Wedding Planning 101 – Good Morning Bride!

July 12, 2012 | editorial team

Wedding Day Preparations, Photo by Stefano Choi | Junebug Weddings
Photo by Stefano Choi

So, today’s the big day! Whether you are an early bird or you enjoy a slow morning, the time has come to start your momentous, special, once-in-a-lifetime wedding day! We know you’ve planned for every detail of the big event to be flawless, but we want to make sure that you’ve planned to ease into it with a little you-time, a lot of pampering, and a few special moments that begin before the time stated on your invitations.

Wedding Day Preparations, Photos by Cheri Pearl and Sam Hurd | Junebug Weddings
Photos by Cheri Pearl Photography and Sam Hurd Photography

It goes without saying…but you got eight hours of sleep last night, right? Before leaping out of bed from all that good rest, take a deep breath and let the joy of the day fill your heart. There is so much to look forward to – the first time your fiance glimpses you in that dress; your friend that flew into town last night that you never get to see often enough; the huge hug that Grandpa will give you, and twirling around the dance floor all night. Have a quiet cup of tea or coffee, savoring this amazing morning!

Wedding Day Preparations, Photos by Gene Pease | Junebug Weddings
Photos by Gene Pease

You’ve been planning, anticipating, and getting ready for so long, that you might have forgotten that you are supposed to stop the preparations now and ENJOY the day! For some, that’s easy. For others, you might need some sort of activity that signifies a break in the march toward the wedding. You’ve actually arrived!

  • Start the morning with some yoga, a meditation session, or a massage. A relaxing, centering activity can be calming and restful, and will set the tone for the rest of the day.
  • How about a wedding day breakfast with your girls, or even your parents? Some brides love the chance to treat their friends to a fun morning meal, sharing the giddy excitement of the great day to come. It also is a nice time to spend a few last moments with the people that have nurtured and supported you, before they send you off on the next phase of your journey. It can be fun to give them a few more moments of knowing you are all theirs!
  • While I’m not about to suggest a serious workout session (I’m allergic to those even under the best of circumstances), a short walk in the crisp morning air can clear your head, get your blood pumping, and might be just the thing to get you energized for the day!

And that breakfast thing? Make sure to get some protein for long lasting energy that will sustain you throughout the festivities.

Wedding Day Preparations, Photos by Dan Stewart Photography | Junebug Weddings
Photos by Dan Stewart Photography

Now, it’s time to get down to the business of getting beautiful!

  • Gather the women you want with you to witness your transformation into a bride. You can all enjoy the pampering and intense girl-time together.
  • Designate one area of your gettng-ready room for everyone to put their belongings, in a tucked-away location. Your photographer will probably take pictures at some point in the process, so you’ll want things neat and tidy.
  • Schedule in lots of time for last minute hair and make-up adjustments, fastening the hundreds of gorgeous buttons on the back of your dress, and a quick protein-filled snack before you head down the aisle. You don’t want to be rushed or frantic at any point of the day, and things do usually come up!

Wedding Day Preparations, Photo by Bryan and Mae | Junebug Weddings
Photo by Bryan and Mae

After your enjoyable, relaxing start, you’ll be at your best throughout this incredible, memorable day. Enjoy every moment!

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  1. Some fantastic tips there for every bride. It is a very nerve racking time, but it’s so beneficial to now sit back and enjoy the day which has taken months or even years of planning.

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  3. Lots of beautiful wedding details! Love the venue too!

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