Whimsical and Bold Caruso Destination Wedding

May 14, 2024 | justine

Francesca and Arunan have families from around the world, so they decided on a destination wedding to bring everyone together. They love trying new things, so picking a city they’d never been to for their big day sounded like the ultimate thrill. They wanted their big day to feel like a huge celebration where everyone could enjoy themselves. That’s why they planned everything outdoors so that guests could relish in the fresh air and breathtaking views. When their Caruso destination wedding finally happened, it was like stepping into a colorful dream. With beautiful flowers, stunning fashion, and a lively atmosphere, it was a party nobody would ever forget.

Their ceremony unfolded on a cliffside garden, offering an awe-inspiring panorama of the sea and the town below. Vibrant blooms adorned every corner, delicately framing the space, aisle, and altar where the couple exchanged their heartfelt vows. Following this beautiful moment, guests were welcomed to a garden reception where a stunning tablescape awaited them. Lush arrangements adorned the long table, inviting guests to enjoy the visual feast. Above, chandeliers cast a gentle glow, infusing the atmosphere with a whimsical and enchanting vibe.

If your dream wedding involves elegance, coastal views, and a touch of uniqueness, this Caruso destination wedding is perfect for you. The captivating images captured by David Bastianoni beautifully showcase every swoon-worthy detail of this breathtaking event.

The Couple:

Francesca and Arunan

The Wedding:

Belmond Caruso, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Embracing Differences by Blending Cultural and Religious Elements in Their Ceremony

We come from very different cultural and religious backgrounds, so we wanted to ensure we honored all sides of our families. We gave traditional vows, but a Thali necklace was presented to honor the groom’s side. Then, to celebrate part of the bride’s side, a glass was smashed at the end of the ceremony. We also performed a sand ceremony symbolizing the meddling of our backgrounds and families.

Their Caruso Destination Wedding Was an International Gathering of Loved Ones

We aimed for a lively and colorful celebration, steering clear of neutrals and pastels for a modern yet elegant feel. Our priority was ensuring guests felt relaxed and free to enjoy themselves, with all our loved ones gathered from around the world except Antarctica. The day never lacked excitement; it was genuinely a joyful and beautiful occasion. We embraced a non-traditional approach to design, from the invitations to the dinner table and aisle, which perfectly matched our vision. Guest experience was paramount, reflecting in every detail. With nearly 14 years together, we wanted our wedding to feel like a big party, prioritizing outdoor settings for fresh air and stunning scenery.

Falling in Love with Belmond Caruso for Their Venue

Living near Washington, DC, we struggled to find a wedding venue that matched our personalities. We both come from international families, so a destination wedding was the perfect fit. Being adventurous souls, the idea of tying the knot in a city we had yet to explore excited us. The Belmond Caruso instantly captured our hearts, even through online photos. Its beauty is awe-inspiring, and experiencing it in person exceeded all expectations.

Custom Sandals and Traditional Treats: Sharing Their Love Through Handcrafted Gifts

We adored the idea of handmade Italian leather sandals crafted right at Bottega Eva Caruso. Not only are they timeless and durable, but they also hold a special significance, being native to Ravello. Offering our guests the opportunity to customize their own sandals, tailored to their unique preferences and foot measurements, added a personal touch to the experience. Additionally, we wanted to share a taste of Sri Lanka with our loved ones, so we gifted traditional Sri Lankan love cake delicately packaged in hand-dyed palm leaf cake boxes. These heartfelt gestures, including the sandals and cake, reflected our appreciation for both Italian and Sri Lankan traditions, making our wedding celebration even more meaningful.

How Their Vendor Team Made Magic Happen at Their Caruso Destination Wedding

Our wedding planners were the real MVPs, orchestrating every detail of our elaborate three-day affair with unmatched dedication and skill. The hotel felt like it was straight out of a fairytale, and the service provided to us and our guests was truly exceptional. The flowers were beyond breathtaking; I doubt I’ll ever lay eyes on anything quite as spectacular again. David Bastianoni and his team worked wonders with our photos, capturing moments of pure magic that still leave me in awe. Huge props to the team at Beauty Livery for making us feel like absolute royalty with their sweet demeanor and incredible talent. We’re incredibly grateful to have had such a fantastic team of vendors and artists bringing our vision to life.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – David Bastianoni
Event Planning – VB Events
Venue + Catering + Cake – Belmond Caruso
Floral Design – Flowers Living
Officiant – Giuliano Benelli
DJ – DJ Fabio Vuomo
Live Music – Evo Strings String Quartet + Marco Ruggiero Sax
Invitation Design – Swell Press
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Beauty Livery
Rings – Cartier + Sophie Bille Brahe
Favors – Bottega Eva Caruso


Congratulations to Francesca and Arunan on their whimsical and bold Caruso destination wedding. A special thank you to David Bastianoni for capturing all the breathtaking moments that the couple will treasure for a lifetime.

Hosting a destination wedding offers an opportunity for an intimate celebration surrounded by loved ones, creating unforgettable memories. Here’s the insider tip: to ensure an extraordinary experience, collaborate with experienced vendors who can elevate your day to the next level. Ready to kick start this journey? Explore our curated selection of top-tier wedding professionals from around the world!

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