This Colorful Hotel Haya Wedding Was Full of Pastel Florals and Disco Balls

April 21, 2024 | justine

Monia and Ben’s wedding journey began with a bit of uncertainty about the theme, but it quickly turned into a beautiful collaboration. Together, they handpicked elements that resonated with their shared values, making compromises along the way to ensure their celebration stayed true to their unique identity. They began by selecting colors they both adored and sought out a venue that showcased their appreciation for historical architecture. The result? A breathtaking Hotel Haya wedding adorned with delicate pastel blooms and sparkling disco balls. Their blend of modern and Mediterranean influences infused the event with a timeless allure, leaving guests enchanted by the magic of their love story.

With stunning features like high ceilings, white-brick walls, beautiful wooden floors, and unique glass chandeliers, the couple elevated the venue’s beauty with a pathway lined with flowers leading to a breathtaking floral arch. To make it even more magical, they added a mirror ball and floral cloud installation. Transitioning seamlessly to the ballroom reception, they unveiled a tablescape adorned with stunning centerpieces, shimmering gold settings, and flickering candles, elevating the elegance of their special day to new heights.

With the help of Junebug vendor Carefully Curated Events, the couple brought their dream big day to life. If you’re searching for a way to blend classic elements with a touch of personality, look no further than this celebration. It serves as the perfect source of inspiration. Keep scrolling to soak in all the stunning details expertly captured by Josie Brooks.

The Couple:

Monia and Ben

The Wedding:

Hotel Haya, Florida, United States

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Creating a Custom Color Palette for Their Hotel Haya Wedding by Embracing Neutrals and Vibrant Hues

When planning our wedding, we didn’t initially have a specific theme. Instead, we aimed for a balanced color palette, primarily neutral yet accentuated with vibrant hues. Our decor elegantly combines contemporary design with elements inspired by Mediterranean styles while maintaining a classic, timeless appeal. The guiding principle for our choices was simple: we selected what we genuinely adored and felt connected to. A significant aspect of this was the inclusion of light blue, a color that both my husband and I are particularly fond of.

Navigating Challenges Together by Turning Date Nights into Wedding Planning Bonding Time

Our wedding journey was filled with unforgettable experiences—the first look we shared, the grand reveal of the reception room, and the deeply meaningful exchange of our personal vows. Together, we planned each detail, turning many of our date nights into nights of crafting and creativity. This period became a treasured part of our life together. We experienced a whirlwind of emotions throughout the planning process, from tears to laughter, through every high and low. Despite the emotional rollercoaster of wedding planning, we stayed true to ourselves. 

Top Tip for Stress-Free Wedding Planning: Secure Your Dream Team Early for the Big Day

Even with the best preparation, be ready for some last-minute details to arise, so start planning early; it’s always the best approach. Secure your vendors early on, as their schedules fill up quickly. We booked most of our vendors a year ahead to ensure availability. Having a wedding planner is essential, even if it’s just for partial planning. They’re invaluable. As professionals, they’ll remember details you might overlook. Take it from us. Their expertise is worth it. We are proud of the fact that we were deeply engaged in every aspect of our wedding planning. Together, we made choices, found a middle ground, and shared moments of joy and emotion, all while prioritizing our authenticity and staying true to ourselves. It was important to us to cherish each moment together. We made sure to have fun in every phase of the process.

Why They Chose a Hotel Haya Wedding

At first, we had the idea of having our wedding outdoors. However, considering the challenges of distance and the unpredictable weather in Florida, we decided to take a different approach. We opted for a setting that aligned with our appreciation for historical architecture. We were drawn to the rich history, brick walls, tall windows, and overall charm of the Hotel Haya. What really sealed the deal for us were the stunning herringbone wood floors. These floors held great significance because they perfectly complemented the color scheme we had chosen for our event, which wouldn’t have worked well with the typical brightly colored carpets found in ballrooms.

DIY Escort Display Reflecting Their Unique Personalities

There were a lot of things we created together. The biggest DIY project was our escort display, which truly reflected our personalities. Drawing inspiration from our shared passion for cars–a love many of our guests share and have bonded over for years–we crafted a unique parking garage setup. Each guest received a ticket personalized with their name and specific details guiding them to their seat. There, they found a custom Hot Wheels car, chosen to represent a car they’ve owned either in the past or currently. Adding a touch of nostalgia, all those Hot Wheels were from Ben’s childhood collection.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Josie Brooks
Event Planning – Carefully Curated Events
Venue – Hotel Haya
Floral Design – Gather & Grace Designs
Cake – Hands On Sweets
Officiant – Rev. Scott Lortz
Videography – Kristin Grosso Films
Wedding Dress – Enzoani
Bridal Accessories – Loeffer Randall
Wedding Party Apparel – Show Me Your Mumu
Groom’s Apparel – Alfani Suit
Groom’s Accessories – Adidas


Congratulations to Monia and Ben on their beautiful Hotel Haya wedding. A heartfelt thank you to Josie Brooks for capturing all the timeless details and providing inspiration for soon-to-be-wed couples and their teams of vendors. A special appreciation goes out to Junebug vendor Carefully Curated Events for their invaluable assistance in bringing your big day to life.

Looking for timeless elegance for your wedding? A picturesque venue, lush florals, a classic color palette, and meaningful personal touches are all you need. If you and your partner dream of such an affair, be sure to check out our guide for a timeless wedding to kickstart your planning journey.

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