This Couple Brought Las Vegas to Spain in Their El Monasterio del Espino Wedding

April 18, 2024 | justine

Izaskun and Robert had always thought an intimate Las Vegas wedding was the route they would take. However, when Robert proposed, their dreams took a different turn as they began envisioning a grand celebration. They shared their initial plan with their wedding planners, who embraced the idea of bringing a touch of Las Vegas to Spain. True to their word, their El Monasterio del Espino wedding became a vibrant affair, featuring bold colors, glittering decor, neon signs, disco balls, and even tattoos! It was a celebration that perfectly blended their original edgy idea with the grandeur of a big wedding.

This couple definitely knew how to leave a lasting impression, beginning with their outdoor ceremony. They transformed a white vintage convertible into an iconic altar, beautifully adorned with cascading red blooms. The elegance continued into the tented reception, where a unique light strip centerpiece added a touch of sophistication. And the fun didn’t end there! At the barn after-party, they danced the night away, embracing the lively disco atmosphere and keeping the party vibes alive until dawn.

If you dream of blending fun Vegas vibes with whimsical wedding charm, this celebration could be the perfect inspiration you’ve been searching for! If your wedding style leans towards the unconventional and out-of-the-box, you won’t want to miss out on scrolling through to see all the delightful details captured by Junebug vendor People Truelove Tellers.

The Couple:

Izaskun and Robert

The Wedding:

El Monasterio del Espino, Spain 

How Two Friends Crafted a Personal and Meaningful Ceremony 

For our ceremony, we were blessed to have not one but two officiants: Irati and Joy, two of our dearest friends who dedicated themselves to crafting the perfect ceremony. Their efforts paid off as they seamlessly blended funny and heartfelt anecdotes about us, making the ceremony incredibly personal and meaningful. Evidently, their words came straight from the heart, reflecting the depth of our friendship and connection. 

Personalizing the Wedding Experience Through Music, Food, and Fashion

Our wedding day was super special, full of love and happiness at every turn. But what made it stand out was the live music during dinner and the after-party. It was amazing when Third Floor Rock played “Oh Darling” by The Beatles. Everyone was so into it, and it’s a memory our guests still talk about. What we’re proudest of is that we stayed true to ourselves. We did things our way, like wearing clothes from ASOS and having a vegan menu. It was a bit risky since most weddings have different food, but our guests loved it. Our wedding really showed who we are, and we’ll always remember it as a special day.

Finding Their Dream El Monasterio del Espino Wedding Venue Through Instagram

We saw El Granero de San Francisco on an Instagram post and loved it. The thing is that we had the picture, but no references about the name or location. When we started looking for venues, our wedding planners asked about what type of venues we liked. We showed them the picture of El Granero de San Francisco, and they told us they knew the place and shared all the information. A few weeks later, we visited it and fell in love with it.

Navigating Challenges Through Building Trust and Collaborating with Their Vendor Team

Trusting our suppliers and working closely with them as a team was paramount for us. We had two main goals: ensuring our suppliers could also enjoy the wedding and creating a sense of closeness among everyone involved. This approach not only led to a better end result but also made us feel supported throughout the planning process. Despite already living together, being from different parts of Spain meant we needed help finding a suitable location for our wedding. Hiring a wedding planner was a clear choice, as they could assist in organizing everything within our budget. With their guidance, we efficiently allocated our resources, allowing us to indulge in extras like tattoos while still staying within our maximum budget.

Bringing Vegas to Life Through Non-Traditional Choices

We aimed to capture the spirit of Las Vegas in our wedding, not just in the decor but also in our fashion choices. Seeking elegance with a fun touch, we opted for a non-traditional style. Despite the March cold presenting a challenge, everything fell into place perfectly. Three non-negotiables for our special day were live music, a DJ who matched our vibe, and tattoos. Third Floor Rock was an easy pick for the band after hearing them at an event during our engagement. With the help of our wedding planners, we found a DJ and tattoo artist who aligned with our vision, ensuring every aspect of our celebration reflected our personalities and love for a good time.

Keeping Everyone Cozy with Blankets

Given the chilly March weather during our wedding, we wanted to ensure our guests’ comfort. We provided blankets for everyone to combat the cold, ensuring they stayed cozy and warm throughout the celebration. It was a simple yet thoughtful gesture to ensure everyone felt comfortable and could fully enjoy the day despite the temperature.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – People Truelove Tellers
Event Planning – Casamentera’s Event Design
Ceremony + Reception Venue + Catering + Cake – El Monasterio del Espino
Floral Design – LORA Floral Art
DJ – Sonort Audiovisual
Live Music – Third Floor Rock
Videography – Pai Pai Produccions
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Bohemian Brides
Tattoo – No Limits Tattoo
Rings – Aina Barcelona
Rentals – AH Rental


Congratulations to Izaskun and Robert on their Vegas-themed El Monasterio del Espino wedding. And a big thank you to Junebug photographer People Truelove Tellers for beautifully capturing all the unforgettable moments. To see more unconventional celebrations, be sure to check out their profile in our directory of the world’s best photographers.

This couple’s ability to focus on what really mattered instead of following the usual rules made their day genuine and heartfelt. The secret? Choosing a theme they loved right from the start, setting a fun tone for the day. If you’re ready to start planning your own special celebration, take a look at our planning checklist and budget guide for helpful tips and tools.

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