This Ontario Backyard Wedding Was Full Of Florals & Vintage Details

April 26, 2023 | justine

As avid gardeners, collectors of antiques, and art lovers, Laura and Kiley wanted their wedding to reflect their passions and interests. This inspired them to incorporate fragments and elements of their personal love story into their wedding day’s overall design and theme. Held on the bride’s family’s property–which boasts stunningly restored heritage homes—this Ontario backyard wedding was brimming with blooms, vintage elements, and heartfelt details that made it an unforgettable occasion.

The ceremony was set at the beautiful Windermere United Church, with its stunning stone facade and opulent interior. Lush florals adorned the entrance, and ground arrangements graced the altar. Following a traditional petal toss, they made their way to the dock, accompanied by a bagpiper. They boarded a restored wooden boat, complete with florals and a “Just Married” flag, which served as their “getaway car.” As guests waved vintage hankies, the pair sailed away in style.

The couple’s tented backyard reception was filled with unique details, and one of their favorite elements was the signage. Vintage oil paintings in white calligraphy were used as a seating chart, welcome sign, and bar menu. Drawing inspiration from their cherished Victorian cottage and the natural beauty of the surroundings, the wedding design incorporated custom vintage linens on the tables and a sage and ivory checkerboard dance floor that exuded old-world charm. While we could keep gushing about it, you’ve got to see these mind-blowing images by Wade Muir for yourself. Trust us. You don’t want to miss out on this!

The Couple:

Laura and Kiley

The Wedding:

Windermere United Church, Ontario, Canada

Exchanging Hand-Written Letters and Gifts For A Meaningful Connection

We exchanged hand-written letters and small gifts on the day of the wedding. We had them delivered by the best man and maid of honor, which was a wonderful way to connect before seeing each other at the church. We had decided to be traditional and avoid each other all day. I gave him a pair of cufflinks shaped like the wheels of the car he restored, and he gave me a beautiful pair of earrings. We hadn’t discussed what to give each other beforehand, but it was perfect. We have framed both of our notes to each other alongside our beautiful photographs from the wedding.

The Heart Of Their Celebration Was The Presence Of Their Loved Ones

The representation of our friends and family at our event was significant. Most of our guests came from across the border and had to put in much effort to attend our wedding. Ultimately, we wanted the people who support us in our life together to be present at our union, and we were grateful to see them in large numbers. We feel incredibly fortunate to have such supportive friends and family, and the love in the tent was palpable throughout the celebration.

Crafting A Personalized Ceremony By Including Their Loved Ones

We worked with friends, family, and advisors to craft our ceremony. We based it on a traditional Protestant service but sought advice from friends and family on readings, musical selections, and our vows. Ultimately, we heavily crafted a very bespoke service to ensure it hit all the right notes for us as a couple. We found a reading on marriage and commitment by T.S. Lewis that resonated with us perfectly. Since the bride’s family has a strong musical background, consulting with them on the hymns and the processional and recessional music was a joyful experience.

A Memorable Wedding Procession: From Church to Wharf with Bagpipes, Boat, and Heartfelt Farewells

Walking out of the local church as newlyweds, followed by our assembled guests and the bagpipes, we processed down to the town wharf. There, we boarded my grandfather’s wooden boat and drove away while the guests waved goodbye with handkerchiefs. It was a truly fun, unexpected moment, and it embodied everything we love about our friends, family, and the place where we got married.

The Inspiration Behind Their Ontario Backyard Wedding 

We wanted something authentic to us. As avid gardeners, collectors of antiques, and art lovers, we sought a natural and of-the-moment ambiance without feeling too engineered or over-designed. Ensuring our guests’ experience was well cared for was necessary, given our remote location that made it difficult to have “downtime.” Overall, we aimed to have an authentic, fun-filled weekend where all our favorite people came together to celebrate this next step in our life.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Wade Muir
Associate Photographer – Kieran Darcy
Event Planning – Mad Bash Group
Ceremony Venue – Windermere United Church
Floral Design – Flower Child Muskoka
Invitation Design – It’s Okay Studio
Rentals – AER Event Rentals


Congratulations to Laura and Kiley on their Ontario backyard wedding. And thank you to Wade Muir for capturing all the beautiful details that showcase their love story. 

Your unique love story is extraordinary and worth sharing on your wedding day, just like this couple did. If you envision a wedding that reflects your personalities and is filled with unique ideas, take a look at our guide for planning a one-of-a-kind celebration that truly represents you and your partner.

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