Funky and Intimate Dive Motel Micro Wedding

February 17, 2024 | justine

Andi and Emily set out to find the perfect wedding location, and guess what? Instagram led them to it! It felt like destiny had stepped in just for them. They were determined to find a venue whose existing features matched their vibe. The hidden gem they discovered was a dream come true—it had everything they wanted! With its funky disco vibes, it turned out to be the ideal choice. Who wouldn’t want to exchange vows in such an awesome atmosphere? Their Dive Motel micro wedding was exactly what they had hoped for—packed with personal touches and unforgettable moments.

They started the day by gathering all their nearest and dearest out on the deck, still rocking their PJs. Their outdoor ceremony was cozy and personal, with their closest friend doubling as the officiant, even settling some decisions with a round of rock, paper, scissors. Afterward, they headed out for some delicious pizza, followed by chocolate chip cookies for dessert. They DIYed most of the day, adding their personal touch to every detail to make it truly feel like them.

If you’ve ever wondered how to infuse your own personality into every part of your celebration, then you absolutely must check out this wedding. The photos by childhood friend Just Jess Photography perfectly capture the essence of their love story and the incredible day they created together.

The Couple:

Andi and Emily

The Wedding:

Dive Motel, Tennessee, United States

Letting Their Venue Set the Stage for Their Wedding Day

We didn’t feel connected to any particular place enough to pick a location based on sentiment. We also wanted something reasonably priced and close for our loved ones to travel. Andi had been following the Dive Motel on Instagram for a while, and it just came to her one day. It just made sense. It was within a couple of hours’ drive, and people could choose to stay there or nearby, and several people ended up using it as an excuse to make it a multi-day trip and get a little vacation out of it. And also, it’s just a cool motel! Why wouldn’t you want to get married there? The venue paved the way for everything. We picked somewhere that would allow us to not worry about decor much. We traveled, so we wanted to keep things minimal. The Dive Motel is so fun and funky that it didn’t need our help at all.

Personal Touches and Shared Talents on Their Dive Hotel Micro Wedding

Waking up the day of and meeting all our loved ones out on the deck in our pjs. We all spent the day pitching in wherever needed to prepare for the big night. We were surrounded by so much love and talent. Everything done in the ceremony and leading up to it was done by friends and family! Andi’s closest friend officiated, and my best friends did readings. We did rock, paper, and scissors to decide whose name would be taken (that’s typically how we make decisions). Caroline Zemlin, a friend of Andi’s, did the hair and makeup.

Thrifted Treasures and Homemade Elegance: Putting the DIY in Their Dive Hotel Micro Wedding

We DIYed most of it. Andi’s bouquet was put together by Flower Boys, and then we got flowers from them to make my pocket flowers. We got more from Kroger to make all the centerpieces that friends arranged before the ceremony. All the dishes and vases were thrifted from our house.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Just Jess Photography
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Dive Motel
Floral Design – Flower Boys
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Caroline Zemlin


Congratulations to Andi and Emily on their funky and intimate Dive Motel micro wedding. Huge thanks to Just Jess Photography for capturing all the unforgettable moments that showcase their love story.

When planning your special day, don’t hesitate to let your personality and vision shine bright. Whether you’re opting for a quirky venue or adding a twist to classic wedding traditions, dare to create a wedding that reflects the uniqueness of your love story. Take a look at our guide for some creative inspiration to make your big day truly unforgettable.

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