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November 13, 2014 | nicole

With all the planning that goes into creating the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, one of the most cherished moments of your wedding is special because of its candid nature: your first look. The first time you see your soon-to-be husband or wife is an incredibly intimate moment that you want your photographer to capture. Today we’re sharing first look inspiration from some of our favorite Junebug couples.

Adorable bride Nina sneaked up on her groom Joe before their quaint destination wedding in Germany

Germany destination wedding first look

quaint-destination-wedding-in-Germany-with-photos-by-Nordica-Photography-35 images by Nordica Photography

Alison became overwhelmed with emotion during her first look with Michael before their Wisconsin farm wedding



emotional bride during first look

images by Woodnote Photography

Mac had a stunning view as he approached Dorothy before their natural garden wedding in Austin, Texas


avant-garde-garden-wedding-with-photography-by-bradford-martens-11-of-45 images by Bradford Martens

Sophie and Rene’s eclectic outdoor wedding in Germany got off to a sweet start with the couple’s first look

colorful first look

Sophie-Rene-Samo-3-600x400 images by Samo Rovan

Will couldn’t contain his excitement when his bride Katy approached him before their traditional church wedding in Chicago



sweet groom during first look images by The Carrs Photography

Brandon reached for his handkerchief as his beautiful bride Katrina came through the door before their intimate Moroccan-inspired wedding


groom crying during wedding first look images by davina + daniel

Lindsay was so excited to surprise Luke in her dress before their rustic-chic intimate beach wedding

bride surprising groom with first look

nara-and-athos-15-of-391 images by Chris Glenn Photography

Naomi and Lewis shared a fun first look outside their colorful VW Beetles before heading to their garden inspired wedding in Manitoba


fun first look photo images by Moore Photography

Morgan and Holly shared a blissful moment on the beach together before their seaside wedding in Northern California

same-sex wedding first look on the beach


marissa-and-lauren-10-of-33 images by Jamie Jones Photography

Jos was ecstatic to see his bride Tree on the day of their Midsummer Night’s Dream wedding

threatrical first look

jos-and-tree-9-of-39 images by Flint Weddings, Juliana Patrick Photography, and By Cherry Photography

Tanja and Markus’ casually romantic wedding in Germany began with a sweet first embrace


black and white first look photo

Tanja-Markus-Kevin-Klein-Photography-25-600x900 images by Kevin Klein

Greer and Austin relived their first meeting by staging their first look on a school bus before their waterfront Cape Cod wedding

creative first look idea

creative first look inspiration

Greer-Austin-Henry-Mac-Photography-3-600x400 images by Henry and Mac

We’re so thankful to our talented photographers for capturing such special moments and sharing them with Junebug. For more inspiration for your wedding, don’t miss these adorable wedding dogs.


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