Colorful Jackson Hole Vow Renewal Overlooking The Tetons

April 7, 2024 | justine

Cheyenne and Titus felt it was time to reinforce their love and fortify their marriage. So, they opted for a special vow renewal ceremony, selecting the spot where they got engaged near the Grand Teton National Park—a place brimming with meaning. Returning there felt like the perfect way to reaffirm their commitment. In a vibrant Jackson Hole vow renewal, they basked in the beauty of their surroundings, surrounded by awe-inspiring scenery. It was an intimate moment where they shared their love exclusively with each other, reminding themselves of the profound bond.

The stunning setting of the Tetons provided the ideal canvas for them to declare their love anew. With the breathtaking view serving as a picturesque backdrop for their vows, they expressed their deep love for each other in a heartfelt ceremony. Following this touching moment, they indulged in a sweet cake cutting against a beautiful tablescape designed for just the two of them. Wrapping up the celebration, they captured this significant milestone with portraits, ensuring that the love and joy of the day would be immortalized forever.

If you and your partner dream of an intimate celebration embraced by stunning natural scenery, this is the perfect inspiration for you! Every exquisite detail–flawlessly captured by Junebug vendor Foxtails Photography–will inspire you to add these images to your wedding mood board.

The Couple:

Cheyenne and Titus

The Wedding:

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, United States

The Special Reason Why They Chose a Jackson Hole Vow Renewal

We got engaged in Jackson, right outside of Grand Teton National Park. It only felt right to return there for the opportunity to renew our vows. It is one of the most unique places on earth with its unparalleled natural beauty. This vow renewal was spontaneous, fun, and modern. There was nothing classic or traditional about it; in this case, that’s exactly what we wanted! It had a very intimate feel, and all the vendors we worked with were instrumental in bringing this artistic vision to life. We loved our wedding, which had a timeless feel, so it was fun and memorable to take an entirely different direction with this.

How The Bride’s Millia London Gown Set the Tone for Their Vow Renewal

My dress was by Millia London, and everything centered around that! It was the inspiration behind the vision, and I loved it because it was very fun and non-traditional, which was perfect for an intimate vow renewal. It gave movement and texture for memorable photos, and the pop of color was stunning with the Wyoming landscape in the spring. We kept the rest of the look classic and elegant—natural glam and sleek, simple hair that balanced everything out beautifully. The dress was the moment. I’m still inspired by it. I loved that while it was out of the box, it still made me feel like a glamorous bride and matched the fun, carefree tone of the day. Our vow renewal was a celebration, just like the dress.

Elevating Their Celebration with Pops of Purple

We planned this based on the spring lilacs and pops of purple. Purple can be a challenging color, and we wanted to showcase how you can make it a bit more luxurious. Along with the shades of purple, we added some blues and greens to tie into the mountains and accent the ombre of the Millia London gown. The gown also inspired the cake, and Madeline created a stunning textured cake in the lilac shade with a fun party cake flavor and color pops.

Heartfelt Vows Amidst Jaw-Dropping Views

Our favorite part was definitely our intimate vow renewal overlooking the Tetons. The sky had cleared, the snow stopped, and everything felt peaceful, surreal, and magical. The location was jaw-dropping, and everything culminated in that short, perfect moment. It was such a celebration. Doing an intimate vow renewal didn’t subtract from that; it added to it because we could focus only on ourselves and the fun and spontaneity of the moment. We loved celebrating with our friends and family with a traditional wedding, but this was the perfect way to refresh our commitment for a vow renewal. It was out of the box and an absolute dream.

Tips for a Stress-Free Celebration: Focus on Your Top Three Priorities 

Our greatest piece of advice is and will always be: choose a few (three or fewer) things that are very important to you. These are your highest priorities, which must happen exactly as planned, or you will feel upset about them. If anything else happens on the day/weekend of your event and it’s not on your list, let it go! It’s not worth getting upset about. I’m a very type-A personality, and this helped me be in a relaxed state the day of. I wasn’t worrying about the tiny details or things I couldn’t control. For example, the day of our vow renewal was so cold and snowy. Of course, it would have been more convenient if the sun had shined all day and it had been warm, but the cold actually served to make it memorable in the end, and now I wouldn’t change that factor because I was able to accept it and move on with the fun while it was happening. 

Prioritizing Memories: Investing in Photography and Videography for Their Jackson Hole Vow Renewal

When crafting our wedding budget, we knew prioritizing our photographer and videographer was essential. After all, once the festivities end, all that remains are the cherished memories captured in photos and videos. We firmly believe that investing in top-notch photography is one of our most significant decisions. Thanks to this prioritization, we have no regrets. Additionally, we found that hiring a planner or day-of coordinator was invaluable. Attention to detail is crucial even for intimate events like elopements or vow renewals. With someone else handling logistics, we could fully immerse ourselves in the joy of the moment, focusing solely on each other.

The Wedding Team:

Photography + Videography + Event Planning + Floral Design + Rentals – Foxtails Photography
Venue – Grand Teton National Park
Cake – Sprinkle & Crumb
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Teton Valley Beauty Co.
Wedding Dress – Millia London


Congratulations to Cheyenne and Titus for their vibrant Jackson Hole vow renewal! A heartfelt thank you goes out to Junebug vendor Foxtails Photography for immortalizing this unforgettable moment. For more intimate celebrations like theirs, don’t forget to explore their profile in our directory of talented photographers from around the globe.

A vow renewal like this is a fantastic way to break free from traditional wedding norms and create a celebration that truly reflects you as a couple. And with such breathtaking scenery as your backdrop, the memories and photos are guaranteed to be extraordinary. Are you looking to infuse the outdoors into your big day? Explore our list of the most beautiful national parks to find the perfect location for your special celebration!

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