Classically Romantic and Neutral Mason Wedding

November 30, 2023 | justine

As Kira and Joe started planning their special day, they aimed to make it a close and meaningful occasion for their loved ones. They focused on details like seating and food to encourage conversation and connection. The outcome? A deeply personal and romantic Mason wedding that authentically celebrated their love and prioritized what’s important to them.

Transported by the grand old-world and Victorian Maximalist charm, the couple found the perfect backdrop for their “I dos.” The Mason Dallas was an ideal venue option with stunning existing features and natural beauty. To add a pop of personality, they discovered that strategically placing florals and lighting up the space with lots of candles was all it took to add an extra touch of romance.

With a guest list of 67 of their nearest and dearest, they had the freedom to bring their dream wedding to reality. To discover the distinctive and creative ways they brought it all together, just keep scrolling. These captivating images by Junebug member Leitzinger Co. beautifully narrate the entire story.

The Couple:

Kira and Joe

The Wedding:

The Mason, Texas, United States

How They Brought Their Mason WeddingTo Life

We selected The Mason in Dallas, TX, as our venue, a stunning historic building with Victorian maximalist vibes. We wanted the venue to shine and bring in romantic elements to set the tone. We selected soft neutrals for linens and florals and drenched the room in candlelight.

Choosing Inclusive Seating

The people who supported us on this day mean the world to us. We wanted to encourage connection, conversation, and love. We selected inclusive seating done in a U-shape. This helped set the tone for intimacy and gave a beautiful visual queue of our communities coming together to celebrate and support our commitment to each other.

Heartfelt Thanks: Handwritten Notes on Each Plate

A successful relationship requires more than two people putting in the work. It’s created to support those who have raised you, been a shoulder to cry on through prior failed relationships, celebrated you on significant life milestones, and helped shape you into who you are today. We wanted each guest to know how thankful we are for them and how they have supported us in our journey to each other. We opted for handwritten notes on each guest’s plate instead of simple name cards. I am proud of the handwritten notes! They took a lot of time and emotional energy, but watching our guests read them was incredible.

Beyond Catering: Choosing Personal Connection and Meaningful Dining

Food was important to us, and instead of selecting a traditional caterer, we opted to enlist the help of a restaurant that holds a lot of meaning for us, Mot Hai Ba. Mot Hai Ba is our favorite place in our neighborhood. We worked with Chef Peja to select our favorite dishes that we have had over the years and on many of our dates. We chose a family-style serving method to compliment our inclusive seating, driving home that we are one community and family coming together to celebrate love.

Opting for New Orleans Jazz Vibes for Their Mason Wedding

We wanted to opt for more unique music, so we selected the Revelers Hall Band, which plays New Orleans-style jazz. They played anything from originals to covers. They are local to the area where our venue was located, and it brought so much energy.

Reflections on Wedding Planning: Embrace the Journey and Trust Your Instincts

It sounds cliche, but wedding planning can be stressful. Reflecting on the process now that it is complete, the best advice I can give to myself or future brides would be to try to enjoy the process as much as possible and trust your gut instinct. We set an initial budget of $40,000, but all said and done, it came closer to $70,000. A big splurge for us was the food and alcohol, but we have no regrets! My advice to new brides would be to spend the time to get to know your vendors to understand how they view their craft and if your visions align.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Nicholas Leitzinger
Event Planning – Jessica Reaves
Ceremony + Reception Venue – The Mason
Catering – Mot Hai Ba
Hair Styling – Darlene Duran


Cheers to Kira and Joe for their lovely Mason wedding! We also want to extend a big thanks to Junebug member Leitzinger Co. for capturing every sweet moment of their love story. To see more of their amazing work, check out their profile in our list of top wedding photographers.

When planning your own big day, don’t be afraid to let your personalities shine. Whether you pick an unexpected venue space or add a creative touch to traditional elements, aim for a celebration as special as your love story. Explore our guide for creative ideas to make your special day truly unique.

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