You’re Not Going to Want to Miss This Summer Camp Come to Life Wisconsin Wedding

June 17, 2024 | justine

Tori and Jared had a clear vision for their big day: a celebration of their love and the cherished community that surrounded them. With this in mind, they curated every detail with care, ensuring that each element reflected their deep gratitude to their loved ones. Opting for a summer camp Wisconsin wedding, they transformed their celebration into an immersive experience, brimming with unique touches and heartfelt gestures that left everyone feeling not just invited but truly valued and cherished.

For their greenhouse forest ceremony, the couple exchanged vows under a beautiful canopy of trees. This was followed by an atrium reception adorned with romantic floral arrangements and the soft glow of candles and string lights. Later, they danced the night away, transitioning to a lively silent disco that kept the celebration going strong.

With overall guiding themes of “Velvet & Glass,” “Kayaking & Canoeing,” and “Minnesota Love,” the pair truly pulled out all the stops for their wedding. Captured beautifully by Junebug vendor J. Olson Weddings, their Wisconsin wedding is filled with creative, steal-worthy ideas that made the day unforgettable for everyone involved.

The Couple:

Tori and Jared

The Wedding:

The Atrium, Solon Springs, Wisconsin, United States

Navigating Wedding Planning with Gratitude For Their Loved Ones

Despite occasional decision fatigue and overwhelming choices, we focused on our north star of “community first.” A wedding is as much about the couple as it is about the community supporting them. Prioritizing our community helped us manage planning stress and keep our loved ones’ happiness in mind. Our guiding themes were “Velvet & Glass,” “Kayaking & Canoeing,” and “Minnesota Love.” With these themes, we organized special events for early arrivals, created a memorial station built by my father, displayed framed artwork with a family tree vibe, and set up a private booth for personal recordings. Guided by gratitude, we opened our prep rooms in the morning, leading to an unforgettable day filled with meaningful experiences.

How Their Vows at The Atrium Symbolized Community Connection

The Atrium’s Greenhouse offers a magical forest ceremony location, complete with oak forest aisles and railroad tie seating for a fairy tale atmosphere, weather permitting. One memorable moment was the birds singing in the trees. I surprised Jared with a secret rendition of “All I Want is You” from Juno, performed by our live guitarist during the aisle song, which almost brought him to tears. Our vows focused on gratitude towards our community, acknowledging that our celebration wouldn’t have been possible without their love and support. We pledged to include and support them beyond this day, emphasizing that we’re all together.

Navigating Wedding Day Surprises with Grace and Gratitude

Our advice: have a plan, but also be open to letting it go for spontaneous moments of beauty. As they say, “Surround yourself with people who plan in decades but live in moments.” Enjoy the planning process, but if it becomes overwhelming, trust that your loved ones will make the day everything it needs to be and more.

How Their Summer Camp Wisconsin Wedding Venue Mirrored Their Upbringing and Passions

We wanted a venue that wasn’t just beautiful and available but also represented our backgrounds. Jared grew up on a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm cultivating flowers and vegetables. While studying forestry, I was raised camping, portaging, and canoeing. We pondered how to merge these two aspects to reflect ourselves in the space. When we discovered a greenhouse with a forest as a ceremony space, we knew we had found a needle in a haystack, a true gem symbolizing the places we call home.


Creating a Personalized Celebration Without a Traditional Party

We didn’t have a traditional wedding party. Instead, I created roles tailored to my relationships. These included “Dress Queen” for dress research and styling on the day, “Party Queen” in charge of the bachelorette party, and “Mission Control” handling behind-the-scenes needs. Friends stepped up for these roles, recognizing the non-traditional approach. This flexible arrangement relieved pressure from a singular maid of honor or best man. Without formal parties, friends and family came and went from our suite as they pleased, creating a relaxed atmosphere. As an introvert, I appreciated having loved ones nearby during prep. Moments like the “Dress Queen” gifting a book of letters from meaningful people emerged organically. Opening the morning to all guests allowed for unexpected, memorable moments and candid photos.

Empowering Family Members to Create Meaningful Decor at Their Summer Camp Wisconsin Wedding

We didn’t personally DIY anything, as we trusted our wedding venue experts and lacked crafty skills. However, many family members were skilled in crafts, so we empowered them to bring their vision to life with art installations and floral arrangements. Even if we hadn’t liked the flowers (which we did!), they would have still represented our loved ones, which was most important to us. Additionally, we found a local seamstress to create colorful velvet table runners, adding a vibrant touch to our decor.

Unique Favors at Their Summer Camp Wisconsin Wedding Celebrating Their Themes and Family Heritage

Our favors were small, local hot sauce bottles with a sewn patch with our wedding emblem from our father’s artwork installation. Our theme of “Minnesota Love” got to shine with the local hot sauce, and the other theme of “Kayaking & Canoeing” got to shine in the patches for friends and family to sew on their many backpacks or outdoor gear.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – J. Olson Weddings
Event Planning – Pure Event Planning + Design
Venue – The Atrium
Floral Design – Flora North
Catering + Cake – Midcoast Catering
Officiant – Craig Sandlin
DJ – Sounds Unlimited
Live Music – Kale & Courtney
Videography – Jasper Meddock
Invitation Design – Brandi Huntwright
Makeup + Hair Styling – Hustle + Heart
Wedding Dress – Adorn Bridal
Bridal Accessories – Modhaus Bridal
Groom’s Apparel – Atmosfere
Rings – Olivia Ewing
Rentals – Pure Events
Transportation – Voyageur Bus Company
Favors – Cry Baby Craig’s
Wedding Logo – Firefly
Family Tree – Jolly Edition
Thank You Cards – Ken Speckle


Congratulations to Tori and Jared on their summer camp Wisconsin wedding. A heartfelt thank you to Junebug vendor J. Olson Weddings for capturing the essence of this special day amidst the natural beauty and cherished company of loved ones. For more stunning celebrations like theirs, explore their profile in our directory of talented photographers from around the globe.

Finding a venue that matches your wedding vision, just as Tori and Jared did, is essential for creating the perfect ambiance and theme for your big day. To simplify this important step in wedding planning, take a look at our guide to finding the ideal venue, designed to make your journey smooth and stress-free.

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