Bright and Colorful Studio 54 Inspired Sunnybrook Venue Wedding

April 22, 2024 | justine

Finding inspiration for a wedding can be as easy as watching a favorite movie. For Haley and Emerson, that movie was “Saturday Night Fever.” They decided to tie the knot on Halloween weekend, giving them the perfect excuse to unleash their creativity. With a nod to the colorful 70s and the glitz of Studio 54, their Sunnybrook Venue wedding was a disco dream come true. From vibrant colors to groovy fashion and dazzling decor, their celebration was a throwback to the iconic era of disco fever.

Surrounded by manicured gardens and a charming country house, the couple chose a venue close to their hearts—the historic property the bride’s parents owned. Their ceremony was simply beautiful, with a path lined with flowers and a vintage rug leading to asymmetrical floral pillars decorated with mirror balls. As the evening rolled in, the tented reception burst with color. Tables were covered in pink linen, creating a striking contrast, and a cozy lounge was set up right by the checkered dance floor. Above, a stunning installation of greenery, blooms, and disco balls added an extra touch of excitement to the whole scene.

The couple put together an extraordinary and breathtaking celebration, and what’s even more remarkable is that everyone came dressed to impress. Their wedding day truly mirrored their fun and fashionable personalities, and luckily, Junebug vendor Pat Cori was present to capture every moment. 

The Couple:

Haley and Emerson

The Wedding:

Sunnybrook Venue, Roanoke, Virginia, United States

Behind the Scenes: Planning a 70s-Inspired Sunnybrook Venue Wedding

Our wedding was Studio 54-themed, so we put a lot of thought into the design, incorporating lots of bold, bright colors, hundreds of disco balls, neon signs, tropical flowers, and greenery. We loved the movie Saturday Night Fever and the 70s, so that was our starting point for the planning. My parents own Sunnybrook, and my mom is an event coordinator, so that made the wedding planning process seamless and fun since we could bounce around ideas anytime, often calling and texting each other into the night to talk about details and sourcing items for the wedding.

Crafting a Meaningful Wedding Ceremony with Grandpa Ken

As soon as we were engaged, I knew I would ask my grandfather Ken to officiate our wedding; of course, he and my grandmother are an important and special couple in our lives, but he is an ordained minister and has officiated hundreds of weddings over his 50 years in the ministry. The wedding ceremony itself is something I hadn’t put a ton of thought into initially. I figured you hold hands, say I do, kiss, and you’re done. I just wanted to throw a fun party with my loved ones, but it was much more special than I imagined. During the planning process, we collaborated on what he would say during the ceremony. He wrote up a few different speeches, and we picked certain elements to blend from each; at one point, he suggested we do a Celtic knot-tying ceremony like he and my grandmother had at their wedding 27 years earlier. We loved this sentimental element, and it was even better when we decided to use the same rope my grandparents had used during their ceremony, which they very sweetly gave us as a wedding gift. These touches, along with our heartfelt vows, really made the ceremony.

Exploring Wedding Inspiration in the Digital Age

My wedding planning advice is to get inspiration from many sources. I spent countless hours browsing different hashtags on TikTok and Pinterest boards, looking at 70’s outfits, hair, and makeup inspo online. I watched 70’s movies and the Studio 54 documentary on Netflix. I then took those ideas and made mood boards for each part of the wedding: ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, after party, and then broke it down even more specifically into bar details, table settings, candy bar, etc. This was helpful to my mom/wedding planner since she could get a clear idea of my vision for the event.

Infusing 70s Inspiration Into Every Detail of Their Sunnybrook Venue Wedding Reception

The reception tent’s overall design was beyond what I could have ever imagined. We had magenta velvet linens with a bold print 70’s inspired orange and pink patterned napkins, lush tropical flowers and greenery, a VIP seating section, chandeliers, romantic mood lighting, and a stocked bar with high-end tequila tasting options. Our checkered dance floor was enhanced by a fantastic installation of greenery, flowers, and disco balls hanging from the ceiling. I wanted something pretty and aesthetically pleasing anywhere you looked in the tent.

Choosing a Wedding Venue with Meaning

Considering my parents’ own Sunnybrook, it was a very easy choice on where we would get married. Even though my mom tried to convince us to do a destination wedding, she just wanted a tropical vacation. I love the venue so much; many important moments of my life have happened here: birthdays, graduation parties, and my baby shower. I couldn’t picture getting married anywhere else. Even if my parents didn’t own it, Sunnybrook would have been my choice either way. The venue–a historic home from 1912–offers a cozy ambiance with modern amenities. Its rooms serve various wedding needs: foyer for the guest book, fireplace room for champagne, ballroom for the ceremony, patio for cocktails and late-night fun, and gardens for the reception. Two spacious suites are available for wedding party preparations, complete with renovated bathrooms and kitchenettes. The well-maintained grounds provide a picturesque backdrop with manicured hedges, seasonal flowers, old trees, and a water feature. Conveniently located 10 minutes from downtown Roanoke and near the interstate, it’s easily accessible for guests. As a one-stop shop, the venue provides wedding planning, catering, flowers, bar services, and cake options, simplifying the planning process.

Bringing the 70s Vibe to Life Through Wedding Fashion

Our loved ones made our day memorable; we had guests travel from as far as Honduras and the Cayman Islands, New York, and California. Not only were we so excited to see our favorite people come together to celebrate our union, but we also loved seeing the effort everyone put into their best ’70s outfits. We got married on Halloween weekend, so we wanted to make it a fun event for everyone to go out on a theme. Our guests showed out in the best way, many wearing vintage, super colorful, fun outfits, sparkly dresses, jumpsuits, platform shoes, bold accessories and jewelry, creative makeup, and wigs. The dedication to the theme made the evening special and one we will never forget.

Personalizing Their Sunnybrook Venue Wedding By Customizing the Decor

For the wedding, we had a contractor custom design our bars and a 10×10 grid, which we arranged with bright, colorful flowers, greenery, disco balls, and chandeliers and hung from the top of the tent over the dance floor. They also built a large, circular platform stage on which we stood for our ceremony. We also had our seating chart and signs throughout the wedding custom, personalized matches and napkins at the bar, and a custom neon sign that said “Til Death.”

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Pat Cori
Event Planning – Tammy Scaggs
Venue + Floral Design + Catering + Disco Balls – Sunnybrook Venue
Cake – Blush Baking Co.
Officiant – Ken Burger
DJ – Quest Entertainment
Invitation Design – Minted
Makeup Artist – Mary Ascencio + Rachel Boxley
Hair Styling – Brittany Byrd + Malia Dewyea
Nails – Haley Scaggs
Wedding Dress – BHLDN + Nadine Merabi
Bridal Accessories – Hey Maeve
Groom’s + Groomsmen Apparel – Jos A Banks
Groom’s Accessories + Rings – Joyeria Crystal
Linen – BBJ LaTavola
Photobooth –  Edit Photobooth
Ballpit – Las Nubes Play
Sparklers + Confetti Cannon – Master Displays LTD
Tent – Aztec Rentals
Furniture – Paisley and Jade
Lighting – Firefly Events


Congratulations to Haley and Emerson on their bright, colorful Studio 54-inspired Sunnybrook Venue wedding. Big thanks to Junebug vendor Pat Cori for capturing all the stunning details and meaningful moments. If you want to see more unique celebrations, be sure to check out her profile in our directory of the world’s best wedding photographers.

This couple’s wedding teaches us an important lesson: having the right team is key to making your wedding dreams a reality. Ready to assemble your dream team? Explore our directory for professionals who understand your vision and have the skills to create a beautiful and unforgettable event.

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