Which Wedding Dress Matches Your Zodiac Sign

September 6, 2021 | kailey
zodiac wedding dress

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Your zodiac sign says a lot about who you are as a person—your character, how you show emotion, and can even influence your wedding planning process. Yes, you heard that right. Your zodiac sign can actually influence major wedding planning decisions like your wedding dress choice. When selecting the perfect wedding dress, leave it up to astrological chance. From boho gowns to epic jumpsuits—keep scrolling to find out which wedding day attire matches your zodiac sign.  

Wedding Dresses For Every Zodiac Sign 

Aries Signs

March 21–April 19

Aries are bold and have a strong sense of adventure. They’re known for their love of exploring and their ability to throw themselves at the world eagerly and without fear. When it comes to selecting the perfect wedding dress, an Aries bride will be looking for something nontraditional and daring. Much like this colorful, tulle wedding gown

Taurus Signs

April 20–May 20

Taurus signs are the perfect balance of comfort and luxury. They’re calm, dependable, and stable but they do still love being pampered. Even though Taurus brides love luxury, they’re still logical. This means the perfect wedding dress for a Taurus is something comfortable, elegant, but doesn’t break the bank—like a fitted boho dress.

Gemini Wedding Gown

May 21–June 21

Geminis are witty and can talk to just about anyone about anything and with short attention spans, they’re constantly on the move. Because Gemini’s are known for taking on many projects, we’re here to help ease the stress that comes along with planning the wedding of your dreams. A Gemini bride’s perfect dress is a comfortable, mid-length gown. A dress—like this one—that makes it easy to spend all night dancing and chatting with wedding guests. 

Cancer Brides

June 22–July 22

Cancer brides like stability and routines because predictable environments make them feel comfortable. They’re reserved and often take a long time to open up to strangers. When it comes to wedding planning, they value tradition in every aspect. Because of that, an elegant off-the-shoulder wedding gown is perfect for every Cancer bride. 

Leo Wedding Outfit

July 23–August 22

Leos have large personalities. They enjoy standing out from the crowd and love praise from others. Their captivating personalities are sure to shine through on their wedding day, especially when it comes to fashion. Leo’s confidence will allow for them to create a wedding that is unlike any other. A Leo bride’s wedding attire should be unique and something sure to wow your partner and guests like this epic jumpsuit

Virgo Signs

August 23–September 22

Virgos are known for being perfectionists. They’re very intelligent but have trouble expressing emotions because of their introverted nature. They’re logical and practical when it comes to the way they look at the world—wedding planning included. Being very polished and generally elegant, a minimalist fit and flare gown is perfect for Virgos. 


September 23–October 23

Libras have ever-changing personalities based on who they’re around. Being extremely compassionate, they’re known for putting the feelings of others above their own. They crave variety and love switching up repetitiveness in their everyday lives. A Libra’s wedding will be a beautiful mix of traditional and unique, including their wedding dress. 

A Libra is in need of a gown that embodies adventure and challenges them to worry less about the opinions of others. Much like this mid-length wedding dress—the perfect balance between traditional and unconventional. 


October 24–November 21

A Scorpio is very intuitive, observant, and future-focused. They know what they want and they actually make the moves to get there. Scorpios aren’t afraid of most things other people fear—giving them an edge in life. Because of their bluntness and fear of vulnerability, this sign comes off very serious upon first meeting. But hidden deep inside, they have an emotional and romantic side. 

The perfect wedding dress for a Scorpio is a gown that is simple and elegant but has subtle romantic elements. Much like this plunging neckline ball gown, complete with a subtly tonal floral pattern for an added hidden texture. 


November 22–December 21

Sagittarius signs are fearlessly adventurous. They have a strong desire to explore the world and better understand how it works. They have unique, magnetic energy which means a Sagittarius bride doesn’t need an over-the-top gown to demand the attention of guests. Their energy will be enough on its own! That being said, the ideal wedding dress for this sign is a simple, elegant gown that allows a Sagittarius’ bold personality to shine through. 


December 22–January 19

Capricorns are ambitious, hard-working, and can easily juggle their emotional and physical worlds. When meeting a Capricorn for the first time, their goal-oriented personality can come off cold. But, around trusted people, they’re the life of the party. They don’t typically like being the center of attention, and this will be reflected when selecting their wedding dress. The perfect dress for this sign is a classic gown with a subtle wow factor—like the low, open back on this Jenny Yoo Lawrence Gown

Aquarius Zodiac Brides

January 20–February 18

Aquarius signs are revolutionary thinkers that care about the good of humanity above their own well being. Aquarius signs are clever, optimistic, and anything but ordinary. In fact, they usually do and believe the opposite of what society deems normal. These signs find normalcy boring in every aspect of life, wedding planning included. This is why an off-white, nontraditional wedding dress is the perfect fit for someone as unique as an Aquarius. 

Pisces Brides

February 19–March 20

Pisces are known for being emotional-based signs. They’re extremely creative, empathetic, and romantic. Because they’re always fantasizing, they can sometimes confuse fantasy and reality in their everyday life. When it comes to hunting down the perfect wedding dress, Pisces will be looking for a romantic wedding dress full of tulle and dainty floral details

Whether you’re tying the knot on a beach far away, in your local courthouse, or in a towering church, there’s the perfect wedding dress waiting for you. After selecting the perfect wedding dress based on your zodiac sign, it’s time to spice up your look with an epic hairstyle and accessories like these

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