This Monterey Peninsula Elopement Was the Definition of Wholesome

July 2, 2024 | justine

Jane and Mike’s Monterey Peninsula elopement was a beautiful and intimate celebration of their love. Choosing a remote, meaningful location, they embraced the natural surroundings, which mirrored their deep connection and desire to honor their union. Their day was a heartfelt reminder that the only thing needed to make it special was each other.

Despite the challenging weather, the couple saw it as part of the adventure. Overlooking the mighty Pacific, they quietly shared their vows on a rock, creating a meaningful moment by staying present and feeling profound gratitude for their love. They followed this with beautiful portraits to immortalize the special day.

They embraced a “less is more” approach, keeping things simple yet deeply meaningful. Everything came together beautifully, as seen in the stunning images captured by Flora Gibson. These photos perfectly showcase how all Jane and Mike needed to make their day special was each other.

The Couple:

Jane and Mike

The Wedding:

Monterey Peninsula, California, United States

A Deeply Personal Monterey Peninsula Elopement Ceremony by the Pacific

Our ceremony was intensely personal, and that worked well for us at this stage in our lives. The location, the vows, even our fashion choices—all of it was about seizing our time in an intimate way. Quietly sharing our vows on a rock overlooking the mighty Pacific and giving the ordinary (e.g., laughing together, beachcombing, and admiring the wonders of this beautiful world) a sense of the extraordinary.

Staying Present and Grateful by Focusing on Each Other and Keeping it Simple

Our advice for couples: Keep the focus on your love for one another and your love for your families; all the rest will fall into place. The superficial is ephemeral. What lingers are your memories of the promises you have made and your determination to keep them. Stay present in the moment and be in touch with profound gratitude for what you share. Be determined to enjoy the day, no matter what it brings. Honor each other, care for your families’ needs, and keep it simple so you can enjoy the day.

How Their  Personal History Led to Their Monterey Peninsula Elopement

We selected a remote location that is deeply significant to us both. Jane has visited there for more than 50 years. We understood that if the weather were challenging, that would just be part of the adventure. Our photographer coordinated shots wonderfully, embracing the rain.


Fashion Choices With Shoes Inspired by Jane’s Grandmother

We opted for two outfits—one more formal and one less formal. Jane’s grandmother wore white Keds when introducing Jane to the beach as a young child, so naturally, Jane’s choice of shoes at our location made hopping the fence easier.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Flora Gibson
Rings – O.C. Tanner


Congratulations to Jane and Mike on their Monterey Peninsula elopement. Many thanks to Flora Gibson for capturing all the special moments they will treasure forever.

This intimate celebration shows us that all you need for a special day is your partner, nature’s beauty, and your personal style. To create a similar experience, check out our elopement guide for helpful tips and ideas.

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