Quiz: Which Wedding Style Best Fits Your Personality

January 5, 2017 | nicole

wedding-style-quiz photo by Xandra Photography

So you’re engaged — congrats! Surely the questions have begun: When’s the date? Where’s the wedding? What’s your wedding style? Before you head to Pinterest to look for inspiration, we recommend looking to your own personality first! Are you an adventurous spirit or more inspired by vintage goods from another time?  Is your personal style elegant and sophisticated or are you more drawn to the whimsical things in life? With a few easy questions, you’ll have your wedding style determined in no time!

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  1. i am a simple person. i am somehow old fashioned, i am romantic but i am also elegant and class. i do not know which wedding decoration i should make, i want the perfect dress. simple, somehow old fashioned, class, elegant and romantic are my words.

    • This sounds like me! I wanna keep things simple, but my thoughts keep escaping me and I end up in a million places. I want simple, rustic, romantic, while pulling off a beach wedding of 150 people…

      • Hello! I am a wedding consultant and I specialize in hospitality for outdoor weddings! I would love to help you both with narrowing down your wedding style and figuring out how to create the look with whatever budget you may have!
        All the best!

        • Any chance you’re in Denver? Or can recommend anyone in Colorado?

  2. I have no idea where to start to pick a style for our wedding

  3. Nicole!

    Where did you find this quiz template? It’s gorgeous. <3

    • Hey Katie,

      The plug-in is called WP Quiz!

  4. im a boy but i still love it lmaoooooo

  5. Need help picking a theme

  6. Hope this helps me I’m all over the place

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