2011 Bridal Market and Wedding Fashion Tips and Tricks!

October 13, 2011 | editorial team

Hey there Junebug readers! You may have noticed that this week’s posts have all been focused on fashion so far… well, that’s because I’m in New York City today gearing up for all the excitement of Bridal Market! Bridal Market is like fashion week for the wedding industry, where all the wedding dress and accessory designers present their new collections, and lucky media gals like me get to check it all out before the new designs hit the stores. I’ll be Tweeting live all weekend long from the fashion shows, appointments and get togethers, and blogging next week about the experience so you can have a sneak peek too, and get a feel for what it’s like to be here. If fashion’s your thing, be sure to follow along with me on Twitter for lots of updates and behind the scenes action! www.Twitter.com/JunebugWeddings #bridalmarket

And to keep us moving in the fashion mindset, here are just a few fun little fashion things I personally love, that could be great for any bride!

beautiful bridal manicures, photo by Junebug Weddings

Gel manicures. Ladies, if you haven’t tried these yet, get going. I normally cannot keep nail polish on my nails for more than 3 hours before they chip, but with these manicures where the special polish is cured under UV lights, my mani lasts perfectly for over 2 weeks. That’s right, two weeks! It’s like magic. Be sure you find a really reputable and ultra-professional salon so they polish your nails the correct, safe way – here in Seattle I love the Fab for 14 Manicures from Julep!

foot petals shoe cushions, wedding shoe pads

High heels are beautiful things, but man can they be brutal on those feet! Give yourself every comfort you can, especially on your wedding day, and use some of these brilliant shoe inserts from Foot Petals. They’re easy to work, super soft, and totally invisible from the outside, so you simply can’t go wrong.

Hollywood Fashion Tape, wedding dress double sided tape

I was a skeptic the first time I tried this tape – there was just no way it would stay put, right? Wrong. This fashion tape is amazingly sticky and sturdy, and it made me an instant convert. If you have a wedding dress or bridesmaids dresses that could use a little guidance, give Hollywood Fashion Tape a try!

wedding veil weights from Save the Veil

A new product from a very inventive business woman, these tiny, sparkly, magnetic veil weights from Save the Veil are made to hold your bridal veil down just enough so the wind won’t have its way with it. What a wonderful idea to wear during your outdoor wedding photos! And wedding planners and photographers, perhaps these are new items to have in your wedding day emergency kits?

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  1. These tips are simple to apply and useful. Thanks a lot.

  2. thank you so much for sharing this! :D

  3. Gel manicures rock! I had Shellac done at the beginning of September, and HONESTLY it lasted for a whole month. No chips or anything. In the end I had to take it off because my nails were clearly growing under it. I could not believe it lasted that long. My top tip: clip your nails as they grow as Shellac is not strong enough to support really long nails. If you keep them relatively short, it will just last for ages!

  4. I’ll go for Save the Veil there – Classic, elegant and refined are the words that come to mind there to be sure. Thanks, Chris

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