How to Ask For Money as a Wedding Gift

November 8, 2023 | justine

Are you planning your big day and wondering how to ask for money as a wedding gift? Here are some tasteful yet creative ways to express it. Image by Daniela Ortiz Photography.

Are you planning your big day and wondering how to ask for money as a wedding gift? You’re not alone! Many couples today grapple with the wedding gift dilemma. Whether you’ve been together for years, need no more kitchen gadgets, have limited space, or dream of a lavish honeymoon, sometimes all you really want is cash. Is it okay to seek money instead of traditional presents? The answer is a resounding yes, as long as you do it with finesse.

Your wedding should reflect your wishes, and there’s no rule against requesting cash. What matters most is how you make the request. So, if cash is your preference, here are some tasteful yet creative ways to express it, ensuring your guests feel appreciated and not offended.

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How to Ask For Money as a Wedding Gift

On Your Wedding Invitations

When it comes to your wedding invitations, consider adding a line about gifts. It’s a direct approach and usually works best. If you phrase it carefully, it doesn’t have to appear pushy. We’ve crafted some options for you, from straightforward to subtle, formal to casual, so there’s something for everyone. Feel free to choose the wording that best suits your style and ensures your message is delivered with gratitude and sincerity. 

    • Celebrating Your Presence: “Your presence at our wedding is the most cherished gift of all. However, if you’d like to honor us with a gift, a cash contribution would be greatly appreciated.”
    • Focus on the Celebration: “What truly matters to us is having you join our wedding celebration. Should you choose to give a gift, we welcome a small contribution to our honeymoon.”
    • Highlighting the Honeymoon: “We feel truly fortunate with love, laughter, and a furniture-filled home. If you’d like to help us celebrate, we’ve established a honeymoon fund at (details here).
    • Open to Cash Gifts: “Cash gifts are appreciated though not expected.”
    • Cash Gift for the Honeymoon: “While cash gifts are appreciated but not obligatory, they will be dedicated to our dream honeymoon.”
    • Emphasize Presence: “Cash gifts are a lovely gesture if you’d like to contribute to our honeymoon. However, your presence on our special day means the world to us.”
    • Simple Appreciation: “Simply being with us on our wedding day is a gift in itself. If you wish to give a present, a cash gift towards our honeymoon would be gratefully received.”

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  • Important Tips to Remember on How to Ask For Money as a Wedding Gift

    Be Genuine

    When crafting your request for cash on your invitations or website, remember to be sincere and speak from the heart. Your family and friends know you well, so show gratitude for their consideration of a cash gift for your special day.

    Keep It Simple

    Tailor your message to match your guest list’s personality. If most of them prefer brevity, go with that, but keep it personal and warm. Sometimes, simplicity is key when asking for cash as a wedding gift.

    Add Some Fun

     If humor is your style, use it to your advantage! Just remember to keep it tasteful, as not everyone may fully embrace the idea of online cash registries.

    Send Prompt Thank-You Notes

    Traditional wedding etiquette allowed up to a year to send thank-you notes. However, for cash gifts, it’s best to send a personalized thank-you note as soon as possible, even before your wedding, if you can. This conveys your appreciation and gratitude for their gift.

    When it comes to those post-wedding thank-you cards, we understand it can feel overwhelming. But we’ve got your back! We’re here to help you express your gratitude for their presence and presents with the perfect blend of heartfelt and straightforward messages. To make this task even easier, don’t forget to check out our guide to writing thank-you cards. This way, you can quickly check this post-wedding duty off your list and focus on what truly matters.

    Even if you’re usually confident, bringing up the idea of a cash gift for your wedding might feel a tad tricky. But with these valuable tips and choice of words, it will be a breeze to share your preference with your dear ones in a warm and gracious manner.

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