How To Thoughtfully Give Money As A Wedding Gift

June 13, 2023 | kailey
How To Give Money As A Wedding Gift

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Wedding guests often struggle to find the perfect gift. Gifts that’ll not only be appreciated but also hold significance for the newlyweds. That’s why, nowadays, many people are choosing to give money as a wedding gift. It gives the couple the freedom to use it as they please, ensuring they can use it on something they really want, whether that’s an epic honeymoon or fancy new kitchen appliances. However, simply handing over an envelope of cash may seem impersonal—until now. 

To help make your monetary contribution both thoughtful and memorable, we’ve rounded up some creative and meaningful ways to give money as a wedding gift. 

How To Give Money As A Wedding Gift

1. Send It Virtually 

Wedding websites are a new wedding trend that we don’t see going away anytime soon and for a good reason. They are fully customizable and house all the wedding information, including event details, RSVPs, and even registry lists. Many couples will reserve a section on their wedding website for guests to send money virtually, adding a touch of modern convenience to the gift-giving experience. You can also send money via Venmo, Paypal, or even Zelle. 

2. Donate to the Couple’s Chosen Charity

Couples looking to give back during the wedding planning process might ask guests to donate money to a charity rather than gifting physical gifts. It’s a great way to give back, but it also takes the pressure off you, allowing you to donate whatever you’re comfortable with.

3. Give A Gift Card 

You want to give a thoughtful gift without just throwing money their way, but you also don’t want to settle on one physical gift. If this is the position you find yourself in, then a gift card is the way to go. This allows you to put extra thought into where you purchase the gift card from while still giving the couple the flexibility to choose what they purchase. If you notice that many of their registered items come from a specific store, consider choosing a gift card there so they can buy whatever doesn’t get picked up once the wedding is over.

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4. Contribute To Their Honeymoon 

One of the most heartfelt and practical ways to show your love for a newlywed couple is by contributing to their honeymoon. You can play a part in creating an unforgettable post-wedding getaway by giving cash or covering some of their honeymoon expenses. Consider offering to pay for their hotel charges or covering specific experiences they wish to have during their honeymoon, like an adventurous excursion, a romantic dinner, or a spa day. 

While this gift would take a little extra planning, it’s the ultimate gift that keeps giving, creating cherished memories that’ll last a lifetime.

5. Help Save For Big Life Events 

Gifting money becomes even more meaningful when you align it with the couple’s specific life goals. If you know they’re actively saving for a house, consider contributing to their “buy a home fund.” If the couple is expecting a baby or actively trying to conceive, offer money to cover baby expenses. By tailoring your gift to the couple and acknowledging their big life goals, you transform your money gift into a truly meaningful gesture.

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How Much To Give As A Wedding Gift 

Now that we’ve explored some unique ways to give money as a wedding gift, it’s time to dive into the difficult question of how much to give. Determining the appropriate amount depends on your budget and the closeness of your relationship with the couple. For those you consider close friends and family members, a minimum of $100 is recommended. For acquaintances, cutting that number in half to a minimum of $50 is a thoughtful gesture. 

It’s important to remember that the value of your gift isn’t solely based on the amount you give. Your loved ones will appreciate your kind gesture regardless of the amount you give. 

Your loved ones just announced their engagement, and now you’re getting an early start on hunting down the perfect gift. While the wedding day is still on the horizon, you might want to start by showing your love a little sooner. And if that’s the case, check out our favorite engagement gift ideas that’ll make you the ultimate gift giver, setting the stage for the equally thoughtful, upcoming wedding day gift.

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