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October 13, 2021 | morgan

Wedding dress styles are changing frequently. That’s why we love this launch of timeless yet modern looks from Sarah Alouache, a new wedding gown designer. Designed in the beautiful heart of Canada, her collection is inspired by everything natural and effortless. So, are you ready to meet the modern designer breathing a breath of fresh air into gowns? Keep scrolling to see more from this launch!   

image by Brogan Mcnab

Who is Sarah Alouache

The designer behind Sarah Alouache worked as a consultant in a bridal boutique for 10 years so she’s well versed in the best looks and styles for gowns. She noticed that most gowns and designs lacked authenticity, so she decided to launch her own collection to fulfill the dreams of couples everywhere that love celebrating style in the most effortless way. 

With her strong sense of style and fresh outlook on designs, this new Sarah Alouache collection celebrates the uniqueness and beauty of every person on their wedding day. 

Why Modern Wedding Dresses Are Great

Shopping for wedding dresses isn’t like shopping for your everyday office clothing or athleisure wear. With so many options to choose from, we love the look of modern wedding dresses. These gowns capture the essence of modern fairytale romances with a mix of love and luxury.  After all, this is your chance to wear a wedding gown that makes you feel like your best self.

image by Brogan Mcnab

Styling Your Sarah Alouache Gown 

Add these gowns to your wedding mood boards to start styling them! Whether you’re looking for a gown for your modern beach boho vibe or you’re dying to glitter with gold in the mountains, look no further. The styling guides available on Sarah Alouache will also help you choose the perfect look and accessories.

Sarah Alouache style guide for Luna gown

image provided by Sarah Alouache

Bridesmaid Dresses Your Wedding Party Will Love

If you’re nervous about choosing the outfits that your wedding party will wear the whole day, don’t fret! Bring your bridesmaids along with you for the ultimate Sarah Alouache luxury experience. Their bridesmaid gowns are chic enough to stand next to your wedding gown while you’re exchanging your “I do’s” and beautiful enough that they’ll actually be worn again. 

image by Brogan Mcnab

They’ve been designed with the same thoughtful intentions that the wedding gowns were, so your wedding crew will be dazzling. On top of the gorgeous style, the thoughtful details will be love at first sight for your wedding party. Don’t miss details like the off-the-shoulder straps or detachable sleeves, flattering empire waist cuts or sexy form-fitting designs, and luxurious satin or chiffon material. 

image by Brogan Mcnab

Pick Your Favorite And Follow Along

If you’re ready to find the gown of your dreams, check out the Sarah Alouache website to get started. Then follow along on their Instagram for daily wedding inspiration about their stunning new collection. You can find these gowns exclusively around the world at your local bridal boutique. 

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