This Cape Fahn Hotel Wedding Was an Enchanted Forest Come to Life

June 20, 2024 | justine

Haru and Kai aimed to whisk their guests away to a secret paradise, and as soon as they set eyes on their venue, they instantly fell in love. Drawing inspiration from lush greenery, wildflowers, and cascading foliage, they amplified the mystical atmosphere of an enchanted forest at their Cape Fahn Hotel wedding. They balanced these untamed elements with classic touches, creating a perfect blend of natural beauty and timeless elegance.

With endless sea views as their backdrop, the couple exchanged their vows at a cliff overlooking the water. Adorned with delicate wild blooms, the ceremony area was beautifully styled, creating a perfect setting for their “I do’s.” Their terrace reception continued the stunning theme with earthy table decor and the soft glow of candles adding to the ambiance. Romantic lighting was key, with a curtain of fairy lights hanging overhead, casting a magical glow over the entire celebration.

If you want to see all the amazing details they carefully curated, these captivating photos taken by KEERATI S. show the whole story. You’ll find lots of inspiration to create your own romantic waterfront celebration.

The Couple:

Haru and Kai

The Wedding:

Cape Fahn Hotel, Thailand 

How They Crafted Their Enchanted Cape Fahn Hotel Wedding Amid Nature’s Splendor

Our wedding radiated with an enchanting fusion of nature-inspired elements, weaving together the essence of an “enchanted wilds greeneries” concept. We aimed to whisk our guests away into a seamless realm where warmth and heartfelt connections intertwined. Drawing inspiration from lush greenery, wildflowers, and cascading foliage, we amplified the mystical atmosphere of the enchanted forest. Our dedicated wedding terrace, boasting breathtaking vistas extending from the cliff’s edge to the coastline, offered the perfect, romantic open-air venue. We meticulously balanced untamed elements with classic touches such as elegant candles and rattan chairs, crafting a harmonious blend of styles.

Making Every Guest Feel Special With Private Conversations

I am most proud of the intimate atmosphere we created, surrounded by our closest friends and family. Additionally, I am proud of the personal touches we incorporated into every aspect of the wedding, reflecting our unique personalities and love story. What I wanted was for our wedding to be not only about the bride and groom but for everyone to enjoy it. We wanted the main focus to be more than just Kai and me; we wanted to highlight everyone. Since I hadn’t invited many people, just my closest friends and family, I asked everyone to stand on the stage and talk to us.

Wedding Planning Wisdom: Prioritize What Matters

One valuable piece of wedding planning advice I’d like to share is prioritizing what truly matters to you and your partner. Focus on the aspects of the wedding that reflect your personality and values rather than getting caught up in trying to meet others’ expectations. For me, the floral design, menu design, and name card design were the things I liked the most. Every bride must go to Pinterest to find as much inspiration as possible to determine what they want the most. Finding an excellent wedding planner to bring your vision to life is essential. Next, let’s talk about the flower decoration style. The flowers set the tone for the entire ambiance of your wedding. Furthermore, don’t underestimate the significance of hiring a talented photographer and videographer. Your wedding memories will be cherished through the photos and videos, so it’s worth investing in capturing those precious moments.

How They Ended Up Choosing Cape Fahn as Their Venue

At first, I was leaning towards hosting our wedding in the forest, but I was spellbound when I set my sights on Cape Fahn Cliff while browsing the Wedding Bliss team’s social media. I had seen many couples have their weddings on the beach or in some forest, but it was rare to see any couples having their ceremony on the rock. I love the idea of exchanging vows standing on the rocks, a promise of our love amidst the elements. The Cape Fahn Hotel, nestled on a private island, also offered an unmatched sense of seclusion. What truly stole my heart was the thought of our guests arriving by boat to reach the Cape Fahn Hotel, adding an extra enchantment to our celebration, as if we were whisking them away to a secret paradise.

Bringing a Piece of Germany to Taiwan Through Thoughtful Wedding Favors

We gave our guests gummy bears. Because Kai is German, gummy bears can represent Germany. Since most of our guests are from Taiwan, we wanted to incorporate something that reminds them of Germany.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – KEERATI S.
Event Planning – The Wedding Bliss Thailand
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Cape Fahn Hotel
Videography – 101 Cinematography
Makeup Artist – So Nalina
Wedding Dress – Demetrios
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – Nicole and Felicia
Groom’s Apparel + Groomsmen’s Apparel – Gautebespoke
Rings – VanCleefarpels


Congratulations to Haru and Kai on their Cape Fahn Hotel wedding, which was an enchanted forest come to life. We’d also like to thank KEERATI S. for their exceptional work capturing every precious moment of this special day.

Drawing inspiration from your venue can transform your wedding into a magical and memorable event. Just like Haru and Kai’s enchanted forest celebration, you can create a unique and beautiful experience by embracing the natural beauty around you. For tips on making the most of your venue and planning a standout wedding, check out our guide. It’s filled with ideas and advice to help you craft a celebration that truly reflects your love.

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