Weddings brought to the table to make our wedding day special. After Michael and I got engaged, I wanted to skip over the entire wedding planning process because I was scared we could not live up to others’ expectations of what our wedding should be. I was just as happy to have a small ceremony, dinner at a restaurant and call it a night. Meeting with her immediately put me at ease. Her youth and yet wide array of experience assured us that we found the person who’s creativity could bring our vision to life, ingenuity to keep us in budget, and sweet demeanor to reassure us that it was all going to be wonderful in the end.

Not only were we looking for photographers that would take incredible photos, we wanted to choose photographers who we liked personally. We knew we would be spending lots of time with the photographers throughout our day, so we wanted to pick someone who we gelled with. Jamie and Heather of Dark Roux were the perfect fit. We instantly connected, and they completely put us at ease, which is evident in the final product. Because we meshed so well, Jamie and Heather suggested shots that we would not have thought of, but we are glad they did as all the shots were incredible. We couldn’t have selected a more perfect pair to capture our wedding day. Each photograph is a true moment frozen in time and at any moment we can pick up right where we left off. It’s rare to find photographers like Jamie and Heather that disappear into the background, and yet are still present to capture sweet moments that you can play over and over every time you look at their photographs.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Dark Roux Photography
Event Planning – Southern Charm Weddings
Venue – Race & Religious
Floral Design – Poppy & Mint
Catering – Liberty’s Kitchen
Cake – Sweet Life Bakery
Mixologist – Mark Schettler
Officiant – Joe Pitzer
DJ – Aaron Lane
Live Band – Tanya & Dorise, Trenton “T-Rey” Thomas
Videography – Brock Gomez Productions
Makeup Artist – Ashley Sievert Beauty
Wedding Dress – Oleg Cassini via David’s Bridal
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – Shein Dress
Groom’s Apparel – Theory Suit
Rentals – Your Event Delivered
Transportation – Alert Transportation
Rings – Hiller Jewelry

Thanks to Dark Roux Photography for sharing Maryam and Michael’s classic New Orleans wedding. For more historic venue inspiration, check out Maddie and Colin’s Minnesota wedding at Mill City Museum.


Adventurous Post Wedding Shoot from JAG Studios

December 19, 2014 | carrie

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (9 of 18)

Nickie and Ryan decided to hire one of New York’s best photography studios, JAG Studios, and jet of to Tulum, Mexico for their wedding. Today we are lucky enough to share with you part of their celebration, their post wedding shoot. The couple decided to be adventurous and explore the town before making their way to a remote cave for a swim. All documented with stunning imagery, Nickie and Ryan’s adventurous post wedding shoot is definitely one for the books!

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (1 of 18)

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (2 of 18)

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (3 of 18)

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (4 of 18)

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (5 of 18)

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (6 of 18)

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (7 of 18)

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (8 of 18)

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (10 of 18)

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (11 of 18)

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (12 of 18)

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (13 of 18)

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (14 of 18)

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (15 of 18)

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (16 of 18)

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (17 of 18)

Adventurous-Post-Wedding-Shoot-from-JAG-Studios (18 of 18)

What a fun, vibrant duo Nickie and Ryan are! Thank you so much to JAG Studios for sharing this breathtaking experience with us! For more post wedding shoot inspiration, you need to see Christin and Will’s shoot in the Canadian Rockies.