7 Reasons Why a Brunch Wedding Might be Right for You

June 22, 2017 | nicole

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When asking about wedding trends, most people are looking for flowers, fashion, and decor elements to incorporate in their day. However, one of the biggest trends of late actually has to do with when the wedding takes place. Brunch weddings have taken the industry by storm this year. Rather than planning an evening affair, couples are saying “I do” just after breakfast time and celebrating with their guests while the sun is still shining. Haven’t considered a brunch wedding? Here are a few reasons why a brunch wedding might be perfect for you!

photo by Jessica Heron

If You’re On a Tight Budget

Traditional weddings can get expensive for a lot of reasons, but one of the big ones is time! Brunch weddings tend to run for fewer hours, meaning you’re paying your vendors for two to four hours instead of six to eight. Additionally, because your wedding is taking place in the morning, your vendors might be able to book a second wedding or session later in the day, which may allow them to offer you a discounted rate on their services.

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If Your Dream Date or Vendor is Already Booked

You found the venue or vendor of your dreams, but it turns out they’re booked for that date. It’s definitely worth asking if they would be available for a wedding in the morning of the same day, especially if you’re planning on a short ceremony and reception of only a couple hours.

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If You Want to Keep It Casual

Typically, brunch weddings call for a more casual dress code than weddings in the evening. If your friends and family aren’t really the fancy type, don’t make them bother with cocktail dresses and suits when everyone would be more comfortable in their nicest pair of jeans and a cute sundress. Bridesmaids can keep it casual in a skirt and blouse combo rather than dropping a couple hundred bucks on a gown they’ll likely only wear once. Plus, how perfect would these little white dresses be for a brunch wedding!


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If You’re a Morning Person

If you don’t mind waking up before the sun is out, I’ve got three beautiful words for you: sunrise first look. The light couldn’t be prettier first thing in the morning, and most couples miss out on this opportunity by having their wedding later in the day. Start your wedding off by actually being together, rather than waiting until the afternoon or evening to finally see each other!

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If You Have a Small Guest List

One of the highlights of a brunch wedding is a more intimate feel. A brunch wedding is perfect if you have a small number of people you want to invite (or want to use this as an excuse to not invite your future mother-in-law’s entire book club!). Think of it as throwing a brunch party for your closest friends, during which you happen to say “I do!”

photo by Karina & Maks

If You Love Breakfast Food + Drink

Of course, the number one reason to throw a brunch wedding is the food! Picture this: a coffee or Bloody May bar, a tower of donuts or waffles in lieu of a cake, a make-your-own breakfast tacos station, and toasting with glasses of mimosas (because the only thing better than champagne is champagne with orange juice). Breakfast food is also a solid idea if you’ve got picky family members or friends with different tastes in food because there’s something everyone will enjoy in a sweet and salty selection of breakfast items.

photo by Jonnie & Garrett

If Your Want to Get On With Your Honeymoon

Depending on how far your honeymoon destination is from your wedding location, you may be able to sit on the beach and toast to being newlyweds the same day you got hitched! You can tie the knot, eat a plate full of waffles, and hop on a plane all before noon on your wedding day, giving you ample time to enjoy your honeymoon getaway.

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