Second Wedding Tips and Ideas

November 26, 2022 | justine

While you probably didn’t expect to find yourself planning a wedding for the second time, getting another chance at love is incredibly special. It’s a new chapter and a fresh start to happiness. And not only that, second weddings are unique in the sense that you’re older, wiser, and more empowered to plan a special day that’s focused on what’s right for you. 

Because not everyone gets to have a wedding do-over, a second wedding can be a wonderful opportunity to create an event that’s unique to you and your partner. So if you’re planning to say “I do” (take two), here are second wedding ideas and tips on making your celebration just as beautiful–or even better–than the first.

Second Wedding Tips And Ideas

Focus On Beautifully Blending Your Family

Marrying your new partner often means forming a beautiful new blended family. You’re not just getting married and perhaps gaining bonus children or bringing a new spouse into your life. Your children are gaining a whole new family through your marriage. Making them feel like they’re part of the decision-making process is a great way to start things off on the right foot. And it’s a great way to make your wedding extra special and personal.

Incorporate Family Members In Meaningful Ways

Your second big day is a chance to include your current and new family members. And your children are some of the most important family members to consider. There are many ways to have them participate in the ceremony—from including them in the wedding party or sharing readings to even walking you down the aisle. Another great way to welcome all of the children into your new family unit is to include them in your vows or with a symbolic unity ritual.

Honoring Late Loved Ones

If you or your partner want to celebrate the memory of a late spouse, there are many beautiful ways to honor them. From simple words of remembrance, reading a favorite poem or passage, displaying photos, or asking someone close to you to say a few words in your late loved one’s honor—don’t be afraid to include their memory.

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Break From Tradition And Include What Feels Right

Set this wedding apart from the last one by injecting more personality and flair into the festivities. Go for the unique venue, host a daytime wedding, have a food truck reception, or book over-the-top entertainment. But of course, if you’d prefer everything to be more traditional, that’s okay too. Include the traditions that feel meaningful to you, skip the rest, or create new ones. That choice is totally yours and your partner’s. Feel free to mix things up.

Consider A Romantic Getaway

If your last wedding was at a local venue, you might feel more comfortable having a destination wedding. This can be a great way to distance yourself literally to avoid comparing the previous wedding with your current one. The best thing about a destination wedding is the relaxed and laid-back atmosphere because everyone is on vacation. Now that you’re blending families, what better way to form bonding moments than in a setting where your loved ones have the freedom to enjoy themselves?

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Get Married At Home

If a low-key and intimate affair is more your style, having a backyard wedding is a sentimental way to celebrate your and your partner’s love out of the comfort of your own home. There’s just something so special about exchanging heartfelt vows in the same setting where you’ve experienced some of life’s most significant moments.

Throw An Epic Surprise Wedding

Inviting your friends and family to a surprise wedding is certainly a fun and exciting alternative for couples who want to avoid all the unnecessary fuss and get right ahead to the main affair. You can pull off a surprise wedding by inviting your guests to another large event they wouldn’t want to miss, like an engagement party or a milestone birthday. 

Wear What Feels Right For You And Your Partner

Now is the time to wear whatever you like, whether that’s a dramatic black ball gown or a dashing pink suit paired with a bolo tie. The fashion possibilities are endless! Have fun with your shoes and accessories, and encourage your loved ones to do the same. You’re starting a new chapter of your life, and both of you should do it authentically, so wear what feels right for you.  

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Prepare For Hard Or Overwhelming Times

A second wedding means that you have a beautiful second chance at love. But to get to where you are now, something deeply painful had to happen. And even though you’re very happy and in love, the planning process may bring up some painful memories. And on top of that, there may also be delicate family dynamics that come into play. So it’s best to prepare yourself for challenging times and overwhelming emotions and surround yourself with people who love and support you. And if needed, seek out counseling from professionals. All these feelings are normal, so be kind to yourself and your partner as you navigate through them.

Like any wedding, a second wedding is special and unique. There’s no need to tone down your shine just because you tied the knot before. You don’t have to take a discrete or subtle approach to the festivities or consider any traditions off-limits. Having a second wedding doesn’t mean it needs to be any less celebrated, and it deserves to be just as beautiful and magical as the second chance that led you to each other.

Image by Maggie Grace Photography. See more of this wedding here.

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