This Kvernufoss Elopement Featured Beautiful Nods to Australia and the UK

March 10, 2024 | justine

Janita and Alex had always imagined quietly tying the knot. They didn’t fancy a big wedding bash, but the thought of escaping to Iceland for a week with their nearest and dearest, soaking in the beauty of the country, felt like the perfect plan. Iceland was extra special to them because it was where they had their most cherished holiday together and where Janita popped the question to Alex precisely a year before their big day. Their Kvernufoss elopement was just as they had hoped, complete with sweet nods to their Australian and UK roots

Their wedding style took inspiration from their stunning natural black diamond and gold engagement rings, which harmonized with the ethereal beauty of the Icelandic scenery. Their extraordinary day was made even more magical with a ceremony overlooking majestic waterfalls, followed by capturing moody portraits amidst the misty coastline and the breathtaking landscape.

If you’re thinking about skipping the big wedding and eloping in your dream city or country instead, you need to check out these captivating photos captured by Junebug member Jane Iskra. Get those passports ready because after seeing these stunning images, you’ll be itching to book those flights and embark on your magical elopement adventure.

The Couple:

Janita and Alex

The Wedding:

Kvernufoss, Iceland

How Their Wedding Jewelry Inspired Their Kvernufoss Elopement Design

Our wedding inspiration and creative direction came from London jeweler and TATE Modern artist Frances Wadsworth Jones. She designed and made our natural black diamond and gold engagement rings that perfectly complemented the otherworldly Icelandic landscape in which we chose to get married.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity Through Wedding Fashion

Janita’s family history spans four continents, which explains her mix of cultural influences and why her design decisions tend to be non-traditional. To honor this, she needed to find a dress designer who could push the perception of what an Indian bridal wedding lehenga could be. The result was a custom-made striped structured lehenga in a metallic polymer paired with a hand-embroidered tape blouse and a black and gold corded cape by a sustainability-focused LGBTQ+ fashion designer. We planned every aspect of the wedding ourselves. Both working in creative fields, we designed and curated every detail and aesthetic to ensure the day was perfect and harmonious against the epic Icelandic landscape. It was really important to Janita to, wherever possible, commission designers who were not just the best in their craft but also from underrepresented minorities in their respective fields for every aspect of the wedding—from the rings to the lehenga to her brows and lashes.

Tradition and Symbolism: The Meaning Behind the Hindu Wedding Garland Exchange

The exchange of garlands is one of the oldest traditions in a Hindu wedding ceremony. It’s the first thing that happens when the bride and groom see each other and signifies their acceptance, affection, and respect for each other. It was really important to us that we could include native flowers such as eucalyptus and proteas to represent our home in Australia and thistles to represent our home in the UK, and our incredible florist found them all. We still can’t believe these were the first neck garlands she’s ever made. The weather was perfect when Janita arrived, but as the ceremony progressed and we emotionally said our vows, the sky cried happy tears with us, too—as we were pronounced husband and wife. I’m so glad we packed gorgeous clear umbrellas, just in case.

How Their Kvernufoss Elopement Came To Be

Janita had always dreamed of eloping, and in the height of COVID, this was the perfect way to keep our family safe and fulfill a lifelong dream. A big, one-day event didn’t feel suitable for us; however, the possibility of having a close group of friends with us for a week and experiencing the best of Iceland with a ceremony towards the end felt perfect. Iceland is unique to us because it was our favorite holiday when Janita proposed to me almost a year before our wedding day. The moment we found pictures of this spot at Kvernufoss, we felt like it was going to be the one, but we knew for sure on a site reconnaissance just 24 hours before! Since the wedding, a vast man-made pathway has been built there. So, we feel fortunate to have been one of the last to experience Kvernufoss in its natural state.

Tips for Creating a Destination Wedding Contingency Plan

If you are having a destination wedding, we recommend having a contingency plan for everything—budgets, timings, suppliers, food, and venue; a lot can change when you get there. Flexibility is also crucial for an outdoor wedding, as the weather and daylight hours must dictate much of the day. The day moves so quickly that it can become a blur, so investing a large proportion of the budget towards experienced and high-quality photographers will be a decision you will be glad you made for the rest of your lives.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Jane Iskra
Event Planning – Janita Patel + Alexander Byrne
Venue – Kvernufoss
Floral Design – Þórdís Anna Zophia
Officiant – Anna Brynja Baldursdóttir
Vows Stationary – Red Fries
Eyebrows – Shavata
Eyelashes – Edy
Hair Dresser – Tiff Harley
Wedding Dress – Amit Aggarwal
Bridal Accessories – Nike
Wedding Party Apparel – PS Pret + Son Of A Noble SNOB
Groom’s Apparel – Variety Silk House
Groom’s Shoes – Hunter Boots
Rings – Frances Wadsworth Jones
Transportation – ISAK Rental


Congratulations to Janita and Alex on their stunning and intimate Kvernufoss elopement. We’re grateful that Junebug member Jane Iskra was there to capture all the memorable moments of their big day. Explore more of her stunning work in our thoughtfully selected list of the best wedding photographers from around the globe.

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