This Hotel Kioro Wedding Features Epic Views of a Volcano

May 25, 2024 | justine

Alejandra and Felipe envisioned creating unforgettable memories with their loved ones from all over the world. They searched for a place that would be both accessible and thrilling, settling on the enchanting landscapes of Costa Rica. With their shared love for nature, it was an easy choice. Their dream came to life with a magical Hotel Kioro wedding, where they were surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature, with the majestic Arenal Volcano casting its spell as a stunning backdrop.

The poolside ceremony was truly breathtaking, with floral pillars framing the stunning views as the couple exchanged their heartfelt vows. And the magic didn’t end there; the reception was just as enchanting. The ceiling adorned with cascading greenery, delicate blooms, and twinkling fairy lights created an ambiance of pure elegance. Candlelit tables adorned with pristine white flowers and foliage added a touch of romance, making it a celebration to remember for years to come.

Their wedding day was a fairy-tale come to life, filled with stunning inspiration you can share with your team of vendors. You won’t want to miss a single moment of this magical outdoor celebration, flawlessly captured by the talented Junebug vendor Oscar Lucas. Get ready to be swept away by the beauty and romance of their special day!

The Couple:

Alejandra and Felipe

The Wedding:

Hotel Kioro, Costa Rica

Finding the Perfect Backdrop for Their Special Day

We are inspired by the outdoors and the mountains. We love to go hiking and enjoy the adventure that comes with travel. We wanted to translate that into our wedding. Costa Rica is a vibrant country, and we wanted the scenery to speak for itself. Arenal during May can be a tricky time of the year for weddings. It’s considered the start of the rainy season in the region, and the volcano is rarely seen in its entirety. We were blessed to have the volcano completely clear during the afternoon for our special day. It’s truly breathtaking to be marrying your spouse with the volcano in the background. We had one of our best friends officiate the wedding. We felt that made it personal to us. We also had a mixture of English and Spanish, which we can relate to. We had it outdoors with the volcano at our center altar, all while standing over the water of the hotel swimming pool and clear plexiglass. Then cue the Mariachi! For us this could not be more uniquely us.

Putting the Guest Experience at the Forefront of their Hotel Kioro Wedding

Felipe: I was focused on our guests’ comfort and enjoyment. I provided transportation from San Jose to Arenal with plenty of food and drink for the ride and accommodated an open bar for three days. Alejandra: Everything needed to be beautiful and intentional. From personalized invitations with calligraphy to table settings and fireworks at a majestic venue, it all needed to tie together and tell our story. It was all about the journey.

How They Found Their Dream Wedding Venue

We were looking for a unique location that would be memorable for all our guests in a country accessible to most in the U.S. but also far enough to encourage adventure and mystery. We decided on Costa Rica mainly because we love the outdoors. We knew we wanted something other than a beach destination or urban setting. We traveled to Costa Rica with a few ideas in mind. We were looking for a place surrounded by natural beauty and a boutique hotel big enough to host roughly 120 guests but also small enough that we could do a total buyout. After three days of traveling and visiting our planned locations, we had no luck and were ready to give up. Last night, we decided to go to Arenal and hike near the volcano. We chose a small hotel that we found randomly on Google. When we arrived at Arenal Kioro, we were speechless. The family-owned hotel was a hidden gem, with the most breathtaking up-close views of the volcano. Immediately, we talked to the hotel coordinator, Francinia Solano, and locked in our wedding date.

Beyond the Big Day: Crafting a Memorable Wedding Experience

Instead of focusing on the wedding day, we wanted to focus on the wedding experience. This entailed everything from Thursday to Monday when most of our guests would arrive and depart. We had charter buses pick our guests up at the San Jose airport with a meal and beer. Our guests were given a welcome bag with snacks, toiletries, and small gifts upon arrival. On our first night, we announced an open bar for the next three days and then welcomed a fire show at the hotel swimming pool area. On our wedding night, we had a surprise fireworks show on the venue’s balcony. Lastly, on Sunday, we can’t forget the trash the dress where we welcomed all our guests to the La Fortuna Waterfall for pictures and a cold plunge. Our wedding was a huge family vacation.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Oscar Lucas
Event Planning + Invitation Design – One Heart
Ceremony + Reception Venue + Catering – Hotel Kioro
Floral Design – Marcela Orozco
Live Music – Mariachi Perla Florense
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Isabel Gonzalez
Favors – Koko Natural Water


Congratulations to Alejandra and Felipe on their Hotel Kioro wedding, which featured epic views of Arenal Volcano. A big thank you goes out to Junebug vendor Oscar Lucas for capturing every beautiful moment for us to admire. If you’re feeling inspired by this amazing celebration, be sure to take a look at his profile in our directory of the world’s best wedding photographers.

This wedding shows how much the venue can shape the whole celebration. When you’re planning your own special day, remember how important the venue is. If you want helpful tips on picking the perfect place, make sure to check out our guide. Choosing the right backdrop is the first step to creating your dream celebration!

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