Beautifully Wild Iceland Bridal Inspiration

October 26, 2016 | gabby


Ask any adventurous bride where they’d most like to go for an outdoorsy escape, and they’ll answer Iceland. This Nordic country features crystalline rock formations, mossy hills, and icy fjords that could make any photo shoot look otherworldly and moody. We can’t get enough of this wild Iceland bridal inspiration shoot designed by Lauren Field Design and photographed by Archetype Studio. From a tranquil blue gown to calligraphy love letters encased in a stone journal, this shoot is the ultimate wild and free inspiration for a bride that loves epic nature and movement.



From the Designer: We chose a palette of deep hues and delicate texture inspired by the misty microclimate and prismatic shapes in the landscape found in Iceland. Inky tones of navy and black are paired with soft layers of her skirt and the intricate gold texture of her bodice. Her hair is windswept and her cheeks rosy. With starry eyes she looks to the expansive vistas surrounding her.
















We wanted to honor the intimacy of moments surrounding life changing special events, their introspective qualities, and the complex sense of inner voyage that occurs within one’s soul. This story is about a quiet morning wandering the serene landscape amidst moments of reflection. She immerses herself in her thoughts and her writing while contemplating new roles in life and the future as two become one. The presence of water brings a sense of transformative calm.


















The Talented Team:

Photography – Archetype Studio
Event Design – Lauren Field Design
Calligraphy – Carolyn Jane
Paper – Signora Mare, Silk & Willow, Share Studios
Journal – Blue Sky Papers
Makeup Artist – Elín Erna Stefánsdóttir
Wedding Dress – Gilda & Pearl
Hair Clip & Earrings – Hushed Commotion
Hair Crown – Tessa Kim
Model – Oda Østenstad Fjell
Film Lab – Richard Photo Lab


A very special thanks to Archetype Studio for sharing this gorgeous Iceland bridal inspiration with us. Want more epic Iceland wedding inspiration? Then you’ve got to see this crazy passionate Iceland wedding adventure!


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This Couple Put a Natural Spin on Their Sledmere House Wedding

October 26, 2016 | gabby


Zena and Liam are a self-proclaimed understated couple, so when they were planning their wedding, they knew they wanted décor vibes and a venue that reflected their easygoing style. Yorkshire barn venue Sledmere House perfectly fit the bill with its ironwork gates, rich red brick walls, and lofty ceilings perfect for Zena and Liam’s DIY hanging drape installations! We love how every inch of the couple’s wedding was decked out in fresh florals, potted herbs, and twinkly lights. Shutter Go Click Photography captured every moment of Zena and Liam’s day beautifully, including some spectacular couple portraits!

The Couple:

Zena and Liam

The Wedding:

Sledmere House, Yorkshire, England


As neither of us are outwardly affectionate around other people, planning the day ourselves meant having the ability to control how it panned out without over romanticising and preventing too much cute and kitsch.


If there was a theme, it was live plants and green leaves! Initially inspired by the walled garden of the Stately Home, Liam’s green-fingered Mum set to work filling her garden, garage and greenhouse with crates full of flowering plants and vegetables in a bid to create a walled garden of our own at the Barn.


We took this forward into our own designs for the stationary – invites, menus, signage and thank-you cards – which had green leaves scattered across them. We also decorated the barn with bunches of branches hanging from the rafters, large scale leafy prints and bunting over the dancefloor, and pots of fresh herbs on the tables.




Even though we were looking for a venue a year before our planned date, we found that many venues within our price-range and with the opportunity to decorate ourselves were already booked up. We came up from London to spend a weekend driving around the Yorkshire countryside close to where we both grew-up and decided that we would pick there and then! When we first drove into the Sledmere Estate, we loved the fact that it felt quintessentially English, something that we didn’t realise that we wanted, but immediately agreed would be exciting for all the family who were coming from abroad.







When planning the wedding, neither of us felt comfortable having our photos taken – we even considered not having a photographer at all. Eventually we saw Ryan’s photos on a wedding blog and liked his informal, modern style which we felt could capture us both much better than the traditional posed shots, the thought of which was making us cringe.




We would not have been able to get through a day of photos without Ryan, who made us feel so comfortable from the very beginning – having tea with him (and his cat) in his house, felt just like meeting a friend. We also opted for an engagement shoot which was a great opportunity to get some practice in – we started that day looking pretty awkward and ended it much happier, so it was 100% worth it!



Ryan of Shutter Go Click is incredibly personable, so he made everyone at the wedding feel completely at ease – his happy and laid-back mannerism really chimed with so many of the guests and made sure that he got some excellent candid shots and positive feedback from all the guests.


Our advice: Don’t try to do too much… we did! Despite being stress-free and relatively organised in the months running up to the wedding, doing everything DIY meant that a lot of the implementation and physical setting-up of our plans was left to the week of the wedding. It was only through the copious efforts of our families and friends that we managed to get anything set up for the day, never mind the amazing space we achieved! Afterwards, we were able to see that a number of the things that were the most stressful we could have simplified or done without – we wish we could have seen this before-hand.



We were really keen to keep things local – when looking for photographer, bands, florist, baker etcetera, we made sure we contacted people in the local area first which really helped with logistics, we also found that this meant people were more helpful than we had expected.





A really important aspect was combining the two cultures of our families to ensure everyone was able to have a good time – Zena`s family originate in the Middle East and travelled to England from around the globe, whereas Liam’s family are proudly Yorkshire, where most of them remain! For instance we had Tapas served in Yorkshire Puddings and tea and scones during the daytime, to balance the Middle Eastern Feast we served for dinner. During the evening we also alternated an English Indie band with Arabic Pop!




Rather than the traditional speeches, we asked a number of our friends and family each to say a few words – this turned out to be really fun and enjoyable, everyone was kept entertained by the various stories and anecdotes, and it kept an air of informality which we were keen to obtain.



The Wedding Team:

Photography – Shutter Go Click Photography
Venue – Sledmere House
Floral Design – Blooming Yorkshire
Cake – Derventio Bakery
Live Music – The Conspirators, Adrian Knowles
Groom’s Apparel – Reiss


Congratulations to Zena and Liam, and a special thanks to Shutter Go Click Photography for sharing their wedding with us. Love this England photographer’s work? Then you’ve got to see this couple’s big “I Do” at their Leeds wedding, also shot by Shutter Go Click!


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How to Set the Scene for Your Engagement Photos

October 25, 2016 | nicole

engagement-photos photo by Dawn Photography

With wedding photography taking a more natural turn as of late, we love to see an engagement session that really captures the heart of a couple’s relationship. It wasn’t so long ago that engagement shoots were synonymous with chalkboard Save the Date signs and wooden or balloon initials to hold. We’re happy to see couples ditching the props, but there are great ways to still personalize their photos. After looking through some of our favorite engagement sessions from the last year, we noticed a theme: couples setting the scene for their photos with an activity!

We love the context that an activity can provide for an engagement session. What better way to share what you love than doing it together? Whether it’s cooking in your home or hiking your favorite trail, having your photographer capture you enjoying your relationship just as it is makes for the most genuine images. Being engaged is such an exciting chapter of your lives together. When you look back on your engagement photos on your fifth, tenth, or twentieth wedding anniversary, what do you want to remember about that time?

If you’re nervous about being in front of a camera or feel uncomfortable having your picture taken, this is a great way to skip the unnatural posing you fear and just be yourselves. The best photos happen when you’re living in the moment and totally forget that the camera and photographer are there at all.

To show you what we mean, we’ve rounded up a few engagements where the couple really set the scene by doing one of their favorite activities together and inviting their photographer along for the ride.

A Picnic Engagement

Whether it’s on a dock by the water of your favorite park, have a sweet picnic engagement by throwing down a few comfy blankets and enjoying beers, popcorn, and each other’s company as your photographer snaps away around you.

picnic-engagement-photos photos by Tricia Victoria Photography; see more from this engagement shoot here!

A Carnival Engagement

If you consider yourselves to be a colorful couple, plan your engagement session around the carnival coming to town! The vibrant backdrop is a great setting for photos, and it’s easy to feel romantic when winning stuffed animals for each other and sharing cotton candy.

carnival-engagement-photos photos by Darling Photography; see more from this engagement shoot here!

A Motorcycle Engagement

If you spend the majority of your time together with your hair whipping in the wind on the back of a motorcycle, you should definitely bring the hog along for your engagement photos! Grit can be totally romantic, especially with the open road ahead of you, and just think of how incredible your a motorcycle is for motion shots.

motorcycle-engagement-photos photos by Dawn Photography; see more from this engagement shoot here!

A Surfing Engagement

Do you spend your weekends catching waves? Suit up and take your engagement photos at sunset while you hang ten with your sweetheart. Does one of you surf and the other doesn’t? We can’t think of anything cuter than surfing lesson engagement photos!

surfing-engagement-photos photos by Jason and Anna Photography; see more from this engagement shoot here!


snuggling-engagement-photos photos by Vic Bonvinci Photography; see more from this engagement session here!

An Engagement In Your Favorite Place

This photo shoot below proves that taking your engagement photos at your favorite place — even if that place is IKEA — is a great idea! It may sound cheesy, but playing together can bring out so much life in your photos. So maybe a local museum or sculpture garden is more your speed than your neighborhood Target, but the spirit you share while you’re there is what’s most important!

ikea-engagement-photos photos by Savannah Lauren Photography; see more from this engagement session here!

A Bird-Watching Engagement

The couple that watches birds together stays together. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Binoculars take engagement props to the next level by being actually useful and bringing you back into the moment you spotted a woodpecker together every time you look at your photos!

birdwatching-engagement-photos photos by L. Hewitt Photography; see more from this engagement session here!

A Bicycle Engagement

A bike ride for two is a pretty full-proof way to set the scene for your urban engagement session, whether you’re exploring a new part of the city or your favorite haunts. Bonus points for colorful bicycles and even more colorful outfits!

bike-engagement-photos photos by Celeste Noche; see more from this engagement session here!

A Boating Engagement

We always think water is a good idea when it comes to engagement photos, making a boating engagement a surefire way to have a beautiful shoot! Bring along blankets, snacks, and even a smoke bomb or two for an intimate boating engagement session.

boat-engagement-photos photos by Luke Liable Photography; see more from this engagement session here!

Looking for more inspiration for setting the scene in your upcoming engagement shoot? Check out these ideas for a comfy engagement session at home!


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