Hot 2023 Wedding Trend: Wedding Bouquet Preservation

April 10, 2023 | marissa

wedding bouquet preservation

It’s safe to say you have a million and one things on your mind while planning your wedding–many of which revolve around your guests’ experience in those six to eight hours of celebrating. This is completely fair. Who doesn’t want an epic wedding your guests talk about for years afterward? But here’s your reminder to not forget your own post-wedding keepsakes, too. 

When you take inventory of all the items you have carefully chosen for your wedding, think about which ones you’ll actually get to keep and incorporate into your home. There probably aren’t many. However, there’s one that we’ve watched become increasingly more popular–wedding bouquet preservation. You’ve spent precious time and money picking out your flowers, so why not keep them for years to come? While there are some old-school preservation methods you may be familiar with, there’s a new technique on the streets that is quickly becoming the go-to. 

That’s where FloFlo Flowery comes in. This Hawaii-based studio has taken flower preservation to a whole new level with its state-of-the-art resin pieces. And we’re here to share all the details about how resin works, why it’s perfect for preserving wedding flowers, and why FloFlo Flowery is the best in the business. 

What’s Special About Resin Wedding Bouquet Preservation

What exactly happens to your floral arrangements, boutonnieres, and bouquets once those send-off sparklers burn out? It’s not pleasant to imagine, but more often than not, they’re simply tossed into the trash (yikes.) While there are recycling options that we highly recommend, there’s now a way that you can save at least a small piece of your wedding florals for yourself. That’s right. You can actually keep and treasure that beloved bouquet of yours forever.

You’ve probably heard of a few common flower preservation options like pressing or air-drying. Pressing is simple enough, but this method eliminates the true shape of your flowers. And when it comes to air-drying–or hang-drying–the shape of the flower is retained but at the cost of the color. This is where resin preservation comes in to solve the dilemma once and for all. This new process allows you to save your flowers in all their original glory–shape and color. And the final product is an art piece or  functional accessory that can be incorporated into your home seamlessly.

preserve your wedding bouquet in resin

wedding bouquet preservation

The FloFlo Flowery Difference

Resin preservation can’t be successfully done by just anyone. It takes meticulous skill, time, and attention, which is why the FloFlo Flowery team has undergone extensive training in the art. Christie, FloFlo Flowery’s owner, has endlessly practiced her craft to reach the level of expertise she is at now–producing unique 3D castings with no mistakes and a custom glossy top coat that gives each piece the perfect finish.

Once the flowers are received, Christie cuts the stems and places them in water to revive them after their journey. She then dries the flowers without changing their shape by placing them in silica gel. No microwaves are used in this step as they sometimes are by other artists–since they dramatically speed up the process–as she doesn’t want to risk burning or discoloring the flowers. 

The FloFlo Fowery wedding bouquet preservation process works for all flowers, even hard-to-dry tropical variations. 

resin bouquet preservation for wedding flowers

What Can They Make With Your Flowers?

Two of FloFlo Flowery’s most popular resin art pieces are the 8×8 inch hexagon and their 12×12 inch square. These statement castings can be hung on a wall or displayed on a shelf anywhere in your home. The large pieces allow multiple flowers–or even most of your bouquet–to be preserved and remembered. 

Along with their larger resin pieces, FloFlo Flowery also offers add-on items like coasters, ring holders, jewelry trays, and wine stoppers. These smaller pieces are simple ways to incorporate your wedding flowers into your everyday life. 

wedding day flower preservation

save your wedding flowers in candles

A resin-preserved wedding bouquet is a beautiful, long-lasting, and unique memento from your wedding day. To make the most of your wedding florals, head over to FloFlo Flowery to get started today! 

use resin to save your wedding flowers forever

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