You’ll Love These Modern Takes On Traditional Bouquet Shapes

January 10, 2017 | nicole


When you’re pinning gorgeous bouquet after bouquet, do you ever notice the bouquet shapes you’re drawn to? Beyond the peonies and protea that make a bouquet catch your eye is the silhouette of the arrangement. Like every flower, each bouquet is a unique size and shape with its own personality. You may be familiar with traditional bouquet shapes, but these modern arrangements will take your breath away!


There may not be anything more romantic than a cascade-shaped bouquet! For a modern look, choose a color palette that combines soft pastels with bold, darker hues. Our favorite cascade bouquets are dripping with greenery, so focus on unique leaf shapes that make a big impact.

this-fall-wedding-at-southwind-hills-seamlessly-blends-bold-and-soft-styles-10-600x900-1-600x900 photo by Melissa Marshall, bouquet by Juniper Designs; see more from this wedding here!

goddess-inspired-bridal-shoot-in-cleo-and-clementine-ashley-rae-photography-34-600x9001-600x900 photo by Ashley Rae Photography, bouquet by Hoot and Holler; see more from this wedding here!

texas-bohemian-wedding-style-laguna-gloria-holly-kringer-photography-10-of-30-600x900-600x900 photo by Holly Kringer Photography, bouquet by 3 of Cups; see more from this wedding here!


photo by Cathrin D’Entremont Weddings, bouquet by Zinnia Floral Designs; see more from this wedding here!

edgy-pittsburgh-wedding-at-bar-marco-hot-metal-studio-13-600x900-600x900 photo by Hot Metal Studio, bouquet by Therese Boyd Designs; see more from this wedding here!


A posy bouquet can be held in one hand (so you can use the other to hold your sweetie). A petite bouquet can still be a total show-stopper, especially if you take a diverse approach to the small space. Play with balance, shape, texture, and color on a small scale, and remember that less is more!

beautiful-outdoor-ohio-wedding-8-600x899 photo by The Carrs Photography, bouquet by The Flowerman; see more from this wedding here!

colorful-toronto-wedding-celine-kim-10-600x901 photo by Celine Kim, bouquet by Flower 597; see more from this wedding here!

creative-blush-wedding-inspiration-at-echo-park-lake-28-600x900 photo by Hom Photography, bouquet by A Stylish Soiree; see more from this wedding here!


photo by Nine Photography; see more from this wedding here!

sophisticated-outdoor-byron-bay-wedding-23-600x900 photo by Zoe Morley, bouquet by Poppy & Fern; see more from this wedding here!


They say your wedding is the most important day of your life; if you’re going to have a Miss America moment, it may as well be now! The pageant bouquet is characterized by its long stems that allow it to lay gracefully in your arms as you float through your wedding day. For a modern look, go a little wild and lean into the overgrown shape.

sextantio_cinzia_bruschini71 photo by Cinzia Bruschini, bouquet by Roberto Monaldi; see more from this wedding here!

gold-and-burgundy-wedding-inspirtion-at-prospect-house-jenna-mcelroy-photography-6 photo by Jenna McElroy, bouquet by Bristol Lane; see more from this wedding here!

italian-garden-wedding-at-villa-zambonina-26-of-30-600x898 photo by Studio 22 Photography; see more from this wedding here!


photo by Hartman Outdoor Photography, bouquet by Little Herb House; see more from this wedding here!

vintage-lavender-wedding-maine-sunglow-photography-17-of-34-600x901 photo by Sunglow Photography; see more from this wedding here!


Perfect for an outdoor or bohemian wedding, a hand-tied bouquet is wildly arranged to achieve that “found in nature” effect. Get the look with lush blooms and unkempt greenery loosely tied with silk ribbon (or a bandana!).

calling-all-cool-brides-and-grooms-this-hip-big-sur-elopement-is-for-you-8-600x900-600x900 photo by Erin Wheat Photography, bouquet by Farmermaid Flowers; see more from this wedding here!

magical-mendenhall-glacier-wedding-with-waterfalls-and-wildflowers-joel-allegretto-17-600x900 photo by Joel Allegretto, bouquet by Bloomsbury Blooms; see more from this wedding here!

nautical-maine-wedding-inspiration-at-bangs-island-mussels-barge-16-600x900-600x900-600x900 photo by Emily Delamater Photography, bouquet by Field Floral Studio; see more from this wedding here!


photo by Hannah Costello, bouquet by The Dainty Lion; see more from this wedding here!

whimsically-boho-wedding-inspiration-right-this-way-at-long-meadow-farm-5-600x900-600x900 photo by Rivkah Photography, floral design by Fleurtacious; see more from this wedding here!


Round bouquets may not be thought of as the most contemporary shape, but these modern takes will show you otherwise! Achieve an updated look with plenty of texture and diversity. We love the look of mostly-closed peonies and ranunculus, rounded succulents, plenty of greenery, and a few untamed pieces.

london-garden-wedding-inspiration-hampstead-heath-extraordinary-days-4-of-18 photo by Kate Nielen, bouquet by Blue Sky Flowers; see more from this wedding here!

chic-lisbon-wedding-at-fronteira-palace-lookimaginary-27-600x400 photo by LookImaginary, bouquet by Como Branco; see more from this wedding here!

ricardo-stephanie-%e2%94%ac%e2%8c%90-dallas-kolotylo-photography-412-600x900 photo by Dallas Kolotylo Photography, bouquet by FLOWERZ; see more from this wedding here!


photo by Lindsay Nickel, bouquet by Calyx Floral Design; see more from this wedding here!

sophisticated-ontario-wedding-at-the-manor-by-peter-pauls-13-of-35-600x899 photo by Olive Photography, bouquet by Pink Twig; see more from this wedding here!

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