Our Favorite ManiMe Group Manicures For Weddings

August 30, 2021 | morgan
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We’ve mentioned gifts for your bridal party that will make your photos better before and we’re here to tell you more about our new favorite addition to that list—ManiMe press-on nails

Ensuring your wedding party has salon-perfect nails for your wedding is a small touch that many couples don’t take advantage of. Getting manicures done before the wedding used to be a hassle but now you can do it at home with your wedding party, whenever you want with the help of our friends at ManiMe. The best part? You can do these high tech manicures in five minutes or less.

Who Is ManiMe?

Co-founder and CEO Jooyeon Song was tired of watching her nails be damaged by tools and drills while sitting in a salon chair for two hours in a chemical-filled room. She thought stick-on nails might be a good solution but quickly realized that they weren’t a seamless fit for her nail size. She mentioned these troubles to her Stanford Business School classmate, David Miro Lopis, who was excited and wanted to find a solution.

With that excitement, ManiMe was born. Today, Jooyeon, David, and the whole ManiMe team are on a mission to make manicures that are accessible, healthy, and as easy-to-change as your shoes. The gels last up to ten days and use proprietary 100% Korean gel that is 10-free, leaping bunny certified, and can be applied or removed without UV lights or harsh chemicals. 

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How Does ManiMe Work?

ManiMe’s stick-on gel nails are impossibly easy to use. To get started, just snap a few images of your hands while holding a credit card (for size reference). Then choose your designs and check out. In four to seven business days they’ll ship gorgeous custom fit manicures straight to your door. 

Application is also seriously easy and takes less than five minutes. All you have to do is clean your nails, apply the custom-fit gels, press and smooth them onto your nail, clip or file off the excess, and then seal it with a top coat. Presto! You and your wedding party have salon-perfect manicures for your wedding day. 

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Placing a Group Order

They’ve thought of everything when it comes to placing a group order. ManiMe makes it easy for you to coordinate everything your wedding party will need. Getting custom-fit gel manicures for everyone in your group takes four easy steps.

Step 1. Build Your Group Gift Kit

You’ll fill the group gift kit with all of your favorite manicures, pedicures, and nail care essentials.  You can choose anything from their gallery of over 100 different nail designs for the group. Many of these designs include beautiful nail art that was designed exclusively for ManiMe by professional nail artists. 

Keep in mind that you’ll get free shipping on kits over $30, so be sure to take advantage of that.

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Step 2. Enter Your Groups’ Email Addresses

All you need to send these gifts are your recipients’ email addresses. That’s right, you can send these to as many recipients as you want without needing promo codes, and you’ll save up to 30%. 

With ManiMe’s group gift option, the more gifts you give the more you’ll save. So go big and consider including your future in-laws in on the fun.

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Step 3. Your Recipients Redeem Their Gift Kit

Your wedding party will each receive a unique link to scan their nails with. After they’ve confirmed their nail scans, their gift kits will ship in four to seven business days. 

Step 4. Get Your High Tech Nails On

Gather your group together and have everybody do their nails together! This fun and easy step can happen in the week leading up to the wedding since these press-on gel nails last up to ten days.

All you have to do is clean your nails, apply the custom-fit gels, press and smooth them onto your nail, clip or file off the excess, and then seal it with a top coat. 

Order Your ManiMe Gift Sets Today

Avoid chipped polish in your wedding photos by gifting your wedding party salon-perfect nails with ManiMe. Get started on your group order today on their website.

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