Cancelled Wedding? These 10 Wedding Alternatives Will Help You Celebrate Your Love

April 22, 2020 | brooke

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Where are our resilient 2020 couples at?! We want you to know how much we are thinking about you during these unprecedented times. Our hearts go out to couples who are having to re-think their original wedding plans. But, rather than fret, our team decided to come up with these ultra-awesome wedding alternatives to help you start thinking positively and celebrate your love in an amazing way!

Here are 10 wedding alternatives you can consider for your special day (or days):

  • Throw the most rad Zoom dance party with all your friends
  • Get married in the backyard (with your pets as your witness)
  • Document your original wedding date with a FaceTime photo session
  • Go virtual with a Facebook Live, FaceTime, or Zoom wedding
  • Organize a car parade
  • Start planning the greatest dinner party of all time
  • Create your own sweetheart table — then indulge with cocktails, cake, and eats!
  • Ask your family and friends to send you love letters to read on your wedding date
  • Instead of a honeymoon, play the newlywed gave via Houseparty with your crew
  • Mix up your new reception plan with a theme

Read on for more info about each of these ideas!

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1. Throw the most rad Zoom dance party with all your friends.

Turn your living room into a dancefloor and party the night away with your friends! Many DJs and musicians are offering their talents via virtual hangouts, and we think there’s no better way to support one of these artists than to have them provide the tunes for your Zoom reception with all your crew.

2. Get married in the backyard (with your pets as your witness).

Okay, you also need a real witness, but being at home means having all the pets with you—even the ones who you might not have been able to celebrate with at your venue! We’re suckers for a sweet backyard wedding and pup-of-honor.

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3. Document your original wedding date with a FaceTime photo session.

If you’re all about the ‘gram (Instagram, that is), you may have seen photographers talking about FaceTime photo sessions. This is a fun, creative way for you to have some professional photos to document your time in quarantine and show the grandkids one day! While we are pro-FaceTime session, we do have some reservations about front porch sessions. Visit our sister-site for more information about front porch sessions.

4. Go virtual with a Facebook Live, FaceTime or Zoom wedding.

Our hearts melted when we received a message from Jennifer and Kerry about their wedding being postponed due to COVID-19. They weren’t going to let that stop them from having a day of their dreams, though!

Here is Jennifer’s heartfelt message to us, as well as their Instagram post and video of their virtual wedding day:

My fiancé and I have been planning our dream wedding and looking forward to what was supposed to be the best day ever on April 4th, 2020. Like many other couples all around the nation, we were forced to postpone our big day to the Fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We went through plan A, B, and finally to C with all the restrictions and rules changing daily. Despite all the stressful cancellations and postponements we still wanted to get married and celebrate our love. With a limited but amazing team, we made it happen and shared our moment virtually with loved ones through a zoom conference call. The day turned out so beautiful, special, and intimate. Our friends even surprised us with a car parade through the neighborhood. It was better than anything I could ever have imagined.

My now husband, Kerry and I wanted to share our love story for those going through the same thing. Times are uncertain now but love is all that we need. I am posting the link to our wedding day video created by our very talented friend and videographer, Thy Ngo. Please feel free to share if you feel like this could bring some joy and happiness to all the other couples suffering through the same thing during these trying times.


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film by Thy Ngo, florals by Billie Ball Co

Organize a car parade.

If you caught the end of Jennifer and Kerry’s video, their friends and family also organized a car parade to drive by their home and honk with cheer! You and your partner could also do your own drive by car parade to family and friends’ homes—dressed in your wedding attire, of course!

Start planning the greatest dinner party of all time.

If you’ve decided to postpone a reception until a later date, you might want to opt for something a little less “traditional.” We love a good dinner party, and it’s a brilliant way to host a more intimate gathering with your closest loved ones at a later date. Plus, if you had already booked a catering team they will likely let you roll over your deposits for the dinner party!

photo by Brooke Miller Photography; location: Secluded High Desert Homestead

Create your own sweetheart table — then indulge with cocktails, cake, and eats!

If you’re still celebrating your big day at home, we encourage you to take advantage of the time and create and extra-special sweetheart table scape that will have your forgetting you’re even in your own house! Order-in a fancy meal, get some flowers (many florist are even offering discounted bouquets right now, and don’t forget the cake!

Ask your family and friends to send you love letters to read on your wedding date.

Handwritten letters will never go out of style. If your loved ones are far away, consider asking your special people to send you letters to read on the morning of your original wedding date. Not only will these make you cry, laugh, and everything in between, but they will be an extra sentimental keepsake to hold on to forever.

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Instead of a honeymoon, play the newlywed game via Houseparty with your crew.

Have you heard of the app Houseparty? It’s a way for you to get together virtually with your friends (and it even has games like trivia and heads up!). In addition to the pre-loaded games, have your friends come up with some newlywed questions and play with

Mix up your new reception plan with a creative theme.

If you’re already planning a new reception, why not make it a party with a theme! We’ve seen some couples coming up with the most creative ideas to make sure that their new reception blows everyone away with even more awesomeness than before.

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photo by  Peyton Rainey Photography


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