20 Vase Alternatives You Haven’t Considered For Your Wedding Tablescape

July 13, 2016 | gabby

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Step aside, candle votives and glass vases – the easiest and most fun way to spice up your wedding tablescape is by using vase alternatives! Between roller skates and coffee cans, these vase alternatives offer tons of personality and are anything but traditional.


There’s nothing that gets our DIY-loving selves as excited as when we spot upcycled materials used in wedding décor! These weddings use embellished bottles and coffee cans for their reception tablescapes to create a timeless feel. These looks are super easy to create – just save your used veggie cans and wine bottles, strip their labels (or keep them for added color!), and stick some flowers or succulents in them! Cluster bottles and cans of different heights together for added tablescape depth, or try spray painting them for a more uniform feel.

Upcycled-materials-1-Navy-Gold-Barn-Wedding-Denver-38-600x899 image by Autumn Cutaia Photography, floral design by Orchid Princess Floral, event planning by Hourglass Productions; see more from this wedding here!

Upcycled-materials-2-epic-and-eclectic-diy-backyard-wedding-in-texas-8-600x902 image by Nine Photography; see more from this wedding here!

Upcycled-materials-4-Understated-Michigan-Wedding-Historic-Barns-Park-Dan-Stewart-Photography-22-of-28-600x900 image by Dan Stewart Photography; see more from this wedding here!


Succulents, garden herbs, and wild greenery are definitely having a moment in wedding décor, so it only makes sense that their planters and pots are too! These creative weddings used clusters of terracotta pots and low, wide planters to display their green tablescapes. Accents of copper, clear glass, and white florals add a bit of depth to an otherwise earthy display. To maximize your planter and pot tablescape’s function, have guests take home a small pot of herbs as a wedding favor after the reception!

Planters-pots-1-Romantic-Santorini-Destination-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-Thanasis-Kaiafas-7-of-28-600x902 image by Thanasis Kaiafas, event planning by Stella and Moscha; see more from this wedding here!

Planters-Pots-2-Boho-Austrian-Wedding-at-Gut-Purbach-Bell-Studio-12-600x900 image by Bell Studio – Esther & Gabe; see more from this wedding here!

Planters-pots-3-industrial downtown arizona wedding at monorchid image by Kym Ventola Photography, floral design by Blume Events, event planning by Stylish Events By Lisa; see more from this wedding here!

Planters-pots-4-this-portnahaven-hall-wedding-went-totally-natural-by-decorating-with-potted-plants-2-600x900 image by Caro Weiss Photography, floral design by Archipelago; see more from this wedding here!


These crystal clear beauties are popping up at more and more weddings, and there’s no wonder why! Terrariums are totally gorgeous, come in every shape and size, and the options of decorating their interiors are limitless. You can choose one large terrarium to be the accent piece of a tablescape, or try a cluster of smaller terrariums to create a dynamic display. For a dreamy, minimalist look, try recreating Transplants Floral‘s coral display by hanging a piece of coral or a gem from fishing line and suspending it from the top of the terrarium to create a floating illusion.

Terrariums-1-eclectic-west-texas-destination-wedding-at-the-marathon-motel-19-600x902 image by Jennifer Moher Photography, floral design by Transplants Floral; see more from this wedding here!

Terrariums-4- nature-inspired-iscoyd-park-wedding-in-the-countryside-27-600x900 images by Paul Santos Photography, floral design by Pixie Browns; see more from this wedding here!

Terrariums-2-gemstone inspired wedding nasher sculpture images by Jojo Pangilinan Photographers, floral design by R Love Floral, event planning by Valerie and Valerie Weddings; see more from this wedding here!


These weddings went above and beyond the call of duty by selecting totally unexpected items to display their tablescape décor and florals. We can’t get enough of the roller skate vase alternative one wedding chose – it’s the perfect combo of retro and eclectic! To achieve a quirky, playful tablescape, a couple of these weddings displayed succulents and ferns inside small dinosaur figurines. Try a fun and modern spin on a tablescape display by completely forgoing the florals and stuffing a small, antique statue from a craft store with gems and petite greenery details.

Unexpected-items-1-eclectic-west-texas-destination-wedding-at-the-marathon-motel-14-600x902 image by Jennifer Moher Photography, floral design by Transplants Floral; see more from this wedding here!

Unexpected-items-2-Quirky-Classy-Los-Angeles-Wedding-Fig-House-23-600x900 image by Let’s Frolic Together, floral design by Shindig Chic, event planning by Sweet Emilia Jane; see more from this wedding here!

Unexpected-items-3-epic-and-eclectic-diy-backyard-wedding-in-texas-33-600x902 image by Nine Photography; see more from this wedding here!

this-creative-wedding-at-the-palomino-smokehouse-is-a-sight-for-dino-sore-eyes-23 image by Brittany Esther Photography, floral design by Antheia Floral Boutique; see more from this wedding here!


These three weddings take the traditional elements of glass vases and totally turn them upside down! From Erlenmeyer flasks to glass bowls, we can’t get enough of these unique additions to their wedding tablescapes. We love the terrarium-like design in the large glass bowl – the addition of rocks, soil, and quirky figurines create the appearance of a landscape.

Unique-glassware-2-this-franschhoek-valley-wedding-in-south-africa-is-a-breath-of-fresh-air-1-600x900-1 image by Dillon Kin Photography, floral design by Flowers in the Foyer; see more from this wedding here!

Unique-glassware-1-Romantic-Estes-Park-Wedding-at-Taharaa-Mountain-Lodge-21-of-27-600x898 image by Preston Utley, floral design by Hanastyle Designs, event planning by Pink Diamond; see more from this wedding here!

intimate-chicago-rooftop-wedding-at-little-goat-diner-15-600x399 image by Amanda Marie Studio, floral design by Steve’s Flower Market; see more from this wedding here!


If you’re planning a rustic and romantic wedding reception, vintage dishes and china are the vase alternatives for you! These weddings used vintage china teapots, teacups, and large pitchers in lieu of glass vases to create a dramatic, romantic effect. Large bunches of flowers and greenery work best with these designs as they round out the fullness of the china!

Vintage-dishes-china-3-Pastel-Florence-Wedding-at-Villa-del-Lupo-Stefano-Santucci-183-600x900 copy image by Stefano Santucci, event planning by Sara Pacciardi; see more from this wedding here!

Vintage-dishes-and-china-3 Colorful-Modern-Chicago-Wedding-Liz-Lui-26-600x400 image by Liz Lui, floral design by Flora Chicago; see more from this wedding here!

Vintage-dishes-china-2-North-Carolina-Bridal-Session-at-Little-Herb-House-Hartman-Outdoor-Photography-0188-600x900 image by Hartman Outdoor Photography, floral design by Little Herb House; see more from this bridal session here!

Now that you’ve figured out your wedding reception tablescape designs, it’s time to plan your drink station displays! Take a look at these 9 creative drink stations for your wedding.


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  2. Love these! I had clients earlier this year that used baseballs as their centerpieces! Cut holes in them and planted succulents in them!

    • How cute and personal! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The glass dome centerpiece – ah! Makes me think of Beauty and the Beast… ;)

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