How To Create The Perfect Wedding Lounge Area

August 20, 2022 | kailey

There’s one reception detail that couples so often overlook. It’s comfortable, adds to the decor, and creates a space that brings loved ones together—we’re talking lounge areas. While some of your guests will gravitate right to the dance floor, others may prefer to sit and chat with a drink in hand. That’s why including a wedding lounge area is a must-have reception addition. 

If you’re sold on a comfy reception space but not sure what to include, don’t fret. We’ve created the ultimate guide to creating a wedding lounge that’s both comfy and stylish. Keep scrolling to get inspired and shop similar looks for your own reception lounge areas!

Tips To Creating The Perfect Wedding Lounge Area

While planning your reception decor and layout, don’t forget to include a lounge area. Here are the tips you should keep in mind for creating the perfect space for your guests to get cozy and mingle. 

  • Comfort is key 
  • To save money in your budget, use furniture from your home or thrifted pieces 
  • Choose colors and furniture pieces that compliment your overall wedding theme 
  • Add personal touches by incorporating details like family photos or a neon sign 
  • When it comes to size, create a lounge that’ll fit 10-15% of your guest list

Wedding Lounge Inspiration

Now that you’re equipped with all the tips, it’s time for some inspiration you can add to your mood board and share with your vendor team

Image by Bridget Burnett.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I Need A Wedding Lounge Area? 

There are no rules when planning the wedding of your dreams. So no, lounge areas aren’t required. But they are an aesthetically pleasing and functional addition to any reception space. 

Where’s The Ideal Lounge Location?

Every wedding reception venue will be different. This means there’s no “ideal” location that’ll cater to every single venue. But keeping your lounge area away from the dancefloor yet close enough to the action is a good rule of thumb. You’ll want to create a space where guests can mingle and relax without feeling secluded. 

How Big Should The Lounge Area Be? 

Your lounge area doesn’t have to be large enough to fit all of your guests. During the reception, you and your guests will be bouncing from the dinner tables to the dance floor and everywhere in between. The odds of everyone being in one place at one time is extremely low. That’s why when it comes to the size, you only need space for 10-15% of your guest list

Image by Take it Photo.

While guests lounge in your cozy space, they’re going to want a drink in hand. So now that comfort has been taken care of, it’s time to get drinks covered. From stocking to selecting the overall style, here’s everything you need to know about creating an epic wedding reception bar.

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