This Intimate Gluggafoss Wedding Was Complete With Epic Style and a Gorgeous Picnic

April 11, 2024 | justine

Emiliano and Eduardo had a brilliant idea: escape to Iceland alongside their closest family and friends for a truly unique wedding experience. Surrounded by stunning scenery, from majestic waterfalls to enchanting forests, their intimate Gluggafoss wedding was nothing short of magical. 

They found themselves in the ideal setting to exchange heartfelt vows backed by the breathtaking natural beauty of a waterfall. With the summer Icelandic landscape as their witness, they sealed their love in an unforgettable ceremony. After officially becoming partners for life, they all reveled in the joy of the moment, coming together for an outdoor picnic. It was the perfect conclusion to a day filled with love, laughter, and some incredible groom fashion inspiration.

If you and your partner have been dreaming about going on an amazing adventure to a stunning place, then you’re in luck! Look through these incredible photos taken by Sunday & White Studio. They’re sure to make you excited about what’s to come. And to learn more about what happened during this special day, let’s hear from the Junebug planner, Pink Iceland.

The Couple:

Emiliano and Eduardo

The Wedding:

Gluggafoss, Iceland 

Junebug Planner Pink Iceland’s Insights on this Intimate Gluggafoss Wedding

As wedding planners, we absolutely loved the choices of the couples regarding what they wanted their wedding to be. Intimate, relaxed, fun, and so much about spending time with their guests. Most of the wedding picnic drinks were non-alcoholic, with different options like Icelandic sparkling tea, different options of juices infused with fruits, and Arctic herbal tea to keep the guests warm; it was a real hit. We can’t let their incredible wedding outfits go unmentioned; we’re so in awe of the glamor, beauty, and creativity of the outfits. They are just magnificent, and they look so great against the beautiful Icelandic nature backdrop. We still keep in touch with this wonderful couple, and they send us sweet messages reminiscing about how wonderful the day was. They also shared with us that their families are still bringing it up and wish to go back. This day gave us so much as planners, seeing and feeling the emotions of our couple—it’s the best part about being a wedding planner.

From Waterfalls to Picnic Tables: Crafting a Unique Reception Experience

The surroundings were perfect for this setup! The waterfall, the lake, and the trees. Greenery all around, keeping it so intimate and beautiful. You don’t have to have the traditional sit-down reception dinner in the evening. Why not try something different, use the evening sun in Iceland, and plan a reception picnic outdoors with great food and drinks? It is relaxing and fun, something different but very Icelandic. Icelanders love camping in the summer/fall, listening to music while eating, and drinking in good company throughout the evening. As it was a group of all ages, it was brilliant to have chairs and picnic tables for those who wouldn’t feel comfortable sitting on picnic blankets and pillows.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Sunday & White Studio
Event Planning – Pink Iceland
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Gluggafoss 


Congratulations to Emiliano and Eduardo on their intimate Gluggafoss wedding. Many thanks to Sunday & White Studio for capturing all their celebration’s memorable moments and incredible details. And, of course, a special thank you to Junebug planner Pink Iceland for planning their big day! To see more of their remarkable, check out their profile in our directory of the world’s best wedding planners.

When planning your wedding, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Choose things that show off your style, whether it’s stylish outfits or a cool picnic reception, just like this couple did. Take a look at our guide for some fun ideas to make your big day extra special and as unique as your love story.

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