This Flower-Filled Samabe Resort Wedding Incorporated Traditional Balinese Design

May 3, 2024 | justine

Lichelle and Rojhat dreamed of a wedding that blended the beach’s beauty with nature’s tranquility, all complete with a little touch of personality. At their Samabe Resort wedding, this vision came to life in an intimate and luxurious celebration. With the help of their planner and Junebug vendor, Amora Bali Weddings, every detail was carefully curated to create the perfect atmosphere. Seamlessly weaved together, the laid-back feel of the beach paired with the elegance of traditional Balinese design created an overall luxurious space.

The couple exchanged vows in a truly beautiful setting amidst the sand and sea. They stood beneath a gorgeous arch decked out with lush flowers and foliage, setting a stunning scene for their ceremony. Later, as night fell, their cave reception turned into something truly enchanting. Twinkling candles added to the magic, making it a night to remember for everyone.

If you’ve always dreamed of a getaway celebration by the beach filled with dreamy florals, you’re in for a treat. Keep scrolling and make sure not to miss a single detail captured by Sriwijaya Story.

The Couple:

Lichelle and Rojhat

The Wedding:

Samabe Resort, Bali, Indonesia

Their Samabe Resort Wedding Was a Combination of Beach Bliss, Coastal Chic, and Balinese Vibes

We loved the option of a beach wedding in Nusa Dua, with a more intimate and luxurious vibe while focusing not only on the bigger picture but also the details to make the perfect connection between the casual beach, traditional Balinese design, and our small luxurious twist. We managed to complete and fit these words in our ceremony through a combination of locally arranged flowers, Balinese flower girls and page boys, a Cellist and Violinist, and small details arranged by our wedding planner, for example, a small Balinese surfboard for every guest during dinner with there own name on it as a gesture of gratitude for attending our wedding. We wanted a combination of beach and nature. Samabe Resort had the option to have dinner in a cave for something natural besides the beach. Also, the cave dinner looked absolutely beautiful with the decorations and candles.

Bespoke Beach Elegance and Tailor-Made Moments

The most memorable part of our wedding was the start of the ceremony, mainly when I walked down the stairs next to a cliff until the kiss took place at the end of the ceremony. The ambiance was magical, perfectly organized, and planned by our wedding planner. The beach theme exceeded our own ideas with every detail tailor-made and designed. While I walked down the stairs, through the trees, flowers and heard the waves hitting the cliff, there were the Balinese page boys and flower girls who, in the end, guided the bride to the altar where the path to the altar was decorated with local flowers designed to the theme and the wedding dress of the bride and groom.

Why a Wedding Planner is Essential for Foreign Couples

If you’re foreign, we advise you to hire a wedding planner with a known track record. For us, we worked with Amora Bali Weddings. She arranged our wedding day from the beginning to the end. Particularly if you’re from abroad, this would be very helpful in every aspect of organizing your wedding. We were filled with joy that the most important ones in our lives were willing to fly across the globe, from Amsterdam to Bali, to be a part of our unforgettable day. And the possibility that the guest list could be adjusted and fitted in the last few days before attending. I think it would not have been possible to make the previous adjustments quickly without the help of our wedding planner, Amora Bali Weddings.

Adjusting Expectations: From Elopement to Small Group Celebration

At first, we wanted an elopement wedding package. Unfortunately, we had to adjust our package after a while because friends and family liked to attend our wedding. Therefore, the package changed from elopement to a small group/intimate wedding package. This also adjusted our budget planning, especially after hiring a Violinist and Cellist for the wedding ceremony, which gave us the last and most important personal touch with our own music played during the ceremony. The total cost of organizing a wedding in Bali, with everything in it, for example, from your dress, suit, honeymoon, and the wedding itself, came out cheaper than we could have wished for compared to the prices and service performance in the Netherlands or Europe.

Bali’s Signature Touch: Wooden Surfboards as Unique Wedding Souvenirs

A local artist made small wooden surfboards with the names of our guests and the location on them. This small surfboard is a well-known souvenir in Bali, and by adding the names and location of the wedding, it has become a personal keepsake.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Sriwijaya Story
Event Planning – Amora Bali Weddings
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Samabe Resort
Floral Design – Rhea Florist
Live Music – Moira Ensembles
Videography – Mario Lourdi
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Nofi MUA
Wedding Dress – La Bella Blanca
Groom’s Apparel – Misura Sartoria
Rings – Trouwringen Zeeland
Rentals – Balisewa Sewa


Congratulations to Lichelle and Rojhat on their flower-filled Samabe Resort wedding with traditional Balinese touches. Thank you to Sriwijaya Story for perfectly capturing the magic and beauty of their intimate celebration. And a special thank you to Junebug vendor and planner Amora Bali Weddings for planning this beautiful big day. To see more stunning events like this one, check out their profile in our directory showcasing the best wedding professionals from around the world.

Flowers make weddings truly magical, adding beauty to every moment, just like they did at this destination celebration. If you dream of a wedding where flowers are a highlight, explore our wedding flower checklist to make sure every detail is just right as you plan your special day.

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