How to Hire a Wedding DJ

April 1, 2020 | olivia

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Music is the soundtrack of our lives. The music—or soundtrack—of your wedding is an important choice and an important reason to opt for a wedding DJ!  Hiring a wedding DJ for your style and mood comes down to the details. 

Most couples dream of having everyone on the dance floor, fist-bumping in their seats, or lip-syncing while they drink champagne. We are firm believers that weddings are a unique expression of couples and your music should stay true to you. We asked a few Junebug Wedding vendors to give us their best tips on what to look for when you are hiring a wedding DJ. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding DJ, scroll down to find out what you should be looking for and how to add them to your vendor team.

Find Your DJ Personality And Style Match

Not all DJs will play the same songs, which is why you should choose one that knows the songs that speak to you. Whether you’re into 80s throwbacks or ethereal EDM, your music should be what you want and what your guests will enjoy. Meet with multiple DJs, chat with them about music, and make sure that they are a good personality and style fit for your wedding. Here’s what one of our vendors had to say about it: 

We love Benjamin T Warner Events’ suggestion for finding the best DJ

Finding the best DJ for your event begins by finding the person who best matches your personal style and vision for the event. Picking the right sound and mix of entertainment for your event will help set the tone and ensure that your guests have a night to remember. When you contact your DJ, be thinking about what type of music you like and what kind of experience you want your guests to have.

Lean On Their Experience And Professionalism

While it may be tempting to take an offer from a friend whose cousin is a DJ, hiring a professional makes a difference. When looking for a DJ, don’t feel pressured to pick one because the pricing is the lowest—unless they are absolutely perfect for you. 

Wedding DJs can seem expensive, but the last thing you want is music that’s all over the place. Not only that, but you want your DJ to be professional when it comes to your wedding. You want to be able to request from the DJ a specific song without them completely vetoing your decision because of their ego. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what one of our expert wedding DJs said:

Benjamin T Warner Events‘ Advice

It’s important to keep professionalism and passion in mind. Find someone who loves their work and that passion is sure to show. It is also crucial to hire a DJ that is personable, reliable, punctual, has excellent communication skills, and a system to handle potential emergencies. 

Years of wedding experience will equip your wedding DJ with the ability to seamlessly direct the party throughout the evening with customized music and non-cheesy emcee skills. It will also allow them to efficiently and gracefully address weather emergencies or last-minute changes. In addition to the years, finding a DJ who has experience as a musician, sound engineer, lighting designer, or even in standup comedy will add greatly to their service and your experience. 

Share Your Do And Don’t Play Playlists

The great thing about hiring wedding DJs is that you can work with them ahead of time to make sure they play all the jams you want to hear on your day. Because of their experience, they’re also able to give feedback on some songs that may not match the vibe or tone of your wedding. Take their advice into consideration. You should also provide your DJ with a “don’t play” playlist so your DJ can make sure that they don’t play those songs you love to hate.

The Stars Inside Says Trust Your DJ

The search for your perfect DJ should also include time listening to their sets and getting to know their style. When it comes to getting to know your taste in music, it’s also really helpful to give your DJ a list of not-to-play songs, so they know what to avoid! Having said that, overwhelming them with a huge list of requests or vetoes isn’t very productive, because the smoothest and most fun dancing experiences come from hiring someone whose taste and judgment you trust.

Haute Wedding Suggests Adding Meaningful Songs

Pick songs that mean something to you. Find a few that are classic enough to randomly hear and that will make you smile when you hear them. Work on that playlist along the way! To get your guests in on the fun, have them RSVP with a song they want to hear.

Find A DJ That Connects With Your Audience

While searching for your wedding DJ  keep your guests in mind. A great way to do this is to check out their previous work, their samples, and look for someone who is just as excited to be the DJ at your wedding as you are to hire them. You want to find one that is a good emcee, who will tell you when there’s a father-daughter dance, or a conga line coming up! 

The Stars Inside Says Listen To Their Sets

Asking to listen to their sets and to see videos of events they’ve DJed will reveal more about what their set-up will look like, how they handle crowds, and whether their overall style aligns with yours.

Eichar Photography Says Find Someone With Great Energy

Our advice is to find someone who has great party energy and who wants to connect with you as a couple and to get to know what you want the dance floor to feel like. 

With all these tips in mind, we know that you are going to find the perfect DJ for your wedding. If you’ve got a few DJs in mind, find out more about them. You want to be certain that the DJ you choose is going to understand you, your guests, the venue, and the vibe! Once you’ve narrowed down your search to one, make sure they fit into your wedding budget, request a quote, then contract, and sign when you’re confident you’re ready. 

Finding the perfect songs for each part of your wedding can be tricky, which is why we’ve got tons of playlists you can go through to get your own playlist started. Check out these mother-son dance songs, these unique processional songs, and these first dance songs. Stay calm and boogie on—hiring a wedding DJ should be fun!

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