The Best Shapewear To Wear Under Your Wedding Dress

March 29, 2023 | kailey

Images by Norman Yap.

At Junebug Weddings, we fully support anything that’ll make you feel your absolute best on your wedding day. If this means purchasing shapewear to complete your wedding day look, we’re here for it. Remember: your wedding, your rules. 

After hunting down the perfect wedding dress, it’s time to get those undergarments taken care of. With a wide variety of websites selling shapewear of different colors and cuts, you might be left wondering exactly where to start. Don’t panic! We’re breaking down the different shapewear styles and where to purchase these pieces to elevate your wedding day attire.

All Your Wedding Shapewear Questions Answered 

Do I Have To Wear Shapewear Under My Wedding Dress? 

There are no concrete rules when it comes to your wedding day, and your choice of undergarments is no exception. Wearing shapewear under your wedding dress is a personal choice and will differ from bride to bride. 

What Is The Purpose Of Shapewear? 

There are a variety of different shapewear styles that are used to enhance your natural shape. The compression material works to give you a smoother and more prominent silhouette. 

What Color Shapewear Should I Purchase? 

As you probably noticed, shapewear tends to only come in neutral skin-toned colors. This is no accident—they call them “intimates” for a reason. These pieces are made to blend in. So when it comes to shopping for your undergarments, hunt down options that suit your skin color. 

Shapewear Style Breakdown 

Shapewear Shorts 

Shapewear shorts are the option for those that want to get down on the dance floor. And with a variety of lengths, this undergarment has options for long gowns or short wedding dresses. Compression shorts like these typically come up to under your bra line, so you’ll have full coverage from your tummy to mid-thigh.  

Shapewear Panties And Thongs 

Shapewear panties will give your butt a lift while smoothing all the right places. Not a fan of full-coverage underwear but still want a little support under your wedding dress? The only solution: shapewear thongs. Heights can vary from your belly button to under your bra line, so shopping for this shapewear style is a fully customizable experience.

Shapewear Bodysuits 

A bodysuit is all-over shaping. This is the perfect choice for those that want full coverage from their bra down to their butt. Yes, it’s one of the only shapewear options that actually comes with a bra. And while there are so many things to purchase before the big day, this one piece will cover all the undergarment basics—underwear, bra, and shapewear. 

Open-Bust Shapewear 

The open-bust option is basically a bodysuit minus the bra. It’s the perfect option for those that have already picked out their lingerie pieces for the wedding day. You get the shapewear effect while also rocking your choice of bra or no bra at all—it’s the best of both worlds. 

Shapewear Dress or Skirt Slip 

Adjustable straps, built-in bra, and all-over smoothing? We’re sold. A shapewear dress provides all-over smoothing. Wearing a two-piece wedding dress or just want coverage on your lower half? Consider a skirt slip. While these two are stunning options that allow more movement, without the underwear or shorts, you do run the risk of this piece riding up under your wedding dress. 

Your shapewear is taken care of, check. But why stop there? Sticking to the undergarment trend, we’ve rounded up the prettiest lingerie for your wedding or honeymoon. From bras to panties and even lingerie sets—these top-tier pieces will have you feeling like your hottest self.

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