Gorgeous Fall Bridesmaids Style Inspiration

September 16, 2021 | riley

Image by Brooke Taelor. See more of this real wedding here.

Cozy blankets, crunching leaves, and pumpkin spice everything—it’s finally autumn. While we’re sad to say goodbye to warmer weather, we can now say hello to all things fall—especially if you’re planning a fall wedding. Fall doesn’t only bring cooler temperatures. It also brings different textures, colors, and fun fall accessories.

If you’re including a bridal party on your big day, your bridesmaids’ style should be on your mind. Choosing the perfect bridesmaid look will help tie your whole fall wedding together. To help figure out what style you like best, we’ve rounded up fall bridesmaid style inspiration with everything from mismatched colors to mismatched dresses.  

Mismatched Fall Bridesmaid Dresses

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses have been popular in recent years and it comes as no surprise. Mixing dresses allow you to showcase all the different colors in your wedding seamlessly. When you think about fall, do you think of mustard yellow, dark reds, and burnt oranges? What about different shades of green? 

If your fall wedding color palette features a multitude of different colors, try dressing your bridesmaids in mismatched dresses based on your wedding colors. This will also blend well with your floral arrangements and decor.

Image by Cody & Allison Photography. See more of this real wedding here

Autumn Tones of Red, Orange, and Yellow

Using mustard, red, and burnt orange colors doesn’t mean your bridal party needs to be plain! These three colors look great in both floral arrangements and bridesmaid dresses. Whether you keep the group in the same fabric texture or use different fabrics, these colors are sure to look good together. 

Shop orange, red, and yellow bridesmaid dresses:

Image by Safeena Noah Photography. See more of this real wedding here

Different Shades of Blue

Most people think that neutral fall colors are beige or grey, but blues are another great neutral color that makes other rich tones pop. Whether you prefer stormy blue colors or a rich navy blue, using shades of blue is an easy way to enhance your wedding palette. Plus, if your bridal party has different skin tones, you can pair each of them into shades that look best for each of them.

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Image by Shannon Robbins. See more of this real wedding here

Emerald Green Fall Bridesmaids

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again—don’t ever sleep on emerald green. This dark green not only pairs beautifully with so many other colors, but with the right combination, it embodies everything fall. Emerald green is sort of like a classic little black dress—it looks great on every skin tone and body type. Having all your bridesmaids in this shade of green will look cohesive and accentuate your wedding theme and color scheme.

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Image by Heath Whorton. See more of this real wedding here

All White

Gone are the days that a bride has to be in white. If you plan on wearing a non-white wedding dress, like black or light pink, having your bridesmaids in all white will make your colorful dress pop. White bridesmaid dresses act as a blank canvas and when you add your fall-toned bouquets your whole wedding color palette pulls together. 

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Image by Tressa Wixom Photography. See more of this real wedding here

Dark Red 

If fall makes you think of dark rich tones, having your bridesmaids in darker shades of red helps achieve that cozy fall vibe. Dark red shades like burgundy, wine, and berry pair well with dusty rose, gold, grey, and navy. If your partner or their wedding party is looking to wear any of these colors, dark red pairs beautifully. 

Shop dark red bridesmaid dresses:

We know that shopping for bridesmaid dresses can be difficult, especially during unprecedented times and living in different time zones. Thankfully, we put together a list of places to shop bridesmaid dresses online. These online shops will help you find everything you need whether they’re in these color schemes or another color palette of your dreams.

For more fall-wedding planning tips, check out these cozy fall wedding ideas and these fall wedding dresses that are both cool and cozy!

Image by Northern Native Photography. See more of this real wedding here.

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