Souchi Cashmere

October 22, 2007 | editorial team

Let’s hear it for cashmere! It’s soft, luxurious, cozy and warm. It’s all I want to wear now that it’s rainy and grey in Seattle. It’s the perfect material for a little wedding day wrap to keep your bare arms and shoulders warm, and no one makes more gorgeous cashmere pieces than Souchi! Souchi is a knitwear collection designed and hand loomed by Suzi Johnson out of her studio in Portland, Oregon, and is oh-so-dreamy! The two Souchi sweaters that I’m lucky enough to own make me happy just thinking about them! I’ve always loved the feminine details she incorporates into her designs, and so this lovely ruffled cream cardigan jumped out at me as the perfect cover to wear over a fall, winter or early spring wedding gown. It’s simple and pretty, and it’s delicate enough that it won’t overpower the dress underneath. Best of all, it will keep you perfectly warm on your wedding day! Check out the Souchi website to order on-line, or stop by the Portland boutique (807 NW 23rd Avenue- a cashmere wonderland!) to see the stunning pieces in person.


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  1. Oh wow, that’s gorgeous!  Would have been perfecto at my wedding :)

  2. I’m so jealous that you’re in Seattle where it’s rainy and gray and you can now wear cashmere.  As it’s still in the upper 70’s here on the east coast, all of my cozy cashmere sweaters are still sitting in the back of the closet, yearing to come out.  Thanks for posting about Souchi-I’d never heard of them before and am loving the batwing sweater!!!  ;  )

  3. That looks like a great piece. I sell a lot of cashmere this time of year. My Best, Jeff Collins Professional Haberdasher http://www.MyHaberdasher.com

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